Company Name: WannaGetWired

Contact: Frank Faggiani

Phone Number: 416 456 2369

Email address:

Website address:

Project location: Ontario

Project budget: open

List of Products used: Cat5e, wiremold, B&T surface mount jacks, Hammond Enclosed Rack

Unusual situations or problems that you came across: Older bldg. that had an addition put on without a cable or wire corridor to traverse the two.

Customer was moving into a new office location but the building although renovated was approximately 100 years old. Customer wanted to use existing stations ‘as is’ but after a couple of tests we found defects. The quote was ball park as the amount of time to create a corridor to bring new wires from the server location to the other side of the bldg had a degree of difficulty. Also the location for the server was an existing closet which required air conditioning. The existing wiring was nothing short of a ‘birds nest’ located in a furnace room.

The Birds Nest

The Birds Nest

Server Room

Server Room

Back Office

Century old elevator shaft

Frank Faggiani, (416) 456-2369,