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— High-Performance Home Theater and Music Loudspeakers Offer Exceptional Sound, Style and Value —

ITASCA, IL, September 5, 2003 -Mordaunt -Short, the internationally renowned manufacturer of high -performance loudspeakers for over three decades, now offers its stylish, high -value 900 Series home theater and music loudspeakers. Each 900 Series model features a host of exclusive Mordaunt -Short technologies to deliver extraordinary sound quality, along with elegant styling to complement the most refined living environments. 

Paul LaPlaca, Mordaunt -Short Sales Manager pointed out: “Since their introduction, the 900 Series have been acclaimed by discriminating critics, publications and listeners as exceptional loudspeakers, offering unsurpassed performance in their respective categories. They combine all the ‘audiophile’ strengths such as excellent tonal balance, imaging and resolution, with a natural, involving musical quality. They are the ideal loudspeakers for everyone seeking true high -end sonic performance -without the high -end price tag.” 

The Mordaunt -Short 900 Series is comprised of the following: 

  • MS -902 bookshelf (1 -inch tweeter, 5 -¼ -inch mid/bass driver, SRP: $400/pair)
  • MS -906 floorstanding (1 -inch tweeter, dual 5 -¼ -inch mid/bass drivers, SRP: $800/pair)
  • MS -908 floorstanding (1 -inch tweeter, dual 5 -¼ -inch mid/bass drivers, 10 -inch woofer, SRP: $1,100/pair)
  • MS -912 bookshelf (1 -inch tweeter, 6 -½ -inch mid/bass driver, SRP: $550/pair)
  • MS -914 floorstanding (1 -inch tweeter, 6 -½ -inch mid/bass driver, SRP: $650/pair)
  • MS -905c center -channel speaker (1 -inch tweeter, dual 5 -¼ mid/bass drivers, SRP: $300 each)
  • MS -903s bipolar surround speaker (dual 1 -inch tweeters, dual 4 -inch mid/bass drivers, SRP: $350/pair)
  • MS -907w powered subwoofer (10 -inch woofer, built -in 100 -watt amplifier, SRP: $450/each)
  • MS -909w powered subwoofer (12 -inch woofer, built -in 300 -watt amplifier, SRP: $900/each)

Following is an outline of selected 900 Series models: 

MS -912 and MS -914: Advanced Engineering for Extraordinary Sound Quality 

The Mordaunt -Short MS -912 bookshelf (SRP: $550/pair) and MS -914 floor standing (SRP: $650/pair) loudspeaker systems incorporate the company’s most advanced driver technologies, materials and manufacturing processes to deliver a musically compelling listening experience, with exceptional resolution, clarity and tonal balance. Both models provide an expansive, dynamic sound field with precise imaging, conveying music and movie soundtracks with an authoritative sense of scale that belies the speakers’ compact dimensions. 

To achieve their distinguished sonic performance, both models utilize a newly developed 6 -1/2 -inch CPC™ (Continuous Profile Cone) aluminum mid/bass driver with a heavy -duty long -throw voice coil and proprietary one -inch aluminum dome tweeter -both designed and developed in -house in conjunction with extensive critical listening evaluations. The Continuous Profile Cone driver technology features a smooth, seamless concave surface, to provide controlled movement at low frequencies and virtually eliminate unwanted cone breakup modes at higher frequencies for ultra -fast transient response and wide dynamic range along with exceptionally low coloration. 

The tweeter features an ultra -thin diaphragm, high -temperature liquid -cooled voice coil, and precision compression molded surround mounted on a low -resonance frame to deliver exceptional transient response and high -frequency detail without any “harshness” typically associated with metal dome tweeters. To further enhance performance, the tweeter is mounted within a newly designed, computer -optimized elliptical front plate that provides improved dispersion throughout the listening room, yielding superior imaging and tonal balance. 

The Mordaunt -Short MS -912 and MS -914 are constructed to extremely high standards, using premium cabinetry and construction methods. These models also include the company’s exclusive DVPC™ (Dual Value Parallel) audiophile -grade capacitors, high -power neodymium driver magnets and high -saturation inductors. All drivers are back -mounted to the baffle to minimize diffraction. The enclosures are built from MDF and feature dual -layer baffles, constructed from two layers of different density materials to attenuate unwanted resonances. 

The MS -912 and MS -914 loudspeakers are available in a choice of black and honey maple finishes. 

MS -909w: Powerful, Articulate Subwoofer Performance 

The Mordaunt -Short MS -909w powered subwoofer is the flagship subwoofer in the 900 Series, and is ideal for use in the most ambitious large -scale home theater and music systems. Its 12 -inch CPC aluminum driver and integrated 300 -watt RMS amplifier in a tuned, compact enclosure are designed to deliver ultra -low -frequency response and sound quality that will provide a seamless level of articulation which complements the other models in the 900 Series lineup. The MS -909w offers a full selection of connection and control options for easy integration to any two -channel or multi -channel system. 
The Mordaunt -Short MS -909w Subwoofer is available in black finish at a suggested retail price of $800. 

Exclusively distributed in the U.S. by Marantz America, Mordaunt -Short 900 Series loudspeakers are ideal for use with Marantz’s lineup of home entertainment electronics and video display products, to create complete home entertainment systems of exceptional performance in a broad variety of categories. 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2003, Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation’s premier independent audio/video specialty retailers. More information is available at 

About D&M Holdings Inc. 

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