Company Name: Landmark Audio
Contact: Randy Whitworth
Phone Number: (863) 683-5295

Email address:
Website address:
Project location: Lake Wales, Florida
Project budget: $47,000.00

Unusual situations or problems:

About a year ago, we received a call from a homeowner who was having some difficulty with A/V equipment installed by an out-of-state company that is now defunct. After having a look, the music server appeared to be acting up, so we pulled it and sent it off for repair. During the reinstallation process, we had a conversation with the client about a significant renovation project that was beginning on his home. He had just approved plans for a master bedroom/study addition to his older, Spanish-style home, and wanted to equip the space with distributed music, HD video, a fully featured A/V system, lighting control, security camera monitoring, and simple, intuitive control solutions.

The rest of the client’s home features an expensive, high-end music system and home theater package installed by the previous integrator. However, for the addition to the house, he didn’t want to spend as much money, as the space was primarily intended for a private hideaway and not to entertain guests. Even so, intuitive control over the system was imperative, and a major concern with so many different systems involved in the installation.

Summary of the project:
We designed the client’s systems around RTI control solutions. With its numerous output options and available remote controls, RTI’s XP-8 control processor provides all the necessities within the allotted budget, while the T4 color touchpanel controller and T2-C universal handheld controller offer effortless but powerful control over all systems.

In the study, the client has displays for his extensive gun collection in addition to memorabilia from a 10-year career in racing powerboats. The lighting system had to be designed to enhance the displays without adding distracting elements into the study. Further, the client did not want a lot of “wall rash” on his custom cabinets, so the Lutron GRAFIK Eye® was hidden in one of the gun cabinets, with a single gang wall remote for direct control. The entire lighting system is also controlled wirelessly through RTI’s T4, which sits on the desk in the study. When in the bedroom, the client is still afforded lighting control through the T2-C controller, which also raises and lowers an existing Sony TV (via IR) with a motorized lift, while providing all other A/V functions common to a system of this size and scope.

Distributed audio and HD video are provided by RNET systems from Russound. The CAM6.6T provides switching and control of the audio while the VM1-8UC2 handles the video switching and distribution chores. One of the client’s main requests was to provide access to the security cameras located in and around the home on any TV in the new wing. The color security cameras are routed to the VM1 where the signal is upconverted to HD, modulated to digital, and transmitted (via CAT5) to all three TVs. The VM1 can be controlled either through the Russound RNET system or directly via RS-232. For this application we used both protocols. The Russound audio keypads (UNO S2) allow for manual control in each of the four zones, while the T4 and T2-C wirelessly control the system using RS-232 via the XP-8 processor.

By utilizing control solutions from RTI, the client’s only concern in operating his entire A/V system is remembering to store the touchpanels on their bases so the batteries can recharge!

List of Products used:
XP-8 remote control processor
T4 universal touchpanel controller
T2-C universal handheld controller

CAM6.6T multi-source, multi-zone audio receiver
VM1-8UC2 8×8 video matrix switcher
UNO S2 keypad

GRAFIK Eye® lighting system