Tell us a little bit about Comelit and what you do.

Comelit is an Italian security lifestyle brand which designs and produces products such as video door entry solutions, CCTV, burglar alarms, access control and home automation. In the North American market, we focus on the Video Door Entry market and we have solutions for both residential and commercial applications. Our ultimate goal is to design thoughtful products which have a distinct modern design and host a full suite of functions which enhance the lives of the user.


You exhibited at ISC West this year, what is it that you like most about the show?

The ISC west show is really the premier showcase of the security industry. This is where new products are launched and new ideas are fostered. Just walking around the show, you get a good pulse of the industry and what the trends are.


At ISC West 2015 you showcased your IP kit the 8512IM, tell us about that.

Our new range of IP Video Intercom kits have been a revolutionary development for our market segment. The 8512IM is the flagship model of this range and encompasses the exact direction the industry is heading. The ability to let somebody communicate from an APP on their smart phone from anywhere in the world to their front door in full audio and video is a very powerful thing.


What are some of the benefits of the 8512IM?

This kit allows the user to have a full-function Intercom system with a video entrance panel, hardware monitor and also the ability to set up remote APPs on mobile devices and tablets. All this over any standard network. This is really a host of functions which very few companies are able to accomplish right now.


You also release an App for this, what are some of the capabilities of the App?

Our app allows full audio and video communication to the front door with all of the functions and capabilities a standard monitor has, such as door release, and intercom. The APP is can be used in wifi environments as well as remote destinations as long as you have data on your mobile phone or device. The market demanded this and we have been able to deliver a solution which goes above and beyond what can be expected from a door entry system.


The security industry is seen a lot of changes in technologies the last few years. How do you see Comelit adapting and continuing to thrive in this rapidly moving environment?

Comelit has never been a company which has reacted or is satisfied standing still. We are constantly evolving with our designs and our technology. In fact, we believe we are the first to come to market with such a diverse IP door entry solution which can cover both residential and commercial systems. We are not afraid to take risks and continually release products that are on the leading edge of our segment. We fight this battle every day in our niche product segment and we must continue the path we have forged in order to not only survive, but also set the standard.


About Comelit

When the company was first established, it was the dawn of development of electronics: our first intercom system still worked using thermoionic valves. For more than half a century, Comelit has been a leading player in an extraordinary evolution along with the technologies. Today we are specialists in: video and audio door entry systems, access control and video surveillance, telephone and telephone switchboards.