Current Issue – Oct / Nov2011
Service Providers and the Connected Home
Oct 1 – Kurt Scherf, Parks Associates
As consumers buy more connected and smart CE, there will be a greater need to bring these devices into the home network configuration and provide at least basic management functionality to ensure a high quality of experience, particularly in their use as video playback devices.

HDMI: Extension, Distribution and Switching via Cat5e/6
Oct 1 – Jeffrey Herman, Muxlab
Due to the fact that Cat5e/6 is not designed like HDMI cable, additional connectivity hardware is needed to interface between the HDMI equipment and the Cat5e/6 cabling system. This connectivity hardware comprises three main functions; Distance Extension, 1xN Distribution and Matrix Switching.

Keeping Afloat in Down Times
Oct 1 – Len Calderone
Even in a down economy, people and companies still buy. They just make more conscientious decisions, and do more comparison shopping. If they believe that they need a product or service, they will buy. It is up to you to take advantage of these opportunities.

On Energy Management, Manufacturing and Factory Automation
Oct 1 – Bob Hetherington
With that solar system there is a new variable in the mix — FREE CLEAN ENERGY. What can and should we do with it?

Social Divide…When a Tree Falls in the Forest
Oct 1 – THE Insider
Businesses are investing heavily in social media. It’s where all of the action is. But is it where all the money is at? Research continually shows that boomers are “not quite” as social media active as millenials. The solution is that we’ll just ignore them. Who cares if there are over 1.5 billion of them around the globe? Who cares if they have a greater proportion of the population’s disposable income? After all social media isn’t about producing sales, profits. It’s about being social. Right?

Home Surround Sound vs Movie Surround Sound
Oct 1 – Contributed by Axiom Audio
For one thing, it’s a heck of a lot cheaper to fill your living room or dedicated basement home theater with top performing surround sound than it is a big movie theater. What’s even better, you’ll enjoy even greater fidelity and natural surround sound in your home if you get your home surround sound speakers from a dedicated hi-fi speaker manufacturer with a long history of research into loudspeaker design and surround sound setups.

OLED Televisions, Myth or Reality?
Oct 1 – Len Calderone
OLED TVs will look like a picture hanging on the wall since it is so thin, rather than sticking out because of a heavy duty wall mount. In fact, you might be able to roll it up when it’s not in use and it can be stored out of sight, until the next viewing. You can even roll it up and place it in a tube, and take it with you on vacation or a business trip.

Project Showcase – NR Audio/Video
Oct 1 – Chris Capozzoli, NR Audio/Video
This project was a culmination of many years to trial and error. The house was built in 1995 and at that time, there were few options in multi room A/V. I originally had a soundstream music and video distribution system which lasted a few years.
Sanus at CEDIA 2011
Sept 1 – Steve Frank, Sanus
CEDIA has always been and continues to be a very important show for SANUS. It not only provides us an opportunity to introduce exciting new products and services, but it allows our product development teams to connect directly with our dealers and customers.

More Articles
How to Build Your Own Home Theater – Part 4 – Everything Else
Oct 1 – Len Calderone
Well, we are getting close to sitting back and enjoying the movie experience in your own home. Just think how much you will be saving on popcorn by not having to take out a loan to see a movie on a commercial theater screen.

Why are Cable Companies Adopting ZigBee RF4CE
Oct 1 – Cees Links, GreenPeak
The new generation of remote controls provides more than some additional convenience for the consumer: it bolsters the position of cable operators into our home and provides them with an avenue for new services. If cable companies want to survive – they have to innovate. ZigBee RF4CE is an important path to their prosperity and growth!

CEDIA 2011 Tradeshow Report
Sept 12 – Brandon Hetherington
We walked the show floor and reached out to companies from across the industry for a peek at some of the new products that will be showcased in the coming year. Below is a compilation of some great new products that should be an interest to you.

How to Build Your Own Home Theater – Part 3 – The Sound System
Sept 12 – Len Calderone
Too many people skimp on their sound system and regret it later, when they have to strain to hear the conversations or miss the depth of an explosion. Buy the best sound system that you can afford.

The Need for Uncompressed Home Networking
Sept 1 – HDBaseT Alliance
With support from consumer electronics manufacturers, content providers and organizations, HDBaseT is revolutionizing the multimedia distribution of uncompressed HD multimedia content in the home entertainment environment via a single LAN cable.

How to Build Your Own Home Theater – Part 2 – The Projector
Sept 1 – Len Calderone
Your extra room is carpeted, painted and the screen is ready to be hung. What’s next? Let’s consider the projector. There are many home theater projectors on the market and it would not be practical to discuss all of these in this article. There are some features that you should look for in a projector.

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