CEDIA Expo 2005 – HomeToys Report Part 1 – by Len Calderone

CEDIA Expo 2005 HomeToys Part 2 – The second installment of Len’s report.

CEDIA Expo 2005 HomeToys Report Part 3 – The final installment.

1080p HDTV Sets – the difference between 720p, 1080i, and 1080p HD formats by Andrew Ghigo

DVD’s on an HDTV Display – Getting the most out of your DVD collection by Jason Liao

What Should LCD Monitor Shoppers Look Forward To? – What is it that makes LCD monitors so attractive to consumers by Christian Dias

WiFi Will Power Digital Lifestyle – Multiple devices need to be easily connected within a home network by Milya Timergaleyeva

DVD Insider 42-44 – 3 more reports by THE Insider

What is Bluetooth? – Reprinted thanks to MilesTek TekTalk

Mobile-Health Solutions Integrated with Smart Homes – the integration of wireless healthcare services inside the smart home environment by Ofer Atzmon

Look Ma! My Phone Kills Mosquitoes – Cell phones are no longer just tools for making phone calls by Yuanzhe (Michael) Cai

Getting Started in the Hobby of Audio – Simplicity is the key to good sound by Michael Green

What to do with that Plasma Display? – Here are 5 options for concealing that plasma display by Jonathan Graham

A PC Expo for the 21st Century – The C3 Expo by James Russo

The Evolving Media Server – by John Lewinsky

Let There Be Music…Everywhere – How the Latest Multi-Room Audio Technology is Changing Homebuyer’s Lifestyles By Peter Hoagland

High Definition Music Downloads – Hear Your Music The Way Artists Intended It To Be Heard – MusicGiants

Connect Photos, Audios, And Videos Into Meaningful Albums by Mary Luciano

To backup or not to backup – by Dr.Taleb Hammad

PC Home Entertainment Convergence – By Grant Woods

Entertainment Without Boundaries – By Tony Weber

ShareDrive Impact on Mobility – Xmultiple Technologies

Finding a Niche in A/V Installations – by Marlene Fawkes

Axeze Distributed Network – guarantees future upgrades at low cost!

Central Vacuums and Home Automation – MD Manufacturing

Sponsored Articles:

Automation in the Digital Home – Installation of HAL software and UPB products by Michael Breton

The Art of the Video Demo – Get your customers smiling and excited about their impending purchase by Jim McGall of Vidikron

News Report:

CEDIA 2005 Special News Report


Panasonic adopts ZigBee via Freescale’s platform

Jon Adams and Robert Nguyen


Optoma MovieTime DV10 Projector – All-in-One Home Theater Projector System Courtesy of ProjectorReviews.com

ADS Network Attached Storage – A Big Home Entertainment Jukebox Without the Big Cost, Hassle by G.A. “Andy” Marken

Harmony 688 Universal Remote – Originally Published at PDA Today

Relay 8, X-10 Eight Circuit Relay Module – by CocoonTech.com

B&W 804S and HTM3S Speakers – by John E. Johnson, Jr.

Harman/Kardon AVR 7300 Receiver – by Ross Jones

Video Library:

Steve Greenberg explains how things work.

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