Have you ever been away from your home or business in extreme hot or cold weather and wondered if your heating or air-conditioning systems were functioning, or if there may have been a power outage? You might have envisioned returning to frozen or burst pipes, water damage, humid conditions and the beginning of mold growth, or computer and other electronics damage. Certainly, there is cause to worry, given the costs of replacement plumbing and repairs, concern for the safety of your pets, and a whole slew of problems that can result from excessive temperature and moisture.

These problems may now be a thing of the past. Today’s technology will all but eliminate your concern about serious heating or cooling problems that might occur in your home or business when you’re away. That means one less important thing to worry about while on the road, and no need to rely on a neighbor or friend stopping by – hopefully – to check on your home and its contents. Today, very affordable products are available that enable your home or business to actually call you whenever there is a dramatic on-site change in ambient temperature or other conditions. And the devices may even be necessities for many absentee homeowners, who are now being required by some insurance companies to install equipment that will efficiently monitor their unattended premises.

These small, intelligent monitoring and alarm devices connect to a phone line, are simple enough to install yourself, and are pre-programmed to quickly call and warn you of a serious rise or fall in temperatures. They can be used in just about any home, office or business environment, and can be pre-set to call you no matter where you may be. Whether you’re a winter snowbird flying south for a few months, on a mini-vacation for just a few days, or own a business that requires a carefully controlled environment, these temperature guards will protect a wide range of valuable assets, from computers and other sensitive equipment to precious antiques and artifacts that can be affected by heat and high humidity.

Today’s tabletop packages are full-featured systems designed to efficiently monitor on-site temperature, humidity and electrical power. Equipped with advanced sensors and rechargeable battery backups, they will dial pre-programmed emergency phone numbers using an integrated voice to inform you of the ambient conditions. And to ensure a feeling of “away from home” comfort and security, you can call the device anytime from anywhere to find out the present temperature and power status.

Simple and Effective

For example, a variety of products from Temperature Guard show how easy these devices are to install and use. Weighing in at roughly half a pound and with a signature of maybe twice the thickness of the popular iPod, these monitoring/notifying devices simply plug into your existing phone line and into an electrical outlet. Initial programming is simple as you follow spoken instructions. After recording a quick personal ID message, its ready to go. It can share a phone line with your answering machine or fax, and its rechargeable backup battery is always ready in case of any power outage. Should the temperature drop or rise beyond predetermined levels, these products will dial up to four emergency phone numbers, warning you of the potentially dangerous temperature and power conditions.

These devices offer a variety of optional monitoring capabilities that are not only protecting homeowners, but are also being used in wide range of commercial/industrial applications and government agencies. They have been especially valuable in healthcare facilities, where the precise temperature monitoring of blood supplies, medicines, vaccines and other pharmaceuticals is critical.

Today’s devices are designed to carefully monitor power outages, ambient temperatures, humidity and even water supplies in order to quickly detect changes and issue clear warnings to key personnel before damage can occur. An option even enables homeowners to remotely raise and lower home temperature with a phone call.

So, while away, you can lower the temperature to save energy. Then, prior to returning, simply make one phone call and have the device turn on your heating system to start warming up your home, or turn on the central air conditioner to start cooling it down. You arrive home in complete comfort and save energy costs as well. The systems can monitor temperature ranges from 32 to 125 degrees Fahrenheit, within an accuracy of +/-2 degrees, offer humidity monitoring from 0% to 90%RH, and are compatible with most telephone pagers. If it doesn’t make contact with you after dialing all pre-programmed numbers, the device will wait 20 minutes and begin calling again. The sequence is repeated until contact is made. Once connected, the device will inform you of actual temperature and humidity levels, as well as how long the power has been out, if applicable.

Given the ever rising costs of new homes and commercial properties, as well as the increasing costs for the repair or replacement of valuable and even irreplaceable assets, today’s technology is offering residents and business owners peace of mind and an opportunity to protect their homes and commercial property with very practical, cost effective and easy to use monitoring and notifying equipment.

Frank Geissler is President of TemperatureGuard, a technology-driven company headquartered in Berlin, Connecticut, that specializes in developing and manufacturing innovative remote data acquisition and alarm devices. For more information on this technology, visit http://www.temperatureguard.com/pr