Last year, more Americans cut the cord than ever before. According to recent reports from cable companies, pay-television providers collectively lost over 1.7 million subscribers. And that number is only expected to grow. Over the past 4 years, there has been a 44% increase in American households now dependent on over-the-air and internet streaming for video content. That means there are 7.6 million cord cutting households in the United States.

One of the biggest complains about an antenna is the hardware itself. It is bulky, ugly, it has to be mounted or installed. Antennas Direct saw a need to create a revolutionary indoor antenna that harnesses the power of the latest antenna research to bring cord cutters superior HD picture quality without the installation headache and unattractive looks.

The ClearStream™ Eclipse is a compact indoor high definition antenna with Sure Grip™ Technology which means it can be positioned and repositioned to any smooth, flat surface. No more mounting, no brackets, no holes in the wall. For cord cutters around the world, this is the fastest, easiest path to receiving uncompressed HDTV free and over the air.

SureGrip™ Technology has structural memory; it can be deformed over and over and still maintain its original shape. It firmly grips to flat surfaces. Infinitely removable, repositionable and won’t leave traces of residue. SureGrip™ resists moisture, low temperatures, heat and is extremely easy to use and clean.

The secret to the powerful, small antenna is the patented ClearStream™ tapered loop- the result of over a decade of research. It’s the powerful technology that has made Antennas Direct a leader in over-the-air advancements packed into an elegant and compact indoor HD antenna.

The new Eclipse has two available models. The passive version has a reception distance of 25-plus miles while the amplified version has a reception distance of 35-plus miles. Both models revive both UHF and high frequency signals. Testing shows the sleek antenna has a performance level similar to the Antennas Direct Micron, another compact indoor HD-antenna.

The ClearStream™ Eclipse is now available for pre-order exclusively at