People like to write, like to make history.

Some like to read history.

Others will wait for the movie.

We got our new notebook computer for the wife about a year ago, about $1K. Got new ones for the kids for school earlier this year, about $800 each. Ours is old…two years old!

Got a new smartphone a year ago $200 + a 2-year contract. Upgraded the kids “a little less” + 2 year contract. Wife is still using a featurephone.

Got the wife and daughter Kindles last Christmas. Been paying for downloads all the time.

Son just got his tablet (that means iPad). He’s surfing a lot, watching videos.

But we’ve taken a little breather from buying new mobile devices…we hope.

Sure, analysts/reporters tell us that the tablet will be the fastest-selling consumer electronics product!

Premature Demise

True, the headlines say they’ll kill the computer – desktop/laptop – and everything else in the tablet’s path.

As Comicus exclaimed, “Boy, when you die at the palace, you really DIE at the palace!”

Accenture recently reported that this year:

Tablets will sell at a 160% rate
Mobile phones will sell at 56% rate
Desktop/laptop computers – $39%
Smartphones -26%
Netbooks – $22%
Projections like these make manufacturers’ redo their production lines. Retailers load up.
People stand in long lines.

The problem is, the breathtaking increases are based on year-over-year growth per category, not quite a level playing field.

Say you increase your team 100 percent (two to four) and they increase theirs only 10 percent (100,000 to 110,000).


Figure 2 – Personal Devices – Phones – feature and smart – outstrip all other personal devices owned by individuals followed by desktop and laptop computers. But it is the “lowly” tablet that has all the noise/news coverage. Source – Pew Research Center

According to Pew Research, eReaders and the sexier tablets aren’t being adopted like most of the other techie things. Phones are everywhere; but you already know that as you drive/walk down the street.

What is interesting though is that laptops are as popular as desktop computers, so the analysts may have gotten part of the death march right…desktops are declining but laptops are increasing.

People of all ages are using more laptops because they’re mobile and no one sits still anymore.
But tablets didn’t wipe out eReaders as folks thought when they first hit the market.

Josephus observed, “Damn, this a hip crowd!”

Tablets are actually gaining a big following for a number of reasons.

eReader Rising

The eReader – think Amazon’s Kindle:

is easy to read in almost any light
Bezos has a huge library of free, economic books you can effortlessly download
online newspaper service(s)
battery life up to 30 days
very reasonable price

Figure 3 – Easy Reading – Amazon’s CEO Jeff Bezos is easy to read…he likes the growth, popularity of the Kindle which can be read virtually anywhere and has very long battery life. Source – Amazon

You’re probably saying that all those eReaders are being bought by fogies who just aren’t with it. Nope…looks like a pretty typical cross section of folks who want to…read.