In residential and commercial installations of control systems, home theaters, or structured wiring, it is imperative to have proper power protection and filtering. That’s why we at Smarthome and Theater Systems integrate UPS and power conditioning systems, like Panamax products, into all of our large control systems. These vital components protect delicate computer and home-theater equipment, while keeping the house running in the event of a power outage. In one particular instance, our focus on power management was a game day saver, as well.

Automate Your Home with a Weatherhawk

In our story, we were finishing up the music system for a client who was preparing to have a party at his new home while it was still under construction. The entire site was under temporary power, and although the party was not for another day, the client and some of his family had already arrived and were settling in for the long weekend.

Our client happened to be a huge Red Sox fan and decided to watch the Red Sox game being broadcast that day. As luck would have it, the power company showed up to fix the temporary power service about twenty minutes into the game. Our client was not happy when the serviceman told him that the power was going to be out anywhere between one and four hours.

I was walking by the bar hearing him voice his displeasure when I had an idea. On our larger installs, all TVs are always wired using MAX In-Wall PowerKits to discreetly supply safe, clean AC power to sensitive components. These TVs were no exception. If we ran cable directly to the LCD TV and plugged the PowerKit into the UPS, we could run the TV while the power company worked on their project. I looked over at the homeowner and told him not to worry about missing any of the game. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Ten minutes later the power was out and there was our client and his family, circled around the bar watching the game without a light on in the house. Our client was curious as to how we pulled this off. I explained how we put a UPS on every control system that we install as a backup for components in the event of a power outage. Additionally, we connect TVs to remote racks using in-wall extension systems that filter and enhance power. Using the extension systems allowed us to reach the UPS to safely supply power to the TV.

To achieve this level of customer satisfaction, it takes a combination of forethought, excellent product selection, and enough protection and flexibility for any situation. That’s why we always specify a Max 1500 UPS and Max In-Wall PowerKits into every installation. The results are always worth the extra effort.