Please tell us a bit about what the On Controls system does?
On Controls is a Cloud programmed Control System. We use customers iDevices for control of IP, IR, RS-232 and Contact closure. On Controls takes advantage of the processing power of the phones, tables, and other smart devices in your home which makes the system very affordable, expandable, and reliable.

How is the system integrated with the “Cloud”?
Our programming software is web based. It allows dealers to program from any location that has a computer and internet access. That includes using a PC or a Mac and any web browser for programming. This means that dealers no longer have to have proprietary programming loaded on there computers and they never have to worry about having up to date software because or software is always up to date once you log in. It also means that dealers can make changes and updates to a customers system programming from off site without ever going to the clients house. The client simply updates there On Controls application and “sync’s” the updated information to there device. Saving the truck roll for the dealer and saves the hassle for the client.

What are the hardware requirements and how does the control take place?
All of our programming and processing is handled within the iDevice (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). This allows that we can control IP based products without any additional hardware (receivers, sat boxes, TV’s). We also sell 6 pieces of hardware that allow dealers to control products either wired CAT-5 or WIFI. The have a module for controlling IR, 232, and contact closures. By offering wired and wifi hardware and making it module. We have the ability to be extremely expandable and offer great solutions for retrofit jobs.

Why is this different from what other home control companies are offering?
It all comes down to saving the truck roll and the hassle for the dealer. Most all other systems are going to require on site programming for any changes or additions to the customers programming. Also, many other systems require for the hardware boxes to be periodically updated with new software and firmware which we do not require because there is nothing really going on in our boxes. By creating a simplistic system, with reliable, reboot free hardware, and offering the ability to make changes to the system off site, we offer dealers a system that they can feel confident in selling and installing. We offer complete customization of the GUI and interface which is something many other companies limit. Custom background, icons, buttons and device layouts are not only available but they are suggested with our system.

How does it help the end user?
The end user ends up with a system that allows them to purchase only what they need in terms of hardware because of the fact that it is modular. It also allows them to have a system that they can expand on very quickly, easily, and affordably. Dealers have the ability to integrate WEB URL’s and IP cameras right into our application for great multitasking capabilities. A client can have there facebook page, sports scores, or weather information on the same screen that they are able to control there TV volume, sat guide, and also see an IP camera of the Nursery or front door. This offers the client great control without having to leave the application.

How does it help the installer?
Our programming is simple drag and drop programming that is very intuitive for even the most basic installer. The best feature for the installers is the ability to log in off site and make simple changes to the system, like updating favorite channel buttons, adding custom family photo backgrounds or simply adding new/additional devices to the system from off site. A client can add a new iPhone, or update from original iPad’s to new iPad 2’s and the dealer never has to leave there office. Win for the dealer and for the client. If a client breaks there phone or looses there iPad, its a simple phone call to the dealer and the dealer can get them up and running from any where that they are at that time as long as they can get to any computer that has an internet connection.

How does the cost compare with a comparable system by others?
Our retail cost is very similar to what you are going to find from your traditional remote companies (URC MX-880 + MRF350, CONTROL4 HC300, or Color RTI remote). The big advantage for our system is when you grow beyond a single room. With every other system you a simply doubling, tripling and so on as you add rooms. With our system when you purchase a project license from us it is cable to be installed on 5 control devices (iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch). This license can be used for controlling a single room or as many rooms as you can image in a home. When you add additional rooms you are simply adding a modular piece of hardware specifically for the items that you are trying to control in the additional room and the cost is 1/3 the price of most all other systems. Plus with WIFI hardware the cost of wiring the additional rooms is substantially cheaper that with a wired solution.

Where does On Controls go from here?
Our next big leap will be getting established and running with Android devices. We will support the upcoming release of Honeycomb 4.0. This will be exciting for us considering the popularity of the software for phones and tablets. We have some other major and minor software, and hardware products that we are working on and that you will see in the first quarter of 2012. We are working diligently to form partnerships with manufacturers and work with them on a hands on bases, to make sure that all of the codes, and protocols that we are offering work without any issue. We make sure that we take the next step and test products that we support in our engineering facility. Building relationships with major manufacturers offers us the ability to be up to date with any updates or changes that they make on a day to day basis and offers our dealers and feeling that someone is actually testing and trying out products before they are offered.

On Controls is a cloud based home control company based out of Clearfield, Utah. With offices in Clearfield, Utah and Engineering and Sales offices in the MidWest and East Coast regions. The On Controls vision is to support all popular hand held devices, tables, and smartphones for control.

Glenn Murdzia
On Controls National Sales Manager
10 Years in the Consumer Electronics Industry with 7 years’ experience as Sales Manager of Jamiesons Audio/Video out of Toledo Ohio. Jamiesons is a specialty retailer and custom integrator that has been in business since 1954.