Attention lovers of the third dimension: affordable 3D projectors for home theater are here.

Last week at the Consumer Electronics Show in Vegas, we saw a wide range of 3D HD projectors that accept content over HDMI. This is a game changer. Until now, most of the 3D projectors on the market could only receive content from a PC through a VGA or DVI cable, reducing the image quality to a lousy 480i.

But the 3D projectors that will soon hit the market can output in HD, some can even transform existing 2D content to 3D, and all are more affordable than their predecessors. Check ‘em out below.

3D Projectors Introduced at CES 2011

Vivitek 3D Projectors
Vivitek’s new projector line can transform existing 2D content into an impressive HD 3D display. The new D512-3D, D536-3D and D538-3D projectors convert input sent over HDMI (including your favorite movies, games and even the signal from your cable box) and output them in (up to) 720p 3D. No more worrying about cables, converters and content. Vivitek has packaged it all into its new projectors, which range from 2600 to 3200 lumens. The icing on the 3D cake: these products are expected to range from $899 to $1,299. Look for them this summer.

Sharp 3D Projectors
For those looking for a full HD 3D experience, Sharp’s new 1,600-lumen XV-Z17000 3D DLP® 1080p home theater projector will be available in February for around $5,000. The projector is sold with 2 pairs of 3D active shutter glasses and uses “IR Link” to sync the image.

Samsung 3D Projectors
Last week at CES 2011, Samsung announced the SP-A8000 3D home theater projector. Like the Vivitek models, the SP-A8000 is also capable of converting 2D to 3D. The SP-A8000 is full HD, rated at 1,000 lumens, and has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio. It weighs 24 pounds and features a single-bulb, single-lens design. Pricing and availability was not announced.

Mitsubishi 3D Projectors
Mitsubishi’s new 1,000-lumen Diamond HD9000 3D projector is a full HD 1080p 3D home theater model capable of displaying 100-inch 3D images. The projector uses active shutter glasses and has a 120Hz refresh rate. It is powered by an SXRD reflective liquid-crystal optical engine and contrast ratio is 120,000:1. No word on pricing or availability.

Panasonic 3D Projectors
We heard rumors that Panasonic may soon enter the 3D for home theater market, but we couldn’t wrestle any details out of our sources. We’ll keep you posted!
What do you think? Are the lower price points and HDMI inputs enticing? Is 2D to 3D conversion a game changer? Share your thoughts below.

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