Home theaters function entirely differently than they did even a small number of years ago. However, the rooms in the majority of our buildings and houses are anywhere from one to five decades old! This simple fact severely restricts new and emerging technology such as flat panel TV’s, surround sound systems, etc. Permanent home setups restrict the performance and the aesthetic quality of audio and video technology.

Rooms need spaces that can be customized and changed to follow new designs and functionality; this need should be quick and cost-efficient. Installing new devices and rearranging furniture does not equal true flexibility unless audio and video wiring can be repositioned with the same amount of freedom and efficiency.

Conventional Wiring Solutions

Conventional ?behind the wall? wiring does not provide the kind of fast, easy access required to support constantly changing situations and ever-changing technology. To reconfigure conventional wiring and cabling, contractors engage in the time-consuming and costly process of breaking into walls, pulling wires and cable, and installing new outlets and connectivity devices.

There is a better way to achieve flexibility in home theater wiring ? wire and cable solutions that enable wire and cable to be located where they are needed to make relocations and upgrades quick and efficient.

In the last century of the wiring industry, all wiring management systems could be grouped into the following categories: perimeter, attic, under-floor, or in-wall. The limitations of these choices have become increasingly apparent with the advent of 21st century technology.

21st Century Wiring Solutions

The introduction of flat wiring technology has created a new surface-mounted wiring solution. DeCorp Americas, Inc., the inventor and global leader in flat wiring and interconnect technology, offers a new solution to all audio, video, data, and power wiring applications. With high performance FlatWire that is as thin as a business card, wiring possibilities now include walls, ceilings, and floors.

FlatWire is both paper-thin and paint-able. This gives it the ability to become virtually invisible after installation. On the floor, it can be run under carpets or rugs; on the walls and ceilings, it can be painted or wall-papered over. A surface-mounted solution saves countless time and money that is usually wasted on in-wall installations, while also providing an answer for situations in which in-wall installation is nearly impossible.

In addition to ease of installation, FlatWire sacrifices no loss of signal quality or performance ? in fact, FlatWire outperforms conventional round wire in many areas. Signal quality and functionality were considered of highest importance in the years of product development, and the finished patented products take full advantage of both the flat geometrical advantages and recent advances in wiring technology.

FlatWire Ready Home Theaters

Imagine the ads with flat panel TV’s and surround sound systems that appear to “float” just off of the wall; these home theater images promise to replace your old clunky TV and huge floor speakers with sleek, surface-mounted technology. But after you go out and buy each piece of your dream system, the vision of your theater room is crowded by the conventional, round-wiring jungle.

The FlatWire solution has been made available to avoid stuffing wires behind components, running them along the wall, and/or doing an expensive, time-consuming in-wall installation. FlatWire can run under carpet, tile, rug, etc. It can be run up stone or concrete walls and painted over. Furthermore, it can run along any wall or ceiling and simply be painted or wall-papered over.

FlatWire is available to the current market in both Audio and Video forms. For Audio, there is both flat speaker wire and subwoofer cable; for Video FlatWire, there is Component Video, S-Video, Composite Video, and Coax Equivalent. These types of wires range in thickness from 4 to 14 mils, (0.004″ to 0.014″), literally paper thin. The simple installation process requires no special tools and any do-it-yourselfer can have it done in hours.

The Installation Process

There are numerous situations in which one can use FlatWire, and all installations are simple and easy. First, there are rug, carpet, and tile installations where the wire is simply run where desired and the floor objects are put back on the top of it.

To run FlatWire on the wall is slightly more involved, but still a simple one-man process that can be accomplished in an afternoon. The only installation products necessary are spray adhesive, mesh tape, and some kind of concealing compound.

Plan out your run and spray the adhesive onto the surface, laying the FlatWire down on top. Note that one can make bends without affecting performance or ease of concealment. After the run is laid out, smooth out any creases with a blunt object. Then prepare your mesh tape and lay it over.

Finish up with some concealing compound, sanding it slighty to match the surface texture. Now all you have to do is paint to hide your paper-thin wire in the wall. Another FlatWire Ready system successfully installed!

More Information on FlatWire

The full FlatWire Ready product line, including product descriptions and installation instructions, is available online at http://www.decorp.com/.

About DeCorp Americas, Inc.

DeCorp Americas, Inc., is a privately held, second stage, product development company that has fundamentally changed the basis of competition in the global 100 billion dollar wire and cable market. The Company has introduced innovative, high-performance, ultra-thin, surface-mounted wiring and associated interconnection and installation components in the Audio, Video, Data, Signal, and Electrical wire markets that render obsolete many traditional round wire products and their requirements for expensive, invasive, in-wall wiring installation techniques. DeCorp has targeted the ?do-it-yourself? and the professional installer segments of the home improvement and commercial wiring and rewiring markets. DeCorp’s patented FlatWire Ready? technology allows for the simple, low-cost, non-invasive and safe installation of virtually all wiring applications.

DeCorp has now completed substantially all of its core product development and holds numerous proprietary and patented defensible positions. Their intellectual property is extended to the wire, plug assembly, and connectors, as well as a fiber optic cable version. DeCorp Americas is headquartered in the greater Nashville, TN area.