As part of our Home Technology Demonstration for Small Spaces we needed a phone system that would be simple to operate and suit our IP connected life. We use a Vonage IP phone system (2 lines. Yes, we have cut the cord from the telephone company. So far the system has proven reliable and extremely economical. Taking our business and home phone numbers with us wherever we go is something that really sets us free.

I have always had the best luck with Panasonic phones and I’m not disappointed with this system. It has all of the bells and whistles we need and again since we are in a small space, the range of a 5.8GHz system is ample. There has been no detectable interference between this system and the Linksys data network. A major advantage of these phones is that you only need one phone jack for the main unit. The rest of the handsets just need an AC outlet for the charger. This makes it easy to use with VOIP since both lines are connected via one Router. Also, all of the directory numbers, messages etc. are shared by all the handsets so you only need to input your phonebook once and it’s available everywhere.

Setting up the system was a piece of cake. Plug in the main unit and charge the handset while you sit down and read the instruction manual (yes … you do need to read the instructions to get the most of this system). Once we had power it just took a few seconds to get the handset to introduce itself to the main unit and voila … we have a phone network with 2 handsets. Most functions are very straight forward and the menu system is easy to follow.

This is my first experience with a 5.8 Gz system and it works great … and does not interfere with any of my wireless home network equipment. We’ve had no problems with range and the clarity is excellent. Here are a few of the features that you get with this system:

* Up to 4 handsets
* Call Waiting Caller ID
* Light-Up Antenna with Ringer/Message Alert
* Digital Answering System
* LCD Call Counter
* Voice Prompts & Time/Day Stamp
* Speakerphone
* Conferencing
* Caller ID Memory and Dialer
* Phone Directory and Dialer Stations
* Phone Directory Sharing
* Intercom
* 4 Ringer Patterns
* Melody Ringer
* Belt Clip Included

We can run our business and home with this system and for an MSRP of $260 (2 handsets) you can’t beat the value. Panasonic makes quality phone equipment.