The Smart Rack Guard Remote (RF11R) has been designed with industry leading technology of integration of secure IP based monitoring functions with the ability to communicate via a web browser or Smartphone application. This remote access will allow users, particularly service technicians, immediate advice of any high voltage incident or damage affecting the premium-filtered protector.


Why is there a need to communicate with a filtered surge protector? Today many electrical appliances have the ability to be turned on or off remotely. In many instances service personnel can monitor systems and equipment to ensure they are performing correctly. Instant advice of a problem can save on downtime and reduce associated call outs. Early detection to faults and the ability to reset equipment remotely can relieve expensive call out costs.

The RF11R can alert via email should the product sustain any damage from a power surge or other high voltage incident. If either of the two separate inbuilt power circuits are affected, an email will be sent immediately to advise of such an event. At the same time an automated on board alarm sounds (within the unit), if damage has been sustained and the product needs replacing. Once the email has alerted a service technician of a problem they can log into the site through a web browser or mobile application, diagnose and make a decision on what needs to happen next. The alarm can be turned off remotely by the service technician. The ability to switch off the alarm may alleviate concern or potential annoyance once the fault has been detected and the need for an alarm expires.

If connected equipment is not functioning correctly service personnel are able to log in and reset this equipment. The ability to turn each circuit on or off becomes an invaluable time and cost saving function.


The product programming software will run a web server that serves simple and uncluttered HTML and/or XML pages to indicate system status. Industry Standard Internet Protocols are used.

In addition the software has inbuilt email functionality.


The RF11R has two isolated circuits. One circuit contains 7 Australian pin outlets while the other circuit contains 4 IEC outlets giving a combined 11 outlet configuration. Each circuit has spike and surge protection as well as filtered technology to ensure safe and clean power is supplied to any connected devices.

Given the nature of rack applications often being in mission critical installations, the design of the RF11R provides an immediate alert that it has reduced or exhausted its protection capacity but still continues to allow power through. This allows service technicians to work on a replacement unit while not affecting the site operations. 


We have some in automated homes whereby the product is connected into the system. When an alarm is activated for the home, the circuits are switched off remotely to save on standby power. Then as the home user returns and deactivates the alarm the automated home system activates power to the circuits which then starts up amp, TV, blu ray etc. In this application there are 3 products used. Each product can be easily identified by MAC address or a user specific identification (for instance – lnge1 home theatre or lnge1 curtains).

Another is a board room whereby the product is attached below the desk and allows users to plug in devices at meetings. The multiple Australian pin and the IEC connectors make it versatile to cater for different types of connection devices.

The main area of use is in racks where service personel can reboot devices that are not responding. Apart from accessing via a browser there is an iPhone and Android app to allow service technicians to take action while on the go. In one instance many devices in the rack do not need to be on permanently and so using network commands these devices are turned off to save on standby power. As the design uses web based technology this will work with virtually any Server operating system. The slimline design, saving on space, and the filtered and protected outlets assist in reducing system hangs, file corruption, software glitches, power supply lock ups and similar type idiosyncrasies that can cause a huge amount of frustration. All models are supported with a full 6 year warranty. The price point is not dissimilar to standard rack power strips that do not have any surge protection or filtering features.