Responding to the expanding focus on water conservation and the rapid adoption of municipal irrigation ordinances nationwide, irriGuard was developed to provide homeowners with the next generation in rain and freeze sensors. Offering consumers a wireless, research-grade rain and freeze sensor tailored specifically for home irrigation systems, the irriGuard design is based on the same meteorological instruments used by the National Weather Service. Now homeowners can meet their city’s water conservation and safety regulations, while enjoying the irriGuard system’s ease-of-use, high-tech functionality, and cost-savings.

The irriGuard system works with any existing sprinkler/irrigation system to shut off the system when watering is unnecessary. The system is composed of three separate units – the outdoor rain and temperature sensor, the sprinkler controller, and the wireless in-home display unit – all of which communicate wirelessly over radio frequency (RF) with the other components to monitor and control the sprinkler system remotely.

IrriGuard Key Features

* Wireless, in-home sprinkler control
* Ensures homeowners only water when necessary
* Overrides any standard sprinkler system during excessive rain, heat or cold
* Compatible with virtually all sprinkler timers or controllers
* Installs easily with no special tools
* Combined rain/freeze shutoff capability
* Wireless control has 300-foot range


Many local and state governments around the country have taken proactive measures to reduce water waste, introducing legislation requiring rain and freeze sensors on all irrigation systems. Many municipalities can impose significant fines on property owners for failing to comply with local water conservation laws. For example, all residents of the city of Dallas are required by law to have rain and freeze sensors on their irrigation systems. Fines up to $2,000 can be imposed on Dallas residents who do not adhere to the city’s irrigation guidelines.


Water Conservation & Awareness

It’s not uncommon to drive through a neighborhood and see a sprinkler system operating during heavy rain showers or even in freezing conditions. This example of water waste imposes extra strain on the city’s water treatment facilities, the homeowner’s water bill and the country’s dwindling fresh water supplies. Water conservation has become an issue that every American must address and irriGuard helps everyone do their part by monitoring and regulating the inadvertent misuse of water.


Frozen roads, walkways and pipes have become more than a nuisance, they are also a risk and liability. irriGuard helps keep pathways clear of frozen water caused by irrigation and ensures that pipes will not rupture due to inappropriate irrigation during freezing weather conditions.

About irriGuard

A product developed and marketed by Pioneer Sales, Ltd., the irriGuard brand is a result of the partnership between Pioneer Sales and Texas Electronics, Inc., to bring research-grade weather monitoring products to consumers. Incorporated in 1957, Texas Electronics is a pioneer and innovator in the field of quality meteorological instrumentation. Pioneer Sales is inspired by Texas Electronics’ commitment to excellence, striving to bring the same quality, value and usefulness to consumers and the home-automation market.