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Versatile Hard Disc Music Server Offers Independent Four-Zone Operation and Massive Storage Capacity

LONG BEACH, CA, November 10, 2003 -Reinforcing its status as a premier supplier of specialist audio components, Marantz now offers its DH9300 Digital Music Server, the company’s first hard drive -based audio component. The DH9300 is a remarkably versatile music server that can store more than 1,200 hours of music and can play back four separate audio programs to four different rooms in the home – at the same time. 

Kevin Zarow, Marantz Director of Marketing pointed out: “We’re extremely excited to branch out into this important new product category with our DH9300, a groundbreaking component that combines the unique storage and playback capabilities of a hard -drive music server with renowned Marantz sound quality and performance. With its ability to hold an entire music collection and make it instantly accessible in multiple rooms throughout the home, the DH9300 is truly the ultimate whole -house audio solution.” 

The Marantz DH9300 is on exhibit at the Electronic House Expo at Booth #1006. 

Instant Access to An Entire Music Collection 
Winner of a CEA Innovations 2003 Design and Engineering Award, the Marantz DH9300 offers enormous music storage capacity -more than 100 hours of uncompressed, CD -quality PCM digital audio, or more than 1,200 hours of compressed (128kbps) audio using MP3 encoding. This phenomenal capacity, made possible by the unit’s 80 GB hard drive, enables music lovers to store an entire music library -hundreds of CDs or thousands of songs -and instantly access them by artist, album, genre or custom playlists created by the user. The DH9300 offers four audio quality recording modes, from uncompressed (with shortest playback time) to maximum compression (for longest playback time), enabling users to choose audio quality encoding modes to best suit their needs. 

Music can be loaded into the DH9300 from either its built -in CD drive, from an external audio source via its analog or digital audio inputs, or from a PC via its USB port. The DH9300 connects directly to the Internet using its built -in modem, and includes an Ethernet connection to interface with a home network, as well as an RS -232C port to enable integrated system control. 

The Marantz DH9300 offers exceptionally versatile navigation, playlist organization and music playback capabilities, incorporating Imerge’s XiVA™ software that makes it easy to receive, record, store, manage and access digital music. In addition, the purchase of a DH9300 provides the owner with a lifetime license to the CDDB Internet music database, which enables easy, automatic labeling and organization of music tracks. The DH9300 features a large front panel display and intuitive on -screen menu, and can be operated using either its front panel controls, the supplied remote control, a third -party controller such as a Crestron or Panja, or a PC. 

Four Music Source Components in One 
The Marantz DH9300 truly functions as four music source components in a single chassis, thanks to its ability to play back four separate, independent stereo audio programs to four different rooms in the home -simultaneously. It enables each zone to be individually programmed, and features separate on -screen display capability and volume control for each zone to facilitate independent multi -zone operation. The DH9300 offers a variety of music playback modes -by artist, album, or genre, or from multiple custom playlists created by the user, or via a selection of random play modes. In addition, the DH9300 is software -upgradeable, to accommodate possible future enhancements to the digital music server platform. 

The DH9300 features classic Marantz styling to match the other components in a Marantz audio/video system, with an elegant brushed black front panel and simple, uncluttered control layout. Its sleek chassis measures just 3 -1/2 inches high, facilitating its use in any home entertainment system or custom installation. 

The Marantz DH9300 Digital Music Server is currently available at a suggested retail price of $3,299.00. 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2003, Marantz America is committed to upholding the tradition of technological superiority initiated by founder Saul Marantz. In keeping with this emphasis on quality, Marantz audio and video components are carried only by the nation’s premier independent audio/video specialty retailers. 

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