Lucky Strike Lanes and Lounges introduced the upscale boutique bowling experience six years ago, and have now added BrightSign media players to deliver high-quality video artwork complementing their trademark cocktails, private lanes and sophisticated menu. BrightSign Network Management enables art displays and promotional messages to be coordinated, from California to New York.

Key Facts

  • Integration company: ITMIS
  • Industry: Bowling lounges
  • Locations: Four separate Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge venues
  • Project: Unique display of static and video artwork
  • BrightSign Solutions:
  • 16 BrightSign units installed in 4 locations nationwide
  • BrightSign Network Manager for remote content updates
  • 1080i video and image playback
  • Distribution system interface to deliver artwork to any TV in the venue


  • Display static and video artwork in a new way
  • Update content remotely
  • Effective management of the visual projection and playback, its timing and scheduling
  • Avoid the cost and complexity of personal computer-based solutions


  • Outstanding output quality – each artist’s work is shown in the highest quality resolution for 8-12 minutes per day, seven days a week
  • Simple to manage and coordinate content in individual digital signage locations at each venue.
  • Bundled networking makes remote configuration and management a breeze

The Challenge

The Lucky Strike experience depends strongly on its ambience and original artworks. This creates a powerful differentiator from the dark, drab decor of traditional bowling venues. Exposure on lanes as well as in lounges gives artists a unique opportunity to display their work – on a large scale.

Lucky Strike wanted to display static and video artwork in a new way; and update it on a regular basis to keep the venue fresh and appealing. The goal was for each artist’s work to be shown in the highest quality resolution for 8-12 minutes per day, seven days a week in Lucky Strike locations. Effective management of the visual projection and playback, its timing and scheduling, were also key requirements.

ITMIS was enlisted to design and implement Lucky Strike’s vision. They quickly determined that HD digital screens would be required as well as quality digital sign controllers that support stellar HD video and image resolutions, networking and remote content management. Although ITMIS has been in the A/V and IT integration business for many years and has implemented a number of digital signage projects, this is their highest-profile digital signage implementation so far.

The Solutions

ITMIS selected BrightSign media players to deliver content in four prominent Lucky Strike locations: Kansas City, MO, Los Angeles, CA, Bellevue, WA and Hoboken, NJ. According to ITMIS’ CEO Thomas Martino: “We selected BrightSign for this implementation specifically because it’s so easy to install, configure and extend. The outstanding video quality was also a key factor; as was the intuitive remote content management solution.”

Display of images in BMP, JPEG and PNG formats enables it to handle the variety of formats supplied by contributing artists. BrightSign models can also play MPEG-2 and -4 High-Definition videos at up to 1080p resolution, via component or HDMI outputs. High-definition still image modes provide versatility and reliability, making BrightSign the ideal solution to show artists’ works at their best.

For each of the four locations, digital signage design includes four BrightSign units. Each location supports two 20 x 12-foot HD projection screens delivering artwork directly to the bowling lanes, a 20 x12-foot 3D HD projection screen delivering the highest-quality video art to a the luxury private bowling room and a fourth 50-inch plasma display playing promotional infotainment in the entrance lobby. These digital signs are designated as ART1, ART2, LUXE and ICON, respectively. In addition, the four BrightSign units are connected to an AMX distribution system which allows Lucky Strike to selectively distribute the artwork to all the televisions in the lounge/bar areas via strategically located touch panels.

The networking features available on BrightSign provide an affordable and uncomplicated solution to update content from a remote location. ITMIS installed the onsite network infrastructure by simply connecting BrightSign units to the Internet and creating a central and secure Web Server running BrightSign Network Manager to network all 16 installed displays. Using Web-based technologies, Lucky Strike can easily log onto their account with BrightSign Network Manager from any Internet connected PC, to quickly and easily update content at each remote location.

By creating networking groups named ART1, ART2, LUXE and ICON, it was simple for Lucky Strike staff to manage content in individual digital signage locations at each venue. For instance, all signage in entrance lobbies at each Lucky Strike location are on one network group called ICON, so that when new content is sent to the ICON group, it updates all locations simultaneously with identical content. This ensures promotional messages are coordinated efficiently.

ITMIS gave Lucky Strike full training in the use of this secure Web-based application. As a result, the client is freed from the burden of infrastructure administration, but management of the artwork and promotional projections is completely under Lucky Strike’s control.

“For clients like Lucky Strike we use BrightSign exclusively and its bundled networking makes remote configuration and management a breeze”, says Thomas Martino.

The Outcome

With network-managed digital signage, Lucky Strike can run its ever-changing lane-side art exhibition throughout the whole of continental North America from wherever an Internet connection is available. Lucky Strike is bringing art and advertising to a growing and appreciative audience in its upscale boutique bowling alleys.

“BrightSign met all the needs of this project and enabled us to exceed all Lucky Strike’s expectations”, concludes Martino, “And there have been unforeseen benefits for our company. From our perspective, we were so impressed with BrightSign that we’ve added digital signage to the range of services we offer, spearheaded by BrightSign as our exclusive solution.”

The implementation has proven to be so successful that plans are underway to implement BrightSign solutions in additional Lucky Strike locations.

The Players

Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge

With 22 venues throughout North America and Canada, Lucky Strike Lanes & Lounge is a chain of upscale bowling lounges featuring a cool, hip ambience. The concept debuted in 2003, when Lucky Strike opened its first location in Hollywood, CA. The combination of nostalgic “Great Lebowski” fixtures, neon signs and original artwork, together with innovative and premium quality cuisine, has been rolled out to 22 locations throughout North America – from Boston, MA to Miami, FL, and from Los Angeles, CA, to Toronto, Canada. Each location features an upscale bowling lounge with 12-24 lanes, a large high-energy bar, a sophisticated audio/visual system, and a full sit-down menu with dining capacity of 75-120 customers.


With clients nationwide, and in locations including Beverly Hills, Burbank and New England as well as its New Jersey home, ITMIS is a full-service IT company and digital signage integrator. They specialize in design, implementation, support and project management of network topology infrastructure and architecture.


BrightSign, LLC, based in Los Gatos, California, develops products, software and networking solutions for digital signage. BrightSign solid-state digital sign controllers set new standards for both stand-alone and networked digital signage applications with their superior video quality, reliability, affordability, ease of use and interactivity.