3D Displays Going Mainstream – Key pieces of the 3D puzzle are falling into place and will result in the much more widespread adoption of 3D systems in several key market segments. These improved, moderate-cost technologies will first move into existing markets for 3D displays and enable the development of new, broader markets in the future. Chris Chinnock

Broadband Adventures in Rural America – In a perfect world, everyone would have access to a broadband technology like cable or fiber. However, it will be decades before telcos and cable providers expand these high-speed services to rural areas. While none of these alternative solutions have emerged as a leader, it looks to be a race between WiMAX and BPL. Chris Roden

Choosing Storage Media – CD, DVD storage won’t stem the overwhelming flow of documents, data and information you gather and receive every day, but it does have the higher capacity we need. G.A. “Andy” Marken

Content Insider #80 – Death By Phone – Somehow we don’t believe the perfect everything for everyone mobile phone is possible, practical, in demand. But it may be the perfect way to murder entertainment as we know it.

Content Insider #81 – The New Matrix – SecondLife, Them.com and the other virtual worlds offer a gold mine of opportunities for companies and individuals to test ideas, products and concepts that can be sold/implemented in the real world.

Defeating Noise for Powerline Comm. – The two major application areas for BPL Access networks are for Broadband Access networks and for core Utility Applications like Automatic Meter Reading, Outage Management and Grid Optimization. Brian Donnelly & Dr. Peter Sobotka

Am I ready for Wireless Speakers? – When it comes to wireless speaker systems, keeping it simple and playing it conservative is your best approach. The technology is constantly improving. Do your homework. Acoustic Research

Demystifying the World of HDTV – When you go shopping for a HDTV at your local electronics superstore, you are bombarded with a host of technical jargon. Let’s break down the typical “features” they list to better understand what they mean. SmartHome

Off-Air Antennas and an Alignment – It was usually acceptable to align an off-air antenna for NTSC analog signals by simply looking at the screen while someone moved the antenna for best picture and minimum “ghosting”. Unfortunately, this technique will not work for DTV. Grayson Evans

Game Consoles Aren’t Just For Kids – Sure, stand-alone DVD, HD and even Digital Video Recorder devices represent phenomenal advances in technology. However, they’re also limited in their scope and sheer features, unlike today’s newest gaming consoles. Brando

VI Brazilian Home Automation Congress – Thales Cavalcanti

Classic HomeToys #10 – Polaroid – The Instant Camera That Was: Polaroid film in the Digital Age by James Russo

Smart Homes are Here – The prevalence of smart home technologies is much greater now than even five years ago. More and more builders are beginning to include pre-wiring in houses for cable TV, computer networks, alarm systems and distributed audio. Jason Vidmar

Why NOT 1080p? – 1080p offers technology of the future – why not invest now?
Jerry Chapman

The State of Next Generation DVD –

Video Modulation over Digital Cable – The Affinity allows each TV location desired to access digital cable as well as the modulated signals by providing an easy way to switch between the two feeds. Essentially, one can think of this product as a remote-controlled A/B switch. Jack Urrutia

Designing an Entertainment Room – A room designed with Blue Ocean® will satisfy the dark room, purist videophile, as well provides any homeowner with the most versatile and useful entertainment space in the house. Nippura

Streamline Digital Signage Systems – Digital signage is one of the fastest growing applications, allowing audio-video content to be distributed virtually around the world. Retailing, education, banking, government, restaurant, hospitality and transportation are just a few of the sectors where digital signage has been rapidly adopted. Jeffrey Herman

Editorials and Sponsored Articles:

Editorial Comments – Bob gives a synopsis of this issue to help you find the articles that you want to read.

Next Major Trend In Home Systems? – We’re still in the early stages of this video trend, but rest assured that it’s well on its way. And stay tuned: the technology and products coming down the pike are going to be as fascinating at the content they carry. Petro Shimonishi


Frederic Onado, SPiDCOM Tech – PLC (Powerline Communication) for Triple Play and IPTV Whole-House Distribution

Chris Purser CEO of Autogy Inc. – How Can Integrators Improve the Home Technology Industry While Building a Successful Business

Stephe Blansette of Intelligent Systems – Human Interface and Panel Design/Layout

Jeff Thompson of Towerstream – As WiMAX becomes more portable, businesses and consumers will use the technology for more applications, like VoIP and video, as they are with Wi-Fi today. You can think of WiMAX as Wi-Fi that covers several miles instead of hundreds of feet.


Simplifi 5075D Digital Amplifier – The unit contains not only the amplifier but also the sound card and requires only a USB connection. Once you plug it all in, the unit automatically senses that your Media Center is on and turns itself on too. Bob Hetherington

Fatman iTube – The iTube’s warmth and liquidity very nicely smoothes the rough edges of the iPod’s output and makes the music surprisingly good for such a small, inexpensive system. Michael Silver

MF-8104 Premium Picture Frame – The Digital Picture Frame is a great addition to any home or office and The MemoryFrame Premium with its 10.4″ LCD Screen and interchangeable frame will be a hit in any household. The clear picture and ease of use will allow all levels of user to get enjoyment from there digital pictures. Brandon Hetherington

NTI Shadow v3.0 – a solution that would be inexpensive for all of the systems in the house and would allow the systems to be backed up to an external drive locally as well as on the home network. Andy Marken

VideoStudio 11 Plus – VideoStudio 11 Plus is a product that can make casual videographers look good and more serious professionals look outstanding. Andy Marken

Verbatim 12GB USB HD – a smart solution for people who want information instantly available 24×7 that is safe and secure. It’s a great way to keep your content personal. Andy Marken

The Best and Brightest 1080p Projectors – Which One For Your Home Theater? Art Feierman

More Articles:

Who Do Your Consumers Think They Are? – The take-home message: let your brand enhance the identity of your consumers, and the resulting sale will be more than a purchase – it will be part of who they are. EVOK Advertising

Brazilian Home Automation – In the academic field, the number of projects related to pervasive environments and home automation technology has increased considerably in Brazilian Universities in the last five years. Caio Bolzani

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