Las Vegas, here it comes . . . InfoComm 2014. Take your vacation from June 18 – 20 to see the latest in the industry.  Wear your best walking shoes, as there will be 950 exhibitors.  Look for the special pavilions in the most popular categories — audio, digital signage, conferencing, lighting & staging and security.

In the Unified Communications and Collaboration Pavilion by the North Plaza entrance, you can learn about videoconferencing and telepresence systems, which will allow meetings from anywhere in the world.  What if you could give your team the ability to pool resources without actually meeting? Learn how to have experts review documentation from across the country or around the world. Discover how to change a complex discussion from auditory to visual in midstream.

Sixteen companies, such as Community, Harmon, Meyer Sound and Klipsch, will have demos in the Audio Demo Rooms located in the North Hall. If your specialty is security, you will find twenty companies in the Security Solutions Pavilion. Discover new wire pulling techniques from BES while exploring compression connections with Gem Electronics and much more.

Learn safe rigging techniques which will be presented in conjunction with the International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees by seasoned industry member experts with actual truss, motors, hardware, lights, line arrays, LEDs and safety harnesses to demonstrate safe rigging practices. Demos are free in the North Hall next to the food court.

Don't try this at home

Join Technologies for Worship Magazine to learn from experts in audio mixing, sound reinforcement, lighting design and the latest production techniques for live church events. If you're a designer, pastor or work on the technical staff for a church or house of worship, you can't miss this pavilion in the Central Hall.

The Digital Signage Pavilion features the largest collection of digital signage solution exhibitors in North America with all of the top brands for LED display, content serving and distribution solutions. Find out about digital signage on campus, how to determine the cost of ownership, outdoor video wall signage and choosing an integrator, along with many other topics. This pavilion is located as you enter the North Entrance.

There are 213 new exhibitors. In booth N1814, Megapower is displaying its unique and high quality pico/micro projectors, such as ultra portable micro WXGA ML133. This DLP Pico Projector is the ideal companion for executives on the road, as the built-in Android 4.2 OS allows the presentation of video, photos, PDF, PowerPoint, Word and Excel files without the need of connecting to a PC.

Apps can be downloaded to the ML 133 via the built-in WIFI to expand the function of the projector. It allows connection to Smartphones, iPads, game consoles, DVD players and camcorders via a DLNA wireless connection.

Green Hippo Ltd presents the 3U rackmount video player in booth N454, which is the first video player to combine playback at 4K resolution and beyond along with true real-time media manipulation and multi-screen configurability, all in a robust rackmount chassis.


Wuxi Huihua Visual Technology C., Ltd. in booth C9049 will be showing their Model H105 94 x 51" interactive whiteboard with a 16:9 aspect ratio. The company has twelve different sizes and ratios. They also manufacture projection screens.

Analog Way in booth C7125 was founded in 1989. It is a leading designer and manufacturer of innovative image converters and presentation switchers with worldwide locations. The company designs a wide range of scan converters, scalers, seamless switchers and up/down converters. They will be introducing the VRC300 Vertige user-friendly remote console.

The Vertige has a new concept for managing the layers by sliders with fast management of layers and presets. It handles virtually unlimited devices and screens with advanced features for events. A large 16/9 TFT color touch screen is ideal for the preview of snapshots and configurations.

With its new product HCS-1030UA, TAIDEN (Booth C9540) has taken one more significant step towards achieving paperless meetings and leading innovation in the conferencing field. Conference participants can now see their information displayed electronically upon sign-in.

The system is flexible and can display information such as the name and title of participants, the conference name/logo, the company name/logo, name of country, the participant's seat and more. The soft display on the front and rear of the unit with white text on a black background prevents the nameplate from emitting too much light and thus preserves the result of photographs and video recordings.

The FlexWave Light Shelf by Draper can be seen in booth C7425. It is an architectural element that allows light to penetrate deeper into a room. This horizontal shelf is placed above eye-level and is used to reflect light onto the ceiling, bringing light deeper into the space.

The V75-40V by Line 6 Inc. (booth C12112) combines industry-leading Line 6 digital wireless technology with the renowned Earthworks WL40V premium hyper-cardioid capsule, delivering performance previously found only in the highest quality wired studio mics.

The new mic is designed to deliver studio-quality performance to the wireless world. The premium hand-tuned and tested capsule from Earthworks features lightning-fast impulse response, high SPL handling and a wide frequency range. A symmetrical hyper-cardioid polar pattern is intended to provide exceptional detail and nuance. The result is a vocal signal that is designed to require little to no EQ.

In booth C7141, The Wacom DTH-2242 improves workflow efficiency and enhances visual communication by combining multi-finger touch capabilities to Wacom's patented, cordless, battery-free pen technology.  By working directly on the screen, users can quickly annotate, draw diagrams or complete and sign forms as well as comfortably navigate, zoom and scroll.

The DHT-2242 has a 21.5" IPS display with full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution with wide viewing angles and a cordless /battery-free pen with 2 side-switches,  and 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

Sleek and modern, this S-Shaped lectern from Marshall Furniture is featured in butcher block maple with a monitor cut-out. The lectern is on levelers, and has wiring access to the monitor, microphone, light and to the floor.

You can find this lectern in booth C10136, but make sure your bank account can handle the $16,000 price.

True Square Terra Tables by CyberTouch are custom multi-monitor tables incorporating the Samsung UD22B square LCD monitors in a variety of square configurations. Square Terra Tables will include 22" square LCD displays in the following combinations: 2×2, 3×3, 4×4, 5×5 and 6×6.  

Square Terra Tables are a perfect turn-key multi-user touch surface for museums, corporate experience centers, educational facilities, bars and restaurants, boardrooms and command and control centers. You can see their line in booth C4916.

The QBiC MS-1 by Elmo is a versatile movie camera featuring a fast F2.0 short throw lens which lets you shoot objects extremely close. You can choose the angle from 185° to 135° to fit your creative style. It only weighs 3.3 oz. 

The QBiC MS-1 also allows you to record high quality videos in full HD while featuring a stereo microphone for crisp audio recording. You can easily and conveniently control the camera directly from your smartphone through a dedicated ELMO QBiC app. It's also quick and simple to upload your photos and videos to social media through the same app.  Booth C6814 is the place.

Ensemble Designs is introducing a new addition to the BrightEye compact router family for use with HDCP encrypted HDMI content. The new BrightEye NXT 410-H HDMI + HDCP Router supports clean and quiet switching of HDCP encrypted content to the HDMI output alongside SDI and non-encrypted HDMI sources.

The new HDMI + HDCP video routing switcher is displayed in booth N1739.

Join the FSR team in booth C8721 and help yourself to a Frozen Fruit Bar while they amaze you with their new "Manufacturers' Mounting Solutions."  See several new hot products while you stay cool, such as the DV-HAS HDMI audio separator and DV-PC2HD Analog PC to HDMI Converter.

The DV-HAS is designed to de-embed the stereo audio from an HDMI signal and provide a separate unbalanced line level stereo audio output so that it can be fed to an external sound processor, audio amp, mixers or house sound systems. The DV-PC2HD is an HDMI converter for analog PC signals and stereo audio to HDMI. The signal resolution at the HDMI output is dependent on the analog PC inputs resolution. It is not a scaler, so it maintains resolution from the analog to digital conversion.

The above is just a sample of the hundreds of new and innovative products that will make their appearance at the show.  

InfoComm has been known as the tradeshow for integrators, but it is now the show for corporate technicians and management as well. Today, audio visual and IT is converging and it is important to learn how the two industries come together. The show has a series of educational sessions that are beneficial to technology managers.

InfoComm is not a show that you can just casually take in. With over 10,000 products, you will need to plan each and every day to target the products that fall into your specialty or interest. However you approach the exhibits, you will know a lot more than you knew when you arrived.


Len Calderone – Contributing Editor



Len has contributed articles to several publications. He also writes opinion editorials for a local newspaper. He is now retired.


Len Calderone