“This is a great example of how we can integrate multiple top of the line systems to provide the best of the best for our customers,” said Eduardo Orozco, president and general manager for ISI Automation. “In this case our 25 years of expertise in technology made us the right choice for the upscale market.”

ISI Auto designs electronic systems in accordance with the needs of the user, providing solely state of art technology.

This spectacular showroom includes:

The McIntosh 2010 “Reference” ultimate audio and video system producing 11,000 watts of Movie power with 23 subwoofers titanium twitters and mids.
The first 810 Meridian 4K “Reference” Projector and caller on the market in a showroom.
The biggest screen in USA in its configuration (184.7″ diagonal, curved, electric masking) ever built by Screen Research.
A unique acoustical and eco-friendly natural wood sound treatment ideal for the room.
Solar Cells support all the home theatre “Low Voltage Led Light illumination.”
Full home automation control with Control4.
Kaleidescape media server with a total of 21 Terabytes in 14 hard disks.
Integrated with everything: Light Control, Cctv Ip Cameras, Security, Media Servers, Internet Accessibility and Control, Multi room audio and video.
Vudu internet media access.
400 Multichanger DVD Bluray player.
Game Console.
HD Satellite receiver.
Bluray Universal player.
Night thermo Infrared system security cameras with zoom 2 mile range IP controlled and remote access military specification.
Pan tilt and zoom cameras with microphone, internet server built in for remote access without computer.
Again, a “Million Dollar Entertainment Man’s Cave.” ISI Automation is a pioneer in the development and deployment of innovative communication and electronics solutions for both commercial and residential applications, as well as government requirements. ISI Auto has offices in San Antonio, TX and Mexico City, with 24 distributors in Mexico. ISI Auto represents 40 brands, exports equipment and has the credentials of the North American government to commercialize internationally.

Company Name:
ISI Automation Int’l, Inc.

Guillermo Hoyos

Phone Number:

Email address:

Website address:

Project location:

San Antonio, TX

Project budget:
Retail $1,040,000

List of Products used:

Number Qty Model Brand Type
1 2 XRT2K McIntosh Right and Left Front Speakers
2 1 XCS2K McIntosh Center Channel
3 4 XRT1K McIntosh Surround Speakers
4 3 MC2KW McIntosh Amplifier 3 Module
5 4 MC1.2K McIntosh Mono amplifieres
6 1 MX150 McIntosh Surround Processor
7 1 MVP881 McIntosh Universal Bluray Player
8 1 C1000CPT McIntosh Controller Preamp Tube and Transistor
9 1 C4-BDP-CX7000ES Sony Bluray Dvd 400 Disk Changer
10 1 VuduXL Vudu Internet Media Access
11 4 D21 Directv HDTV Satellite receiver
12 1 Kserver Kaleidescape Media Server
13 1 K500 Kaleidescape Media Player
14 1 PS3 Playstation 3 Game Console

15 1 810 Meridian 4K projector
16 1 Scaler Meridian Digital Scaler
17 1 1.33X Lens ISCO Anamorphic Lens
18 1 4 way curve clear pix 2 Screen Research 184.76″ diagonal 2.35:1 electric mask
19 1 Titan 1080p 3D Digital Projection HD 3D Projector
20 1 3D Media Server Digital Projection 4U Media Server

21 1 HC500 Control4 Main Home Automation Controller
22 1 C4-8AMP1-B Control4 Multiroom audio amplifiere
23 1 C4-IPDKTT1-E-B Control4 Ipod Docking
24 1 C4-XMOD Control4 Xm/Fm/Am Radio
25 1 C4-TSM7-G-B Control4 Touchscreen
26 1 C4-SR250-Z-B Control4 Remote control
27 4 CCZ-T1-W Control4 Wireless Thermostat
28 1 C4-IOX-E-B Control4 I/O relay module
29 15 C4-DIM1-Z-WH Control4 Light Dimmer Control
30 2 C4-KP6-Z-WH Control4 6Button Keypad
31 1 C4-KSDB-Z-xx Control4 Kwick ser door access keypad
32 1 5182SD Honeywell Smoke sensor
33 1 5 seat set black Fortress Cinema electric seats
34 20 LED RGB Led light meters 12 Volts led red green and blue
35 4 Solar pannel Solar Pannel 65 watts Solar pannel

36 2 HCM531 Panasonic Ip Camera
37 1 Stealth Stealth Thermoinfarred Day/Night Vision Camera
38 1

39 1 tequila T1 bottle
40 1 kegorator xx lagger beer
41 2 win and soda fridge
42 1 coffee