As a Korean manufacturer, it is good to see you here in Las Vegas at DSE 2012. Can you tell me about LG Display’s history with DSE, and what brings the company here this year?

This is LG Display’s second visit to DSE, after participating at last year’s show in 2011.  As a pioneer in public display as well as the TV and IT industries, LG Display plans to introduce an array of cutting edge technologies at DSE 2012, once again showing our leadership in the field.

What is LG Display’s vision for the public display/digital signage market and can you describe the company’s activities in this area so far?

Public display is one of the most rapidly growing, high growth potential and exciting markets in display technology today. According to DisplaySearch, the public display market is expected to grow over 50% to 3.2 million units in 2012 from 2.1 million units in 2011, marking a total volume of 6.9 million unit sales with an annual growth rate of 34% by 2015.

Ranking #1 in terms of global shipments of display products in 2011, LG Display plans to take an aggressive approach in the public display market which is rapidly expanding with great room to grow. LG Display will introduce our cutting edge technologies and differentiated products such as a super narrow bezel LCD panel, FPR 3D, high-brightness products, and large sized public display products.

The company obviously has several products on exhibit. Can you point out a few that you’d like to highlight?

World’s Narrowest Bezel to Bezel, 55-inch Multi-Vision Public Display with FPR 3D

LG Display’s super narrow bezel 55-inch multi-vision public display panel with FPR 3D will be on exhibit at DSE 2012. Incorporating LG Display’s widely acclaimed FPR 3D technology; the panel will give viewers a chance to enjoy an incredible 3D experience while out in public. FPR 3D represents a significant improvement over shutter glass (SG) 3D technology with no flicker, minimal cross talk and a brighter screen. Also, FPR glasses are made with curved lenses, like regular glasses, so are much lighter, cheaper and healthier than SG glasses.

The multi-vision panel is the world’s narrowest public display with a large 165-inch multi-vision format featuring nine 55-inch LCD panels, and shape that can be easily customized via other panels. The super narrow bezel features an incredibly narrow 5.3 mm gap between the individual panels, resulting in seamless, life-like images.

Outdoor High-Brightness Solution with Fiber Optic Display

A 47-inch LED backlight LCD panel from LG Display will also be on display at the show. The panel utilizes a fiber optic display with 2000 nit high-brightness (5 times brighter than a general TV) resulting in images displayed outdoors being much brighter and clearer than ever before. Also, the 2000 nit high-brightness panel uses Local Dimming technology to reduce power consumption to levels lower than that of existing LCD panels by turning off the darker parts of its backlights.

Additionally, LG Display’s LCD panels employ a proprietary liquid crystal structure technology that enable the screen to continue showing images even when the surface temperature of the panel rises to 110°C. Conventional LCD panels begin to turn black when surface temperatures exceed 75°C, and also reach 85°C if left outdoors for 30 minutes at an outside temperature of above 30°C. LG Display’s solution results in a public display technology made much more practical for the everyday environment.

26-inch Transparent Panels

Also on exhibit at the show will be LG Display’s innovative 26-inch see-through panel embedded with IPS (In-Plane Switching) technology and featuring HD resolution (1366X768). The panel includes a brightness control function for sunlight when being utilized as a window, and can also work as a display during the night via an embedded LED backlight. With its terrific color reproduction, the panel can serve a variety of public display purposes and is also capable of being produced in larger 40 to 50-inch sizes with full HD resolution (1920X1080) for use in diverse public settings like at bus and subway stations, department stores and more.  

How do you envision your line-up of public display technology products being used specifically? In other words, in what sort of public environments, can we expect to see these products and what do you think will be their key selling points?

Public display technology can be utilized in various ways including advertising in public areas, public information dissemination at transportation hubs, schools, fast food drive-thrus, and more. LG Display’s public display products are uniquely built for maximum effectiveness in such settings – both indoors and outdoors. First of all, our panels, which integrate IPS technology, feature crystal clear image quality. Also they use Local Dimming technology to reduce power consumption and employ a proprietary liquid crystal structure technology to prohibit panels from turning black due to extreme temperature changes.

Where are the hottest markets for Digital Signage currently and where do you forecast high growth in the future?

The public display market is currently very much focused on North America and Europe. For example, ISE in Amsterdam and DSE in Las Vegas are two popular public display tradeshows which actively lead to the promotion of public display products among media and clients. On LG Display’s part, we publish articles in several major magazines and also hold frequent client meetings. In the near future, the public display industry is expected to grow rapidly in Japan and China with a host of products localized for these markets.

What are the most important aspects of this technology according to your customers – price, reliability, ease of installation, ease of operation, flexibility, other?

With LG Display’s advanced and innovative technology, we are able to produce public display products that fit the various needs of our clients as well as being price competitive.  We believe that this combination will encourage an ever growing demand for our products as we strive to grow for the success of our clients’ businesses.

What improvements are the most important to them?

LG Display strives to provide the best public display solutions to our customers including products reduced in power consumption leading to a decrease in cost, improved convenience, and more. We plan to apply differentiated and new technologies to provide solutions to our clients that are aligned with their unique needs and that promote the success of their businesses.  

What’s next for LG Display in terms of public display technology?

As the public display value chain becomes simplified moving away from the currently complicated mix of existing display hardware, software, S/I, and Z content developers, the growth of the market will speed up.

Also, in terms of the history of the LCD industry as a whole, which has included 1st generation notebook PCs, 2nd generation monitors and 3rd generation TVs, the public display market is expected to lead the 4th generation of the LCD era – which will grow rapidly with innovations in 3D, touch screen, larger products, high-intensity product development and high temperature drive problem solutions.


About Mr. Joon Jun

Mr. Joon Jun is Vice President of LG Display’s Public Display Division, a position he has held since January 2010.  With responsibility for business strategy, Mr. Jun spearheads the marketing sales activities of LG Display’s premium public display products throughout the global market.

A strategy expert, Mr. Jun brings more than 20 years of international management and marketing experience to his current role overseeing the emerging public display division, a market quickly becoming one of the most important in the display industry. Mr. Jun is widely respected for his in-depth technical knowledge, as well as his management philosophy that seeks to cultivate the growth of those under his supervision.

Before assuming his current position, Mr. Jun served as President of North American Brand Marketing at the LG Electronics regional headquarters office in New Jersey, where he was instrumental in the international launch of the LG brand in the Americas including the United States, Canada and Mexico. Previously, Mr. Jun served in roles as General Manager of the European washing machine Marketing Group of LG Electronics, as well as General Manager of the Overseas Market Intelligence Group of LG Electronics Digital Appliance Division.

From 1998-2001, Mr. Jun was a Senior Manager with LG Electronics at the company’s Seoul headquarters, overseeing global marketing for the Major Appliance Division. From 1994-1998, Mr. Jun served as the Electronics and Appliance Country Manager for LG Electronics in Saudi Arabia.

Mr. Jun holds an MBA degree from the University of Washington in Seattle.