Maybe you might like to see a smart phone, which can be used as a thermal imaging camera, or new DIY security and home automation products, or smart sockets and bulbs. Well, all of these will be at CEDIA in Dallas, Texas on October 14 – 17. CEDIA 2015 is the global showcase for the home of the future. Discover hundreds of new audio, video, home control, networking and lighting products.

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Be sure to visit Innovation Alley on the show floor, where eighteen new manufacturers will be bringing new innovations to the market. One such manufacturer is ComfortVu (booth RR13), which manufactures a motorized fireplace screen. Seating usually faces the fireplace, but the viewing angle gives the audience a sore neck. When the ComfortVu fireplace mount is extended to a comfortable viewing position, viewing becomes relaxed. When the TV is brought forward, the picture is larger because it’s now closer to the viewer.

DLS Audio (booth RR1) is the perfect alternative if you want small speakers with a superb sound that can be used in many different ways, as front speakers, rear speakers or even as a center speaker in a surround system. Because of their flat design, they fit just about anywhere. They're almost invisible.  All Flatbox speaker models can be bought separately for use as a center speaker.

A “simulator" is a device that allows the user to operate a similar set of controls designed to provide a realistic experience to a particular vehicle, such as a car or plane. It lets the user replicate the conditions likely to occur in the real world. So, a really good simulator has the motion that is most like what you feel and experience when racing a car or flying a plane. The Eleetus sim (booth RR8) has the most amazing motion in the marketplace.

Emberlight turns any light into a smart light. Just screw in a bulb. There is no additional wireless hub to install. Emberlight's smartphone app guides you through the connection to your home's Wi-Fi network. Then just tap your smart phone to take control, either in proximity, or on a set schedule. You can make it look like you're home even when away. You can even turn off lights from your bed.

Holosonics (booth RR5) is featuring a built-in amplifier, on-board playback, IR remote control, and advanced audio processing capabilities, in order to keep sound focused specifically to your listeners, providing sound where you want it, and quiet everywhere else. The revolutionary Audio Spotlight technology creates a tight, narrow beam of sound that can be controlled with the same precision as light. Aim the flat, thin speaker to your desired listening area and provide all of the sound – with none of the noise.

Built with cutting-edge SOEN™ technologies (booth RR14), TRANSIT-XS is big sound made smaller, better and fun! Its thin compact size, unique easy mount feature and robust construction quality makes TRANSIT-XS the perfect travel companion for music, movies, games and calls on the go. Built with demanding precision, SOEN micro-speakers are the most advanced miniature transducers ever created. The proprietary SOEN micro-speakers provide the highest fidelity, widest frequency response and maximum loudness.


U.S. Soundlabs (booth RR16) offers a signal processor that restores dynamics in microseconds. The processor forces the subwoofer to use its peak power. Collisions and explosions come across as real; and while watching a music video, the drums will sound more lifelike. They guarantee it. SW2 provides an enhanced acoustic reproduction of low-pitched percussion instruments, which will restore their transient response and the associated acoustical energy that is partially lost during the recording and reproduction process.

U.S. SoundLabs, Inc

The company has been around for awhile, but Prima Cinema (sound room 9) is the first and only company to deliver theatrically released Hollywood films directly to private home theaters. Prima customers get major blockbusters in the comfort of their own homes on opening weekend, in a format that surpasses Blu-ray. Of course, this convenience doesn't come cheap. Think $35K, which includes the setup fee, the Cinema Player, a rack-mountable box loaded with a 2TB hard drive, plus a wired fingerprint reader to confirm the owner's identity. Movies download automatically to the hard drive in the background so they're already there when the owner chooses to unlock them for viewing. This privilege costs $500 for one viewing.

Everyone is excited about 4K devices and this market segment is expected to explode by the end of the year. WyreStorm (booth 2019) is concentrating on their comprehensive range of 4K solutions for commercial integrators, custom residential installers and select end user products at the show. In fact, 4K is all that they are showing this year with the introduction of their H2 Line of 4K HDCP 2.2 Matrices and Splitters. 4K resolutions are supported at both 3840 (UHD) and 4096 (DCI) 2160 at 60Hz with chroma subsampling of up to 4:4:4 for HDMI models or 60Hz at 4:2:0 for HDBaseT up to 70m/230ft for compatibility with new 4K broadcast standards whatever method of distribution is chosen.

The P3-35 mini amp from Phase Technology will be shown in sound rooms 11 & 12.

You'll experience great sound from a small package. If you combine the brand-new P3-35 mini-amp with any of the ultra-thin Teatro speakers, you'll have a small system with outstanding sound. The P3-35 has digital and analog inputs, bluetooth streaming, IR control and a subwoofer output, making it the most feature-packed mini-amp yet.

The P3-35 measures only 3.9″ wide and 7.25″ long, giving you complete installation freedom.

The world's leading wireless brands are powered by Z-Wave. Learn more at booth 2900. Z-Wave puts the power of home control and monitoring in the palm of your hand, using a smart phone, tablet or PC to control and access Z-Wave devices at home. Z-Wave is a wireless technology that makes regular household products, like lights, door locks and thermostats "smart". Z-Wave products talk to each other wirelessly and securely and can be accessed and controlled on your phone, tablet or PC.

If you are looking to learn about the latest efficiencies in installation or the newest and up-coming products, CEDIA is the show for you. CEDIA 2015 is the place where businesses learn to grow. New innovations, such as some featured in this article, are introduced during CEDIA. Trends and innovation can be found everywhere on the show floor. By attending this show, you will be in the middle of the trends that will affect your business now and in the future.


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