My partner is 39 years old and two years ago whilst working as an Emergency Services Specialist at an South Australian Hospital he was diagnosed with Retinitis Pigmentosa. At this stage he had already lost 70% of his vision and was advised that he was legally blind. His drivers licence was immediately revoked and our life changed forever.

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He had noticed issues with his sight, for instance he could not see in bright sunlight or at night. He had difficulty inserting the keys into anything (doors locks etc) and even walking up stairs or along the footpath. He could not see when we went to the theatre, but we had not expected this diagnosis. Worse still was the fact that over the next few years his eyesight will steadily diminish until he can see though a pinhole only. The difficulty with his site is that he can see out the centre of his eyes but not around the edges. This is known as peripheral vision. Thus he can only see immediately in front of where his eyes are focused and if it is not in front of his eyes then he just cannot see it.

One of the first things we did was to move out of our two-story home and into a single level home. The second thing we did was install Axeze Keyless Entry System. It has been a brilliant boost to his independence. Where he used to fumble for the keys, then use his hands to find the keyhole and spend ages inserting the key, he now only waves a tag in front of the door or the gate and the doors are unlocked. We have slowly fitted Axeze keyless entry to all doors and gates in our properties. The best thing for us is that one tag allows us access to all doors that have the Axeze system fitted. My partner is still able to work as a GP, so we installed Axeze at the office.

Now all the staff are using the system. Best of all, we only have to carry one tag, no bunch of keys, and while he keeps that tag in his wallet I keep mine on my keyring. He does not have to be right in front of the keyhole, he just needs to be near the reader. His hearing is excellent so when the electric strike is released he actually hears it and just has to push on the door, or gate to gain entry.

The reader is the part of the system that picks up the code that is embedded in our tags. We have been advised that there a billions of different tag numbers and that there is no chance of a number being repeated.

Axeze have developed a system with a larger read range than the standard 28cm and this is brilliant in situations where the read range was a little low for my partner.

We have a mixture of systems. We had a network system installed into our home because we have cleaners and other assistants come to our house, and we like to know what time they arrived. We also like to know that these assistants cannot gain entry into our home at other times, and if they do, we have a record of that attempt.

We use the standalone system for the garage and store-rooms and our front gate. It is easy for us to add and remove tags into our system so we keep spares around so that we can issue these to our visitors. Tags that are not enabled cannot be used, so it is easy to keep spare tags.

We really appreciate the fact that there is a product, which can make his life a little more independent. We like the fact that it is affordable and we like the flexibility of the total product range.

We highly recommend Axeze to anyone who has issues with keys. In fact, I even love using Axeze it is just so convenient. Whilst we are delighted with our product and give you approval to use this testimonial at any time you see fit, we request for privacy reasons, that you keep our names from any material.

Natasha, Bay View, NT.

Heather Turnbridge of South Australia confirms the above comments when she purchased Axeze after becoming a wheelchair bound paraplegic. Heather says that one of the greatest problems she has encountered is fumbling with door keys and fighting to open doors and access her home. “I write to thank you for a product that has made my life so much easier and also importantly to me a product that was reasonable in price as I am a pensioner. I personally attest that the Axeze keyless Entry system is not only dollar for dollar value but it represents and delivers quality and reliability. I love hassle free access it has certainly given me more independence and made my challenges a great deal easier.

Installation is very easy. A home handyperson, licensed electrician, security installer can all install the system. When purchasing an electric door strike per access point is required and a power point needs to be available. The standalone system was designed to be a DIY product and has been sold by Dick Smith Electronics in the past. With the network system however we do recommend a trained person for installation.

You can have the network system operate as a standalone system, tracking who enters, when and where, and connect to a computer only when you want to download information or add/delete tags from the system.

The beauty of this product is that it is modular in design so it can be expanded at a later date. It can be interfaced into home automation, lighting management, security, and door opening systems. Depending on the clients needs, Axeze can handle almost any situation. We know of people who cannot leave their beds, who control access from the bed, allowing or disallowing entry and giving them a little independence. People with severe disabilities who can use electric wheelchairs but not move their arms, use the system with a Dorma electric door opening system, they badge to come in and leave their premises. The Dorma opens and closes the door. Other clients interface with lighting so that as they enter their premises the lights come on and light the way throughout the property, music comes on, or similar.

The network system can use any standard computer but we do recommend having Windows 2000 at the least available, The system is not hardwired but is a 12v system so plug packs are used. A battery backup system is available in the event of a power failure. Best of all, tied with CCTV clients are able to manage all sites from a single location. They can use Axeze Graphic User Interface, controlling several sites from the one spot. Retirement Villages for instance are managing several sites, they can issue tags from a central location, they can dial into different sites and trace or track a tradesperson and let their clients know approximately what time the tradie will attend their site. This is an RS485 network system so standard Cat5 cable can be used throughout.

For information contact Tarryn Elder on +61 8 8340 8200 or at