Volume 16, Issue 3
Jun / Jul 11

Current Issue – Jun / Jul 2011
Hot Selling Devices Spell Great Insecurity Opportunities
June 1 – THE Insider
OMG your iPhone tracks your movements. Well yes your Android does to and the wireless companies and Homeland Security and Facebook and Google and Mom, Dad and …..

Tellywood Works to Reach You Any, Every Way They Can
June 1 – THE Insider
NAB is still sorta about TV and movies…but with a difference. The difference is huge. They’re trying to figure out how to hook you up with their content, stuff, rather than letting the other guy suck you in. So they’re playing all the angles smartphone, tablet, notebook. Heck even the TV and theater.

Artists, Music, Audiences Change – Labels Find it Tough
May 10 – THE Insider
Seems like half the shows on TV are about rising musicians/singers. But ask the MPAA (music folks) and their industry is breathing its last chest rattling breath.

How a Data Driven Process Can Help Streamline a System Integration Company
Apr 26 – D-Tools White Paper, Jill Reddy
In today’s challenging market, System Integrators have to wear multiple hats more than ever in order to complete projects that meet and exceed their client’s expectations. Many of the phases of a System Integration project tend to overlap and as the lines blur, productivity and profitability can depreciate.

Understanding Audio and Video Wire and Cable
Apr 14 – Ram Electronics
The area where Coaxial cables spank twisted pairs, and therefore are so worthwhile for so many applications is in maintaining a constant impedance which becomes very important at higher frequencies.

If One Sub is Good, Are Two Better?
Apr 14 – Alan Lofft, Axiom Audio
My colleagues and friends who have large vaulted-ceiling rooms all run dual subs. Taste plays a role as well. If you like your music or soundtracks really loud and deep, go for two subs. If you have a huge room and you want really loud sound and deep bass, then look at physically larger subwoofers with bigger amplifiers.

Take Control – Make Your Audio/Video System Easy To Use
Apr 14 – Damon Della Greca, Premier Audio Video Designs
Each of your components probably came with its own remote, so they can add up pretty quickly. However, a well-programmed universal remote provides some very useful advantages. My clients want to be able to pick up the remote and not think about how the system works or which input they must switch their TV to, in order to watch cable or a blu-ray movie.

Square Connect SQ Blaster with SQ Remote App – Part 2: Home Automation Functions
June 1 – Jim Bask, Remote Shoppe
Now that other z-wave options like the Logitech Harmony 890, the Monster Central remotes and the UEI Nevo have all been discontinued the SQ Remote is an excellent way to protect the investment you’ve made into home automation – or get started at an affordable price.

Boxee Box Media Streamer
Apr 26 – Bob Hetherington
Out of the box, this is one of the simpler setup processes I’ve had — bearing in mind that often what I get to test is not really ready for prime time. I’m running it on a wireless network for the test so all I had to do was plug it into a power strip and connect it to my home theater receiver using one of the many hdmi inputs available

Do It Yourself Advertising on HomeToys
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Outdoor Entertainment Systems
June 1 – Ryan Moodley, Pantel
The outdoor A/V market is definitely growing in 2011. We have already started to see an increase in sales with our dealers and distributors, almost twice as much sales as the year before. We are also seeing new building projects beginning to increase, which also drive up our commercial sales.

A/V Equipment Cooling and Ventilation
June 1 – Frank Federman, Active Thermal Management
Digital gear especially is prone to misbehave at elevated temperatures and have its programming corrupted. Expensive electronics fail, and, on occasion, enclosure finishes are discolored. In extreme cases, we’ve heard of cabinet delamination occurring.

Expanding Markets and Product Lines
June 1 – Jay McLellan, HAI
We are firmly convinced that every premise should have automated control for comfort, convenience and safety – along with remote access. Security and energy management are a natural fit, since one system provides information (occupancy, mode, etc) to the other, and both are things that we want remote access on our smart phones and mobile devices. This helps with energy savings.

Wireless Home Automation Devices
May 10 – Sean Kang, Frostdale
For our Zigbee systems, devices are automatically recognized by the CUBE controller and can be added or removed in a matter of a few seconds. The Z-Wave products are similarly easy, but can be integrated into ecosystems of products under certified Z-Wave Alliance controllers.

What is ZigBee RF4CE?
May 10 – Cees Links, GreenPeak
Getting rid of the remote control clutter on the coffee table is a silent desire of many. But the real driving factor for acceptance of RF4CE in particular for operators is: the remote control is the key point of contact with the consumer, so what more can be done with it?

3D Sound
May 10 – Christen Casey, sonic emotion
3D sound technology provides consumer audio and home entertainment devices with the ability to create a virtual 3D soundfield in any listening area, immersing listeners in their favourite music, movies and games in previously unheard dimensions.

Schlage LiNK and Z-Wave
Apr 26 – Ann Matheis of Schlage
The Schlage LiNK System was created based on the Z-Wave platform from which a user could control a variety of home automation tools by various manufactures from their computer or smart phone.

Digital to Analog Audio Conversion
Apr 14 – Paul McGowan, PS Audio
Computers use a binary counting method that allows them to work with very large numbers – and the size of this number depends on how many bits they have. So all that happens is the analog music signal goes into a digital counting device and the musical energy is converted to numbers – bigger numbers for higher levels and smaller numbers for lower levels of music.

Project Showcase
Come Fly with Crestron
June 1 – Crestron
Crestron DigitalMedia 8GTM Provides Ultimate Entertainment Experience at Virgin Airlines Lounge in Heathrow Airport.

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