MD Manufacturing of Bakersfield, CA has now released their 5.0 version of AirForce® Central Vacuums that talk with all other UPB® devices. Maybe it’s a bit too progressive but from the keypad of home automation panels such as ELK, HAI, Simply Automated, and others, simple commands can now control the central vacuum.

Think of it, you are cleaning in a far back bedroom and the phone rings. Immediately the vacuum shuts off and you won’t miss the call. The doorbell, smoke detectors, and burglar alarms can all be trigger points as well. Homes with motion sensors on the pool can have that device also shut off the vacuum if it gets triggered.

Version 5.0 of their UPB (Universal Power Bus) devices can be set up with a laptop computer through their Upstart® Tool for a robust testing procedure. Never before has this much sophistication been available. The UPB platform is quickly gaining the attention of serious home integrators as an extremely reliable method to transmit information and signals over the powerline.

And the AirForce central vacuums then do not need any low voltage wire run to the outlets; simplifying the installation process. For homes that do not contain UPB based home automation systems, MD still offers separate modules to shut the system off when the phone or doorbell activate.

A leader in the Central Vacuum market since 1961, MD Manufacturing has dedicated itself to producing the most advanced, quietest, and most powerful central vacuums on the market. Visit their 5000+ page website at or call 800 525-2055.