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Streaming Content – Why and How?
July 12/10 – Bob Hetherington
Here’s my advice if you want to dip your feet into this world. First go to Boxee and get the free download of their software and set it up on your computer. Spend some time playing with it and set it up as though you were streaming everything through your home entertainment system. Retro – TIVO
July 12/10 – Brandon Hetherington
We thought it would be fun to look back and see how we did over the last 14 years of publishing.. We will take a look at some of the early technologies we reviewed, predictions our writers made and all and all just take a trip down Home Technologies memory lane.

Hidden Wires – Audio from the Cloud
June 22/10 – Michael Stein
Consumers are growing accustomed to streaming vast amounts of music into their lives, with access to sources just about anywhere on the planet. This new thirst for music does not require stacks of discs, specialized equipment, miles of wire or complex installation.

Choosing the Right Mount to Maximize the 3D Experience
June 22/10 – Brian Eble
Without the right mount, viewing position, cabling and glasses, it’s virtually impossible to achieve the authentic, immersive experience most 3D enthusiasts desire. Ultimately, the 3D experience is only as good as the weakest link.

Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapter 6: Whole-Home Audio
June 1 /10 – David Feller
Having your tunes in every room is the most requested and usually one of the first things people aspire to add to their home. The problem is there is a wide range of systems available to deliver audio throughout your home, and each one can require a unique wiring setup.

I thought HD should look better than that
June 1/10 – Doc Greene
As an ISF calibrator for many years I find myself in a lot of homes to make their systems perform better. I am constantly amazed at how many systems have everything they need to watch HD video and listen to HD audio but have never seen or heard either.

HDMI cabling for 3D TV
June 1/10 – David Meyer
Many misunderstand it, and some vendors may see marketing opportunities in it, but from a HDMI cabling point of view 3D does not immediately change things at all. It’s all numbers – stick with the arithmetic and you can’t go wrong.

3D TV – A Few Facts
June 1/10 – Scott Heston
As many of you are aware, I try to be informative and break down the technology into a less technical fashion to help educate and inform those we’ve had contact with.

How to handle a defective product
Apr 30/10 – Chuck Hinton
SO, you got some new do-dad for your stereo, once you hook it up, you find you have: Hum, buzz, distortion, no power, or some other issue. Here are the best ways to handle the situation and the order in which you should do them

Pre-Wire Your New Home – Chapter 5: The Actual “Pull”
Apr 26 /10 – David Feller
Whatever systems or wires you choose, these general rules and procedures will make the job easier.

Digital Signs Don’t Sell, Don’t Inform When They Display the Blues
Apr 26 /10 – Jeff Hastings
By the time PC-based digital signage users realized that the February 2010 Microsoft security updates were causing their PCs to crash, it was already too late. Their PCs were plagued with the dreaded “blue screen of death” and rolling reboots, causing the digital signs they were using to deliver targeted messages to completely shut down.

Networking 101: Utilizing a Toolless Keystone Jack
Apr 26 /10 – Sabrina Williams
For clean, attractive terminations, one option is to install wall plates that utilize keystone jacks for Ethernet connections. For small projects that only require a few jacks, an easy option is a toolless keystone jack. These do not require the use of a punch down tool like the 110 style keystone jacks.

Surround Sound Technology Training
Apr 19 /10 – Tony Weber
Starting with Dolby Surround, which used four channels (front left, front right, phantom center, mono surround – though usually using two speakers), the public began to expect the increased realism brought about by sound location cues being able to move across the front soundstage, and from front to rear for ambience or special effects.

Management Articles
Startups…Being There at the Beginning
July 12/10 – Andy Marken
Before people enter the promising world of the startup, they need to understand the odds. There are lots of statistics available. The bottom line is that very few startups are successful. Many of them fail spectacularly. Those that are successful are not necessarily incredibly successful, but they mange to keep their heads above water.

Engineer to CEO … The Development of Balance
June 1/10 – Andy Marken
Through it all, there is no substitute for desire, dedication and determination. These character traits, along with a good idea and a good team of people, can assist the engineer/entrepreneur in turning an idea into reality … and success.

Why Doesn’t the Press Call, email, Text, Tweet?

Apr 26 /10 – Andy Marken
Just because the lowly company press room is pivotal for everyone, everywhere why should the person leading the charge stoop to make certain the company’s press site had just the right information and that the information is easily available, fresh. We wrapped our many years of experience and feedback from media people into the attached article.

Trade Show PR Mining…It’s Time for Someone Else to Do the Labor
Apr 26 /10 – Andy Marken
Conventions/conferences are events that challenge a man’s (and woman’s) stamina. They push you to the limits of creativity and performance. Companies spend hundreds of thousands, no millions to attend them annually just to reach, educate, inform, persuade other companies and the media.

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Crestron Mobile Pro G iPad App
June 1/10 – Adam Moffitt
Crestron Mobile Pro™ G seamlessly merges the native 1024×768 iPad resolution with Crestron innovation. Exciting interactive features include browsing your Blu-ray collection, adjusting the lights and checking to see who’s at the door while you’re walking from the fridge to the home theater.

Project Showcases
AVD – The Country Retreat, Australia
June 1/10 – Project budget Approx:
Construction: $8,000,000.00
Electrical: $1,500,000.00
Home Automation: $ 700,000.00

Logic Living – Home in Hawaii
June 1/10 – Project budget: $100,000

WannaGetWired Rewires Older Building In Ontario
June 1/10 – Project budget: open

Intellipowered – MedAssets Offices
June 1/10 – Project budget: $50,000

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Tradeshow News Reports
Infocomm 2010
News Announcements from the show.
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HomeRun Holdings Corp.
July 12/10 – Yan Rodriguez
Rather than having a dedicated media room, consumers will transform a family room between “living” and “entertainment”. Lift systems, window motorization, specialized furnishings, remote controls (IR blasters), audiovideo distribution, and automated lighting will benefit in these areas.

Media Decor
June 22/10 – Vanessa Sayen
Hiding technology is a rapidly growing trend. Architects and designers know this, AV installers should become involved in the process making it part of their expertise, offering a variety of solutions to their clients.

Screen Research USA
June 22/10 – Mike Barber
According to THX specifications, you would need to sit 5-7′ away from a 50″ flat panel to feel the same sense of immersion that you do at the cinema. No one is going to do that, but with a larger projection screen at home you can.

IEEE 1901 Powerline Communication Standard
June 1/10 – Frederic Onado
Frederic Onado is Chief Operating Officer of SPiDCOM Technologies and he is also Vice President EMEA of HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

RF Remote Control
June 1/10 – Bob Dolatowski
NextGen is an innovative provider of unique a/v product solutions for the residential and light commercial markets. The company is best known for its award-winning Remote Extender which gives an ordinary remote control powerful RF capability.

Apr 26 /10 – John LeMoncheck
John LeMoncheck is the President and CEO of SiBEAM, a pioneer in developing intelligent millimeter wave technologies for wireless communications.

Healthcare Automation
Apr 26 /10 – Ron Bessems
PEAC provides a robust, scalable and flexible platform to extend your health care facility and provide palliative care for your residents. It can be integrated during the construction or retrofitted onto an existing facility without the need for expensive rewiring.

i-Got-Control IRB1
June 1/10 – Jim Bask
i-Got-Control IRB1 is an accessory that turns your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad into a universal learning remote control. i-Got-Control quickly and easily replaces the multiple remote controls that clutter your home.

New Kinetix Re Remote Control Accessory for the Apple iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
Apr 30/10 – Jim Bask
The Re package includes the IR transmitter accessory and a nice green neoprene storage case. The Re programming software is a FREE download direct from the iTunes App Store. The combination of your iPod Touch/iPhone/iPad, the Re, and the FREE App creates a powerful and professional universal remote control on par with many dedicated remotes.

Trends, Series, Shows and Columns
Content Insider #143 – Clash of the Titans II
June 1/10 – THE Insider
Maybe people like Jobs and Schmidt aren’t omnipotent gods, but don’t tick them off. Adobe insulted Steve back in ’96 when they helped Gates first and wouldn’t do a special version of software for the lowly Mac. Now Jobs looked down to the apps developers and said, “They need to be reminded of the order of things…”

BAM!!! he eliminated Flash from their iPhone connection and wouldn’t let it on his tablet.

Content Insider #142 – Whither Broadcast Storage
June 1/10 – THE Insider
This year’s NAB (National Association of Broadcasters) show had written/unwritten themes: – bigger, faster, cheaper. — close enough is good enough. — what happens when the FCC “steals” the broadcasters’ spectrum

Blu-Ray DVD Part 3 – The New Kid on the BlockJune 1/10 – James Russo
On January 4, 2008, a day before CES 2008, Warner Bros. (the only major studio still releasing movies in both HD DVD and Blu-Ray Disc format) announced that it would release only in Blu-Ray Disc after May 2008.

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