What exactly is a Holographic Greeter?

The Holographic Greeter is an exciting information, branding and promotional messaging medium which displays a holographic image projected onto a life-sized cut-out that is so unique and lifelike, Customers can't help but stop and stare. The Holographic Greeter can be positioned virtually anywhere and is a high-tech communications platform that serves up in-store information and personal greetings in a decidedly unique fashion.

Because the Holographic Greeter is so animated and compelling, Advertisers can deliver their message or introduce new products to a receptive audience without intimidation.

The Holographic Greeter is the only patented system on the market designed exclusively for the constraints and rigors of Retail. All Steel construction features a compact 15” x 40” footprint, available Stand Branding in your equity, AromaFusion™, Speaking Glass™, Counter Display Module™, wireless updating, Video-in-Video capabilities and interaction using QR Codes, all engineered to keep your marketing costs to a minimum while maximizing effectiveness of your campaigns.

What’s Aromafusion?

The AromaFusion™ scent delivery system creates a total immersion experience for Brands, Retailers, and Patrons.

It has been well documented that smell can have a halo effect and put Shoppers in a positive mood, which affects their perception of a product or their environment. The sense of smell goes straight into the limbic system in the brain, which is responsible for emotions and decision-making. Brand memory, increased attention and interaction are all directly influenced by this powerful emotional motivator.

Sounds complicated. How difficult is it to install?

It’s plug and play. Simple as that. We set the unit up in 15 minutes or less. It runs on standard household voltage (120v) and draws less than 3 amps max, so no dedicated circuit not required.

Is it really a holograph or just a projected image onto a flat/contoured surface?

It’s a two-dimensional image projected from behind onto a flat panel. The Unit is 15"w x 40" deep all in a movable cabinet. The cabinet is 4'6" high and the Greeter image panel stands 5'4" high.

What are the viewing requirements?

It can be viewed 360 degrees with the exception of maybe a 15 degree span on each side

How dynamic can the content be and how easy is it to change it?

The Model used could be any person or animated character even. The content of the video can be anything a client can imagine. The greeter can hold an iPad tablet or our frameless video-in video that can show basically any slideshow or video creative/presentation. The Greeter can hold actual products as long as they are less than 12" wide x 17" high. The content can be updated as often as the client desires. Additional videos are a nominal cost.

Our Business Model revolves around our Universal Master Design Concept™. This allows us to offer the most affordable Cost in Market because we design around a Master Silhouette so updating videos doesn’t require complete retooling of the platform.

Can you explain what the Counter Display Model is?

The Counter Display Module is available to bring actual products into the presentation! The Counter Display Module is a wraparound gondola/shelf unit perfect for new item introductions, a secondary location, seasonal specials and demos. The Counter Display Unit modularly docks with the Holographic Greeter creating a product selling unit unmatched in its ability to bring the consumer to the point of purchase. Applications are perfect for end caps and freestanding displays and the entire system is built on concealed caster wheels making setup and repositioning a snap! 

Can I use my own models?

Logistically, we can work using our models or any of your clients’ models. Using our Models makes the process much more streamlined and a roll-out could take place within 30-45 days from date of order.  If your client wants to video their own models, they will need a special Position Isolator Video Alignment Rig (PIVAR) that works with our Universal Master Design Concept™. The PIVAR system restricts the model’s movements so that their position will remain constant on the silhouette.

From a marketing point of view, why is this better than a digital sign?

What makes the Greeter work is it's different. Different is good in Retail. TV is overdone. The fact that it looks like a TV cut into the shape of a person gets consumers’ attention every time. The fact that she can engage shopper as if she is a person is a big draw. Once she draws them in, the interactivity, aromafusion and video delivery systems keep them there. The longer they stay, the better chance the advertiser has to pitch their product or deliver their message. It's marketing 101.

The novelty/curiosity factor will get people’s attention. How can you keep them there and help convince them to act?

Getting your message in front of shoppers is paramount. Having a message that is compelling or has a call to action is key. We have found that by incorporating our Advanced Next Generation QR Codes into the Greeter’s message by using color coded QR Codes, the Greeter can convey any message… from simple contact information, reservations or directions, to in-depth web based interaction on its green colored INFO QR Codes.  The red colored DISCOUNT QR Codes offer up discounts or special offers, further enticing patrons.  Blue colored INTERACTIVE SURVEY QR Codes allow Retailers instant access to feedback via predetermined questionnaires. By taking the interactive Survey, Patrons can be rewarded with “instant off” rewards, which can immediately be sent directly to their smartphones upon completion of the survey, further compelling participation. Marketing Ad Group’s “Real Time QR Click Management System™” provides detailed QR tracking capabilities allowing Retailers to actively track and manage campaign results in “real time.” With this Real Time tracking we have found increases as high as 1600% based on tracking prior to implementation. This is not to say everyone can expect this high of an increase in sales just by having a Greeter but given the right message and incentive, these types of increases are not uncommon.

It sounds expensive. Can I afford it?

Let's just say leasing is VERY affordable. The best part is under the lease we turnkey everything. The account would have NO maintenance, NO huge upfront investment and we are here to service the unit: be it video production or routine maintenance, it's covered.  Updating content with additional videos is so affordable you will be tempted to change your marketing creative daily!


About Bill

Bill is Marketing Ad Group's Business Development Manager and is responsible for sales and business relationship development for Holographic Greeter and KleenGrip products. Bill holds a degree in Criminology from UNCC in Charlotte, NC and has extensive sales management and marketing experience with several major US corporations.