The new MX-810 from Universal Remote Control provides Home Theater owners and professional installers with dedicated, custom control over single-room Home Theaters or A/V systems. It’s an ideal remote for single-room Home Theater systems, and for homes with multiple A/V systems too, as each MX-810 remains dedicated to a single room’s equipment, complete with a user-changeable label identifying the room. The fact that it is very easy and intuitive to use AND very easy to configure is its greatest strength.

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The MX-810 features a big, bright, active matrix Colour LCD, larger and more vivid than comparable remotes, and a broad array of attractive, icon graphics that are readable at a glance. It also provides access to a vast array of custom control solutions –all available free of charge at the companies website. It is a PC-powered device and is programmable by any Windows-compatible laptop or desktop computer with a USB port. An installer can set up the remote by connecting a PC, then simply follow the instructions of an onscreen programming Wizard. This can be done in advance or onsite, which is very useful.

The MX810 features Radio Frequency (RF) addressability and a bright, colour LCD display and the MX-810’s readiness for programming allows custom installers to put any command on any LCD page, and fully personalize the screen’s iconography for any and every user. The RF capability also eliminates the need to point the remote at whatever it’s activating, or even remain in the line of sight of any equipment. It can control components up to 50 meters away from locations throughout a home, even components concealed in cabinets or behind doors.

The MX-810 is fully compatible with URC’s own MSC-400 Master System Controller. This device seamlessly harnesses the power of sophisticated home entertainment systems, providing installers with options and advantages not otherwise available. It offers triggered macros, RS-232 and relay control, video and voltage sensors, rock-solid Narrow Band RF and many more features — taming systems’ complexity, while delivering unmatched flexibility, automation power, installation speed, and diagnostic capabilities.

Custom programming a complex Home Theater is one of the most challenging aspects of an audio/video installation (we know, we’ve tried!) Setting a Theater system to play a DVD with just one button can require programming a macro that instructs the screen to lower, the lights to dim, window shades to close, the projector and sound system to turn on, and the DVD player to start, while also making sure the cable box and iPod dock are turned off. The MX-810’s compatibility with the MSC-400 makes such tasks easy for installers to program and easy for clients to use.

With or without the MSC-400, the MX-810 is a powerful, versatile remote that revolutionizes the remote control experience for anyone who prefers a light, hand-held interface.

Useful additional features include a motion sensor that automatically turns on the LCD screen when the remote is picked up, and a one-touch blue backlight that ensures the MX-810 can be used easily in dim or darkened rooms. A small integrated speaker optionally beeps in response to button pushes, indicating the remote has understood the instruction. A built-in time/date display, low-battery alert, rechargeable lithium ion battery, and a supplied USB programming cable further enhance its convenience and ease of use.


* LCD Size: 2″ Active Matrix colour LCD
* Size in cm: 22.6″ x 6.1″ x 2.5″ (H x W x D)
* Weight: 196 grams (with battery loaded)
* Learning Capabilities: Standard frequencies (15kHz to 460kHz)
* Memory: 32 Megabits of Flash Memory Total (28 Megabits for User Configuration) (24 Activities on 8 LCD pages for 24 devices for a total of 384 pages)
* RF Freq for MX810: 418 MHz (Narrow Band) RF Freq for MX810i: 433 MHz (Narrow Band)
* Range: RF – Up to 50 meters when used with MRF-260, MRF-350 or MSC-400 RF Base stations IR (line of sight) – Up to 15 meters with fresh batteries.
* Power Supply: Lithium Ion rechargeable (battery included)
* Warranty: 1 year parts & labour when purchased from an authorized dealer

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