Watteco, a French company pioneer in the fields of energy efficiency and bidirectional communication on the power line, releases on the market its new solution for the control command and regulation of electric heating installation.

Powered by the technology WPC, PULSSI allow you to program and control your electric radiators on a weekly basis by quarter of hour from a single Windows compatible PC: energy efficiency and comfort at your fingertips.

The system PULSSI is composed of a control unit, five (or more) modules and a user friendly software. The control unit, with its innovative design, looks like a smart mouse for PC.

You just have to put one module on each appliance, connect the innovative designed control unit to the PC through a USB port and to the mains. The software will guide you through the programming of your installation, room by room or radiator by radiator. Save your parameters, disconnect the PC and leave the control unit plugged to the mains. Just let it take care of your installation wherever you are, during your absence. One control unit drives as many electric radiators as you have. You can define timetables per appliance and per day. Adapt your installation to your lifestyle, make significant savings and increase your home comfort. PULSSI also takes into account the holiday periods and a derogatory mode.

This reliable and cost effective system offers a new communication tool without new wire for a wide range of residential and tertiary applications such as the control of lighting, appliances, HVAC, rolling shutters, security, residential or tertiary gateway connectivity. Innovation at the service of residential and tertiary comfort and energy savings.


What is the secret of PULSSI? PULSSI is based on WPC, the technology patented by WATTECO for a bidirectional power line communication. WPC uses a natural physical phenomenon: the Pulse, ignition signal emitted by any appliance connected to the mains. WATTECO managed to use the Pulses for communicating between 2 points of a network, turning any electric appliance into a communicating appliance.

WPC communication by WATTECO is reliable, secure and cost effective. It is reliable because unlike other existing standards it does not force the network to propagate a signal it was not designed for and also because each electric device acts as an analog relay to others. WPC Pulses propagate over the power line at a long distance (several kilometers), keeping a very high SNR. WPC is secure: it uses a bidirectional protocol including checksum and acknowledgement messages. This low cost and small footprint technology does require neither signal processing nor complex adaptation to the network.

Paul BERTRAND was watching television when he found out in 1998 that electric appliances interchange signals with each other. Thanks to his experience in chasing sounds in the field of submarine acoustics, he had an intuition that the interference that had just striped his TV screen came from the refrigerator and he imagined that the last had effectively “informed” the television set that it was starting. A few days later, Paul BERTRAND and his associate Jean-Noël LOISEAU demonstrated that any electric appliance, when switching or on off, emits a short distinctive signal that propagates over the power lines.

This signal is called the Pulse. Considered as a parasitic interference and fought since the electricity does exist, it is eventually seen in its true light: a tireless vehicle carrying flows of information from one plug to another.

The two engineers prove that the Pulse is a unique signature of the emitting device, that different Pulses are emitted by a given device depending where it is plugged in and also that two devices of the same brand and model emit different Pulses.

After investing over 50 man-years in R&D, the company WATTECO proposes today innovative products for control/command, energy efficiency and power line communication.

Encouraged by the first commercial achievements, Schneider Electric Ventures, who supported the project from the very beginning, is joined for a new round of financing by the fund Truffle Venture, both supporting the international development of the company.

Located in Paris, in the heart of the business centre of La Défense, with its R&D Department based at Toulon, the historical headquarters of the company, WATTECO brings into operation an audacious policy of partnership with distributors and OEM integrators.