Hometoys Interview – Outdoor TV

Joe Pantel; Chief Executive Officer of Surfside Concepts and Pantel Corp.

Joe Pantel is a twenty-seven year-old businessman. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management from the University of Phoenix and his Master’s Degree in Business Administration with a minor in Marketing from Texas A&M Commerce. Needless to say, he is an entrepreneur from his very innermost being. Prior to completing his schooling, he owned a car stereo shop and founded an online tutoring service (not concurrently). He currently serves as the CEO of Surfside Concepts, Inc. and Pantel Corp. His passion is to do business. He also teaches online courses in business for various Universities across the U.S. His current businesses are new, but they are off to a great start. He thinks of what he would want to have for himself, and he finds a way to bring it to the public so that everyone can have it. That is how he has gotten to where he is today. And it is undoubtedly how he will continue to build businesses and make people happy. Joe Pantel, in all accounts, is a Visionary.
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1. Outdoor entertaining is becoming increasingly popular, and many people don’t yet realize there are TVs being designed exclusively for outdoor use. What made Pantel decide to get into this market?
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The founders of Pantel Corp. saw a need for this type of product in the outdoor entertainment industry, in both commercial and residential settings. Studies show that backyard entertaining is becoming increasingly popular from year-to-year. Our product is also ideal for outdoor advertising and boat/yacht entertaining. Being unable to find a product suitable to the varying, and at times harsh, weather conditions of the outdoors, and wanting to advance the outdoor entertainment industry, the founders of this corporation decided to develop a high quality outdoor, weatherproof HDTV so that individuals, as well as businesses, could service their outdoor entertaining needs.

2. What are the benefits of a Pantel outdoor weatherproof TV versus regular “indoor” flat panel and CRT TVs many people are using for outdoor use, such as placement, weatherproofing, and connecting to a video source?

Indoor TVs are not made to be compatible with the outdoor elements, such as rain, wind, sun, etc. Indoor televisions are susceptible to malfunction as a result of any of these elements that our great mother Earth has to offer. The moisture or dust/dirt that can get into the infrastructure of an indoor television will cause it to malfunction (i.e., break). The Pantel Outdoor Weatherproof TVs are made with powder-coated aluminum, which allows them to easily ventilate so that they don’t overheat and it prevents them from rusting as a result of bombardment by rain or any other moisture. The bottom line is that the elements that exist in an outdoor setting will cause our TVs no harm. The internal electronic components of our TVs are completely sealed off so that they are not brought into contact with the elements that could so easily damage an indoor television. Also, indoor TVs require that cables/wires be run from the TV unit to DVD players, cable/satellite boxes, etc. Our TVs are made standard with wireless capabilities that allow for both an audio and video signal to be sent up to two-hundred feet away, wirelessly. The major benefits of our outdoor TV over any indoor TV include, but are certainly not limited to, the ease of use, the anti-reflective glass, and the dual-ventilation system.

3. Obviously, the outdoor elements, such as extreme temperatures (hot and cold), moisture (rain/snow), blowing dust, UV rays, etc. can play havoc on outdoor video systems. How has Pantel tested and designed its TVs to ensure it can brave these outdoor elements? And can Pantel outdoor TVs (and wireless speakers) be used year-round in all climates or should they be protected from harsh winter and summer environments?

Pantel TVs are well-equipped for harsh weather conditions because of their dual ventilation systems. The internal temperature gauges determine when it gets too hot or too cold and in either case, a ventilation system kicks in. If it is too hot, the fans will kick on so that cool air can circulate within the unit, and if it is too cold, the system will turn on its heating component so that the electrical components will not freeze. So, in neither harshly cold, nor ridiculously warm weather will your Pantel TV fail you. The ventilation system is highly advanced so that the TV works worldwide year-round.

4. Besides residential back yard use, where else are you seeing Pantel TVs being installed?

Pantel TVs can be found in restaurants, hotels, resorts, bar and grills, yachts, boats, cruise liners, sports stadiums, amusement parks, zoos, museums, advertising (retail), airports, etc.

5. Installing outdoor video systems can be a challenge. What are some points you can suggest for taking on such a project, such as suggested wire/cable for a direct connect and trenching depths, placement and installation of the TV, wireless capabilities, etc.?

One of the greatest things about our televisions is their simplicity of installation, they can be installed virtually anywhere. Our televisions are compatible with universal mounts, meaning that there are very few places that will not be suitable for our TVs. Our best suggestion is to go wirelessly wherever there is a power source. However, if a hardwire connection is desired, our rear panel has a weather-tight cover that makes all input connections protected. Installers should be sure that all live wires are trenched according to local and state codes.

6. Can you elaborate on current wireless technologies Pantel offers to eliminate the installation of video source cable for an outdoor TV? What are the current possibilities, problems, etc.?

Currently, Pantel TVs operate wirelessly over an 802.11a WIFI signal that is able to transmit both audio and video data up to 200-ft away. This technology eliminates the problems that would be incurred if it were necessary to have a hardwire connection between the cable boxes/DVD players and the television. That would simply defeat the purpose of having an outdoor TV because cable boxes and DVD players are not made to withstand the elements of the outdoors. The wireless feature is one of the greatest hallmarks of our product. We are currently working with our engineers to develop a wireless capability that will allow us to transmit video in high definition and to be able to transmit the signal farther. Our hope is that we will have a wireless Television with both of these capabilities by the end of this year.

7. What warranties does Pantel offer for its outdoor video systems? What should a consumer look for when selecting the right outdoor TV?

Pantel offers a one-year standard parts and labor, on-site warranty. Consumers should look for the ability for the TV to withstand extreme weather conditions, extreme heat and extreme cold. In order withstand such conditions, the TV must have superb ventilation system that adjusts for overheating and freezing temperatures. Any outdoor television should have an anti-reflective screen so that it can be seen even during the brightest part of the day. Adding to the anti-reflective glass, outdoor TVs need to be brighter than indoor TVs because of the direct sunlight factor. There needs to be a greater contrast between the brightness of the screen and the brightness of the outdoors. Finally, the wireless capability is a must for an outdoor television to be practical and useful.

8. What’s next for outdoor video entertainment systems? Can you give us an idea of where this sector is going and some of the products we may see in the near and distant future?

Pantel is partnering with boat and yacht companies to custom install our weatherproof televisions on boats and yachts. Soon these units will be installed in outdoor barbecues and fireplaces. We are also partnering with spa and sauna companies to make going to the spa even more enjoyable. Soon to be released are the Pantel outdoor weatherproof speakers for enhancement of sound and surround sound. We are also releasing a smaller model, our 20″ unit which will be ideal for those smaller, harder to fit spaces. Also coming out soon are our larger models, the 52″ and 65″ models. With that, our 65″ will be the largest model in the outdoor industry. Bottom line: the possibilities in the outdoor electronics industry are limitless. Pantel is going to keep working to bring its best to the industry and we look forward to what will come of our product line.