1. What’s new at SIM2 and how does it impact the home theater market today?

SIM2 launched several new models during 2007, including an entry-level projector called the D10; this allows the budget-conscious home theatre enthusiast to enjoy the big screen experience without a big price tag. Other models enjoyed an Evolution’ makeover to take their performance to a higher level and enable consumers to enjoy their navies, etc even more. The biggest news from SIM2 is the new C3X 1080 model; this is a high-end 3-chip DLP projector in a compact form factor. At around half the size and weight of most high-end projectors, this model offers consumers the opportunity to enjoy the very best in picture quality without the inconvenience of trying to house an enormous ‘industrial’ unit.

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2. What new video technologies were unveiled at CEDIA? (for example new chip from TI etc.) How soon will we see these advancements come into consumer displays?

Texas Instruments launched their new DarkChip4 DMD; this new chipset delivers an improved contrast ratio over the earlier version. The benefits of the chipset are clearly visible when used with a SIM2 light engine; such a configuration is used in the new SIM2 C3X 1080 model. This model will be available from November 2007. The DC4 chipset will be added to the rest of the Grand Cinema range in the coming months.

3. What should consumers know about 1080p?

1080p, with its 2 million pixels, has to be used with the finest quality optics to fully realise the resolution capabilities available from this Full HD format. It is also very important to have great processing electronics, without these consumers will not be achieving maximum picture quality. Simply dropping a 1080p chipset into an existing light engine and proclaiming the model Full HD, does not make a projector a star performer – spec sheets aren’t everything! SIM2 have always used precision glass optics in their light engines, which is what gives every SIM2 projector a clarity and depth of image that others cannot emulate. SIM2’s range of 1080p projectors is a comprehensive one; with products available many key price points.

4. What’s next in display technology or do we need more definition than 1080p?

The HD disc formats such as Blu Ray and HD DVD, as well as broadcasters, need to improve the quality of deliverable images for consumers in 1080p before another leap in picture resolution is attempted. The professional screening market (i.e. commercial theatres) may need to increase resolution beyond the domestic formats like 1080p, but this is an entirely different proposition to that seen in the consumer market. 1080p is going to be around for some time, after all, it does offer significant picture quality improvements over 480 line SD. Consumers will be very reluctant to have to upgrade to yet another display device, so soon after their 720p>1080p progression.

5. Practically speaking, what do you think is the maximum effective screen size for the average home theater application?

An average home theatre will probably have a screen of around 8ft wide as its centrepiece, although this is dependant on the seating distance from the screen. A simple rule of thumb is that the screen width will be half that of the viewing distance from it. The mistake some customers make is to insist on having the largest screen possible in their home theatre, this inevitably is too big for the viewing distance and detracts from the viewing experience, by being too wide for the natural field of view. A good installer will be able to guide consumers through the specification process and ensure that the optimum screen size is used in their home theatre system.

6. Where does SIM2 see itself in 2-5 years?

SIM2 has been at the forefront of the home theatre projector market for over ten years, during which the company has built an enviable reputation for consistently producing the finest quality projectors and bringing the latest technology to market. The world’s specialist press have bestowed numerous awards on SIM2’s products over the years, something that the company would like to see continue in the future. SIM2 is an Italian company with a real passion for creating beautiful, high performance products, with that as its driving force, the future for SIM2 looks very bright indeed.

7. Is there another killer application out there that will change the way we experience home entertainment?

One such application close to full development is 3D projection; this will offer crystal–clear images with the added impact and depth of 3D. This application has been developed with the home theatre market in mind, as well as the commercial market and should add an extra dimension (no pun intended) to the movie watching experience.

8. What else should our readers know about SIM2/Home Theater video market?

Consumers today have access to higher resolution formats than at any time in history, previous generations have had to make do with standard definition images and much smaller screen sizes. The era of high definition has allowed every consumer the potential to have their very own private screening room, bringing their favourite movies and major sporting events to life like never before. A projector-based system is the only one to create this true big screen experience in the home. There has never been a better time to own a projector-based home theatre system and enjoy all the wonderful high definition material on offer today. .SIM2 products are tailor-made for this emerging market.