Why is multi-room support for home audio automation important?

Synchronization – hardware based multi-zone switches provide the capability to switch any stream to one or more rooms, with individual volume level and equalization setting adjustments for each room. Using hardware to perform the switching ensures that all rooms, which share the same stream, are perfectly synchronized, with no annoying delays or echoes. You have the ability to listen to different streams of music in different rooms.

What equipment is a typical multi-room audio system composed of?

A typical CasaTunes install would include a CasaTunes Xli Music Server or XLe Music Server, a multi-channel amplifier, keypads and speakers in 6-48 rooms in a home. Right out of the box the server is ready to play thousands of Internet radio stations.

Can I use my existing computer as the hub for a CasaTunes system?

Yes, with our CasaTunes Xli Music Server, XLe Music Server hardware or just our CasaTunes software with third party whole house audio hardware, we can turn almost any PC into a multi-source music server and provide users with complete control over their whole house music system.

How do customers control and select music?

There are many ways to control the CasaTunes system. You can use our apps for the iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android devices to control CasaTunes. You can also use our keypads or a PC, Laptop or Mac’s web browsers.

Do these systems work in the cloud?

Yes, CasaTunes recently announced support for iCloud. CasaTunes will automatically and instantly detect when a new song or other audio file is added to your iTunes in the Cloud account and enables those tracks to be accessed and played via CasaTunes anywhere in the home. Further, CasaTunes can play music from Windows Media, RadioTime and SHOUTcast throughout the home with different channels in each room.

How challenging is it to support multiple music sources?

At first it was very hard to add new music source. But now it is much easier since most of the music sources use the same framework and now that we have that in our software it makes it much easier.

What’s new and exciting in home audio automation?

I think everyone knows that tablets in home audio automation are becoming very exciting as control devices so we have been very excited this year about our iPad and Android tablet apps and can’t wait to keep making them better.

What can we expect next from CasaTunes?

We have been speaking with our customers and integrators about what they want from us. Here is what we are going to give them with our newest software update. Support for iTunes in the Cloud (which has already been covered and seamless integration with A/V Receivers, 3rd Party music sources and iOS based Home Automation systems. We will have a lot more information on this in our upcoming press release.

Wade Riewerts

As Operations Manager of CasaTunes, Wade manages the relationships with partners, including hardware vendors and manufacturers. With more than five years’ experience, Wade is an experienced business manager. Prior to CasaTunes, Wade held senior management positions in operations where he managed finance, customer service, and resource allocation within budgetary controls at Penske Truck Leasing and RKR & Assoc., an upscale landscape nursery.

Wade has a B.S, Individual Studies degree with an emphasis in business and horticulture from Western Illinois University.