Tell us a little bit about Video Mount Products.

Founded in 1994 to supply a small group of distributors with a limited offering of CRT mounts for sports bars and the K-12 classroom market, VMP has since become an industry leader with a comprehensive and diverse offering of mounting solutions for the A/V, Security and Communications markets.

How does VMP fit into the security industry & ISC West?

As the lines between markets segments continues to blur, the security industry has evolved into something much more than just a bunch of alarm guys.  Professional security dealers and installers offer a broad spectrum of services that range from surveillance and access control to home theater and system integration.  VMP is best suited for the security professional that realizes that they’re not just another security installer and we’re not just another mount company.

Tell us about some of the products you will be featuring at this year’s show?

In keeping with what I said earlier about a diversified product offering that applies to a broad spectrum of installation characteristics, we will be featuring one of our new articulating wall mounts, the FP-MLPAB, that plays nicely into security and residential applications and is perfect for most 27-inch – 42-inch flat panels. We will also be showcasing one of our popular wall mount enclosures, the ERWEN-15E, which has gained popularity in IP installations as well as some smaller home theater and integration systems.  Attendees can see some of our new mounting accessories that assist in making ceiling installations less complicated whether they are mounting flat panels or even pendulum style cameras that use 1.5-inch pipe.  We’ll also be showing off our new dual ceiling mount adaptor for flat panels up to 80 inches.  It will be a busy show with plenty see in Booth 1065!

What are your main objectives for ISC West?

As always, we love an opportunity to thank everyone that has helped us thrive in this industry for the past 21 years.  In addition, there is no better resource for knowledge than the experienced and educated professionals that stop by our booth over the three days of the show, as we look forward to hearing what their challenges are and how we can help solve them.

What are the most exciting trends you are seeing in the industry currently?

From the surveillance side, the continued growth of IP creates a lot of opportunities.  I feel like there is also a movement with companies broadening their comfort zones and building their revenues by expanding their product offerings.  Customers like the fact that they can bring in one trusted installation team and get all of their services and product support from a single partner.  That’s exciting for us because it’s something that our distribution partners and their customers have come to expect from VMP as well.

Tell us about BIM (Building Information Modeling), how VMP has embraced it, and how security designers and installers can benefit from it.

BIM has had a slower adoption rate in the security industry than a lot of other industries.  VMP offers nearly 40 of our products as BIM models. The ease of having workable 3-D models that integrators and engineers can incorporate into their proposals make presentations, job management, and installation execution much easier.  The time and labor savings and ultimately the profitability of a project are substantial over time. 

Can you tell us what is on the horizon for VMP both in the security world, and overall?

We will continue to support our customers and theirs with innovative products that meet or exceed their standards of quality.  Security installers, as well as installers across many markets, are looking to standardize their installations and we are confident that our products and experience will be relied upon to help move them to that end.


About Video Mount Products (VMP)

Video Mount Products (VMP) is a leading provider of mounting solutions for the A/V, communication, and security industries since 1994. VMP products consistently offer the latest designs in safety and flexibility, all at an outstanding value. VMP’s product offering continues to grow by adding mounting systems to address growing segments across many markets.
VMP has become the mounting systems company of choice for professionals and their customers everywhere. All products have been engineered for and installed with confidence in thousands of residences, businesses, hotels, restaurants, schools, hospitals, houses of worship and security applications throughout the world. VMP prides itself on providing the best products in the industry and by supporting those products with knowledgeable professionals who understand that “support” is the core of our business.