Read your interview with Jay O’Brian of Monitor Audio. Just enough technology and boy did he hit home with the confusion of all the technology. I especially think this glorious Number “1080P” such a bunch of bull on these cheap sets. Let’s talk quality of image and most importantly the Audio. Turn off the sound and tell me how many goose bumps you get then, turn off the image and tell me what happens. I think a read once that George Lucas puts over 52% of his efforts into the sound of his movies.

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I recently took a client who we are just going to complete a complete Home Theater build out to Spring EHX. After dragging him around all morning and getting a chair massage, took him into a theater demo room and let him experience, quality sound with a not so exciting “Sea biscuit” He walked out and said “I GET IT Now” You could see the goose bumps. It conveyed that it was the sound not the image.

As you might image I am an old Audiophile (not lunatic fringe mind you). No matter how much money is in the budget, there is a right way and wrong way of doing things and a balance that should be created. After all, what we should be looking for is the experience, not counting the boxes or the number of lines. I do not mean to minimize quantitative information, but it get backs to quality vs. quantity.

Didn’t mean to rolling on this but it really disturbs me at how the masses are being taken advantage of. Most will never know.

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