Installing Amplifiers to improve the poor Sound output of Ceiling Mounted Projectors has until recently required the use of bulky Units weighing several pounds and with a size of at least 19″ that necessitated they be mounted in a Rack or Cabinet in the room below. The introduction of our Stereo Amplifier not only makes Installation easier but allows it to become an integral part of a Ceiling Mounter projector with the added benefit of Clearer Sound. Smaller that 4 CDs This 45 watt Stereo Amplifier is a wonder in miniaturization, weighing 16 oz. and small enough to fit in the palm of your hand. It is fast becoming the Amplifier of choice for improving the Sound Output of any Projector. Being lightweight, the amplifier is easily and quickly mounted on the Projector?s Pole directly above the Projector using our Patent applied for, Universal Mounting Bracket. With over 20 Different Nigel B 1/4 Rack Modules to chose from, including Mixers, Headphone Amplifiers etc. Their compact 1/4 Rack size allows any of our different modules to be mounted into our single space 19″ Rack Frame and small enough to be concealed in tight spaces. The illustration above shows our 19″ Single Space Rack Frame, Universal Projector Pole Mounting Bracket, Strucutured Wiring Panel Bracket and our Universal Mounting Bracket mounted on a Projector?s Pole. About the Designer. Nigel Brent, Born in England, Studied at The EMI College of Electronics. Emigrated and became a Citizen of the United States in the Early Eighties. A Resident of California for over 25 years, he developed the first Industrial Rack Mount PC Computer used for Shipbound and Aircraft Applications by The Canadian Defense Dept, The Israel Military, US Navy, Rockwell etc, and susequently the Computer was incorporated into a Audio Workstation used by Sony, Disney, Universal, Fox and Paramount and other Major Studios and Production Facilities. Developed a Complete Graphic Workstation and Software used by Toyota’s Califonia Design Studios for Car Product Presentations and other Graphic Studios for Broadcast Productions. Developed the first Scrolling (Ticker Tape) Financial Information to be displayed on the TV Screen for Channel 22 The Business Channel, Los Angeles, CA. The technique has susequently been copied and can be seen on various Network TV Stations for displaying their “up to the minute” News. Currently Nigel Brent is devoting his time to miniaturizing Electronic Devices for Commercial, Home Theatre and Broadcasting Applications which can be seen on his Web Site He can be seen presenting his products at various Trade Shows such as NSCA and Infocomm or contacted at