InfoComm Highlights

Three major themes seemed to eminate at InfoComm.

First, video conferencing. While video conferencing isn’t new, it has traditionally been proprietary and expensive. Everything under the sun is moving to the cloud these days, and video conferencing is no exception. In addition, there are more and more systems (such as relative newcomer, that are open to the apps that every has on their phone/tablet/PC, such as Skype, GoogleTalk, etc. No longer do you have to buy or rent purpose built systems and location to call in, just fire up your electronic gizmo, launch a free app and voila.

Second, and no surprise. Digital signage. Again, not a new technology, but one that’s certainly become extremely affordable and ubiquitous in the past few years. Digital signage is undergoing something of a re-birth. There's a growing trend away from proprietary hardware, with many vendors opening up their players to other thrid party providers; OpenSplash seems to be gaining momentum; and HTML5 is making it easier re-purpose web content and increasign the talent pool of content creators.

Finally, display technology abounded. Everyone seems to have uber-thin bezel displays these days (but still at 2-3x the cost of a regular bezel-width model). OLED displays and 4K projection and displays were highly prominent, as were video walls, flexible displays.

Hot Products

Casio – Pro Series Projectors

CASIO Projectors incorporate a HYBRID LIGHT source which combines Laser and LED lighting with DLP technology for high brightness and performance. With no mercury lamp to replace, CASIO projectors are eco-friendly, have a lower cost of ownership and are covered by a 5 year light source warranty and a standard 3 year warranty for parts and labor. The full line of CASIO Hybrid projectors deliver up to 4000 lumen brightness and include comprehensive connectivity and features. Go lamp free and save!


The Classic Series from Furman brings together superior protection and outstanding performance in a sturdy, rack-mountable design. The Classic Series features Furman’s revolutionary Series Multi-Stage Protection (SMP), Linear Filtering Technology (LiFT), and Extreme Voltage Shutdown (EVS). Together, these technologies comprise what is, without question, one of the world's most advanced and comprehensive transient voltage surge supressors.

D-Tools, Inc. – System Integrator SIX

D-Tools System Integrator SIX is designed to be your platform for growth. This next generation version of our award-winning solution builds on over 12 years of System Integrator software experience and has been re-designed from the ground up to make it faster and easier than ever to perform the key functions of any integrators business – estimation, system design, and project management. Our solution powers these key concepts through a database-driven process that ties these elements together into a singular, connected process that reduces time, helps eliminate errors, and ultimately produces bottom line results.

MuxLab – HDMI Fiber Extender Kit

The HDMI Fiber Extender Kit (500460) allows HDMI equipment to be connected up to 1,000 ft (305m) via one multimode fiber strand in a point-to-point configuration depending on resolution. The kit comes with one transmitter, one receiver, IR Sensor (500998), IR Emitter (500999) and two power supplies.

  • Features & Benefits

Up to 1,000 ft (305m) via a single multimode fiber

IR Control (IR Sensor and IR Emitter included)

SC connector for multimode fiber 62.5 um/125 um or 50um/125 um.

Supports RS232

Crestron Electronics – DMPS-300-C-AEC

Building on the success of Crestron’s DigitalMedia™ DMPS-300-C Presentation System, the new DMPS-300-C-AEC provides everything needed to equip any room for the highest quality HD presentations and more! Intelligently combined into an efficient all-in-one component, DMPS-300-C-AEC delivers a complete high-definition presentation control and signal routing solution that integrates a control processor, multimedia matrix switcher, mic mixer, audio DSP and amplifier with DigitalMedia technology. DMPS-300-C-AEC takes in every source signal, processes, mixes and amplifies the audio, and transmits it all flawlessly over a single CAT5e wire.

To improve presentations, lectures and video/teleconferencing, Crestron added full-bandwidth acoustic echo cancelling (AEC) to all six mic inputs, eliminating the need for third party echo cancelling devices.

The DMPS-300-C-AEC is ideal for use in the boardroom, classroom or video conferencing room.

Active Thermal Management – Cool-Slim

Our new Cool-Slim Component Cooler is designed to boost existing (but insufficient) ventilation for audio and video components. Very slim, it will solve overheating problems where components sit on closely-spaced shelves. Its 1 9/16” height can be reduced to 1 5/16” by removing the Cool-slim’s feet. It will cool components with and without vent openings in their top covers, and is temperature-controlled.

Not for use in sealed enclosures; works best in areas with restricted (but not zero) ventilation.

Revolabs – FLX VoIP

The Revolabs FLX™ VoIP is the first wireless conference phone designed for VoIP networks. Ideal for unified communications in conference rooms, executive offices, and SoHo environments, the FLX VoIP integrates directly with most IP telephone switches following the SIP standard, enabling new features only available through digital switch environments, such as voice mail alerts and “do not disturb.” The FLX VoIP combines wireless operation with high-quality wideband audio, 128-bit encryption, and integrated Bluetooth®. The system consists of several distinct components, giving users unprecedented freedom with respect to placement and accessibility of the speaker, microphones, and dial pad. Its dialer operates like a telephone for handset calls, eliminating the need for separate desk and conference phones.

The FLX VoIP can serve as the audio interface for virtually any major brand of video conferencing equipment and integrated Bluetooth technology allows the connection of speakers and microphones to Bluetooth-enabled mobile phones or computers.

LG Electronics – E2711PY

The new LG’s 27” E2711PY LED backlit LCD monitor is a must have for people who only want the best. Designed with a remarkable 5,000,000:1 Digital Fine Contrast, 5ms response and 16.7 million colors, images are rendered with striking effect while text comes through sharp. From web browsing to desktop publishing, the E2711PY can enhance productivity in professional environments. It also comes with Super Energy Saving function to reduce power consumption.




Atlona – High-Speed HDMI 4×4 Matrix Switcher (AT-PRO3HD44M)

Featuring the latest HDBaseT™ technology, the Atlona® AT-PRO3HD44M 4×4 HDMI matrix switcher extends HDMI sources up to 230 feet over Cat6a cables at 1080p and 1920×1200, or 197 feet with Cat5e/6 cables. The unit allows for effortless control of up to eight devices through IR remote control, RS-232, third-party IR control boxes, and the front panel.

The AT-PRO3HD44M has built-in digital audio S/PDIF loop outs that allow audio distribution to an AVR or amplifier. S/PDIF output supports PCM 2-channel, Dolby® 2.0, Dolby Digital 5.1, and DTS 5.1 digital audio formats. To ensure all audio passes through, the 4×4 matrix switcher supports all lossy and lossless formats up to Dolby True HD — including DTS HD Master Audio pass-through for HDMI outputs — as well as 3D signals.

Programmable, learned EDID memory presets are loadable to any source connected to the matrix switcher, ensuring that any display can receive audio and video.

Cables To Go – TruLink Media Gateway

The TruLink Media Gateway suite of Connectivity Panels takes in-room connectivity to the next level by allowing guests to easily connect portable electronics such as laptops, digital cameras, gaming consoles, iPods and other MP3 players to the in-room HDTV. This family of connectivity panels even senses which device is being used and automatically switches to it.

Simple to deploy and support, the TruLink Media Gateway couldn't be more flexible and cost effective. This multimedia hub is seamlessly used in a wide array of applications including guest rooms, conference rooms and board rooms. A single network update is all you need for a complete firmware upgrade on all TruLink Media Gateway units, saving you thousands of dollars each time new technology is introduced.

Stewart Film Screen – StarGlas

After several years of intensive research and lab trials, Stewart introduces StarGlas, a truly revolutionary rear projection screen of remarkable visual and structural properties. With this ground-breaking new family of products, the possibilities at the intersection of architecture and visual display technology are hugely expanded.

StarGlas is much more than just another projection screen. It can be used in a wide variety of settings for any conceivable application. Imagine displaying your key advertisements or company information on windows, glass stairways and even glass flooring.

DisplayNote Technologies – DisplayNote

DisplayNote is perfect for classrooms, conferences, training rooms, business meetings…in fact anywhere where people come together to learn. Using their own device, be that a netbook, tablet or phone, attendees to a session can instantly engage with a presenter by pushing and pulling ideas, adding their own media a notes to a presentation, collaborating with fellow attendees and saving all that information for future review.

Crestron – Fusion Energy Management

Fusion is a modular platform providing the foundation for smarter buildings that save energy and enhance worker productivity. Customers can choose to deploy Fusion RV™(RoomView), Fusion EM™(Energy Management) or both based on organizational needs.

Fusion RV enables facility and IT managers to centrally monitor and manage room scheduling, as well as AV presentation and video conferencing resources, including CaptureLiveHD™, from the help desk. It can track device and room usage to schedule routine maintenance, provide real-time remote technical support and receive instant alert notifications. Robust reporting features provide data to make more effective purchasing and scheduling decisions.

Fully integrated with Microsoft® Exchange Server, IBM®, Lotus Notes®, and CollegeNet™ R25® for scheduling, Fusion RV enables occupants to conveniently book conference rooms from the web browser, a touch screen mounted inside or outside the room, or from Microsoft Outlook®.



SMART Technologies – SMART Board 8055i interactive flat panel display

A commercial-grade, high-definition LCD flat-panel display, the 8055i is the first large-format interactive display with presence detection. Its multitouch surface supports freestyle interaction, touch gestures and object awareness. The pen, ink controls, eraser, volume control and input selection are all easily accessible on the front of the display.



Lumio – Ultra Slim NEC X551s Monitors With Integrated Lumio Optical Touch Panels

The X551s monitor features Lumio’s state of the art optical touch technology including 4 cameras that provides up to 6 simultaneous touches with an unmatched response time (up to 118 frames per second), providing a high resolution, intuitive, cost effective and robust solution for interactive touch product applications.

The integrated X551s’s bezel is extremely thin – only 4 cm – including the original NEC bezel, and comes with a 3 year warranty.

“Interactive screens are among the hottest trends in the digital signage industry today, so we’re pleased to be introducing this ‘best-in-class’ NEC X551s display with superior multi-touch performance,” said Mario Neves, Senior Vice President for Lumio. “For companies looking to build stronger relationships with customers and establish brand equity, interactive multi-touch screens like the NEC X551s provide the platform to do just that.”

Radical Engineering – Primeaccoustics London 12 Kit

Primacoustic room kits have been carefully designed to address primary acoustical concerns that are common to all rooms by combining various components such as wall panels, bass traps, diffusion and hardware into an easy to use format.

The London 12 is the flagship. It features fabric covered high-density glass wool panels for even absorption throughout the audio range. This makes the London 12 the ideal choice for more demanding studios, broadcasters and post production facilities while the innovative design can easily be adapted for home theater or high fidelity listening rooms. For those that need a budget solution, we also offer the home studio enthusiast with foam based products that can tame room chatter echo and primary reflections.

DC_Connect – [i]cell

The [i]cell technology system is a no-touch gesture activated interface

An [i]cell display delivers the ability for real-time response to an action with audio, visuals and media. It forms the basis for an intuitive, user-friendly interactive installation or display. It engages visitors with a non-linear, self-directed format that keeps them interested in the content which helps them retain what they've experienced.

In the [i]cell technology system, Sensacells are the core component of the interface.

Grouped together and connected to a PC, the cells backlight images that connect the user to the content on the computer, allowing them to independently explore the information based on their interest, all with a wave of a hand up to 4" away.

The cells use electrostatic sensitivity to activate, enabling them to sense the presence of a hand through any material except metal, making them easy to use behind a variety of translucent printed materials even with a 3/4" thickness.


Mitsubishi – 56P-QF65LCU Quadruple Full High Definition Monitor

The 56P-QF65LCU Widescreen LCD monitor is a specialized, extremely high resolution monitor used to view dense amounts of information in an efficient, easy to view format. Control rooms of all types of industries and applications – radiology, financial services, mapping, satellite imagery, utilities, government, armed forces, and law enforcement – can use this 56-inch Full Quad HD monitor to condense information from several inputs or a video wall and display it on a single monitor for quick observation.


Delta Displays – S-10 Outdoor LED Display

The S-10 is a high resolution LED video display suitable for outdoor digital signage applications with long viewing distances. With its 6000 Nits light output, unique “light-trap” shader and IP65 rating, the S-10 is ideal for all outdoor applications delivering high impact, full-color content – even on the sunniest days. With its advanced 16-bit color processing, the S-10 delivers sharp, rich, vibrant content with exceptional color depth and grayscales. Delta’s proprietary Dot Correction system also ensures perfect color uniformity across the entire display – both at the start and throughout the entire life of the display.



Covid – Luxi Presenter

Luxi's Presenter™ Products offer simple, scalable and easy to use options by daisy-chaining multiple transmitter and receiver boxes to form systems compared to traditional interfaces, switchers, splitters and matrix switchers. The 110 models can transmit HDMI, RS232 signals and remote power over a single Cat6 cable. The 150 models come equipped with a built in scaler for mixed signal formats and resolutions. Plus can transmit additional VGA/audio and DisplayPort signals. These small compact units are easily hidden under tables, above projectors and racks.

Premier – Articulating Mega Wall Mount for Displays up to 500 lb./227 kg

The AM500 is a universal articulating wall mount for displays up to 500 lb. The mount holds flat-panel displays up to 82 in. The positive and negative tilt adjustment allows the mount to be installed level and plum. The dual articulating arms allow even the heaviest display to be pulled away from the wall for service or alignment. The mount features a 360 degree rotation which allows the display to be installed in landscape, portrait or any other arbitrary angled orientation. There are three different mounting brackets for different size displays (Only one included with each configuration).


AVocation Systems – HX-0808H – 8×8 HDMI matrix

HDMI distribution has its challenges. Long distances, control of numerous components, and unreliable switching can all present problems in large scale HDMI installations. Fortunately, there’s an answer – AVocation System’s 8×8 HDMI matrix that provides reliable and true router capabilities. Any of the eight HDMI inputs can be routed to any or all of the eight HDMI outputs and EDID/Key management virtually eliminates latency between switch times. The 8×8 matrix also has the ability to take signals from single key cable boxes out to multiple displays (as opposed to just one), a common failure of many matrix routers. AVocation also includes drivers for most control system partners, a welcome feature for installers working with large home or commercial automation systems.

Kramer Electronics – Kramer CORE

At the heart of the Kramer Core solution, stands a truly modular solution, comprised of a line of Multi-Format Modular Matrix Switchers with their matching modular input and output modules. These Modular Digital Matrix Switchers come in three different frame sizes, a 16×16 (VS-1616D), a 32×32 (VS-3232D) and a 64×64 (VS-6464D) and are expandable through the use of input/output modules of varying formats. The VS-1616D matrix switching frame allows 2 inputs or outputs per I/O module. The VS-3232D matrix switching frame allows 4 inputs or outputs per I/O module and the VS-6464D matrix switching frame allows 8 inputs or outputs per I/O module.

Kramer’s modular switchers allow designers/installers to customize the system to the requirements of a particular application. With Kramer Core solution, you can mix between many signal formats, using different infrastructure, and you can provide room for future growth in the same chassis for those situations where growth is anticipated. Even if a change is needed over time, the system can be reconfigured by adding any number of input or output modules. With our modular digital switchers, a frame is purchased as a stand-alone unit, to which as many input/output modules are added from various signal types of DVI, HDMI, HDCP, Dual-link DVI,DVI over Fiber 610, HDMI over Twisted Pair and HDMI over Fiber 670. A fully integrated modular digital matrix switcher can include all module types.


NanoLumens – NanoFlex™ 112

Our 112-inch, lightweight LED display can be elegantly curved and wrapped around contoured walls and structures to meet the specific needs of any environment, including corporate lobbies, high-end retail stores, stadiums, and anywhere else where digital signage is needed. With the NanoFlex 112, we have achieved what was once thought to be impossible in the digital signage industry.”

Christie Digital – Christie Roadster S+22K-J models

With onboard Christie Twist™ – the best image warping and blending software on the market. “It’s not just about mapping images onto building facades anymore. With Christie Twist, mapping specialists have the creative freedom to map onto unusual surfaces and structures,” added Cress. Featuring content designed and mapped by BARTKRESA design (, Christie’s projection mapping display at InfoComm illustrates the effect of mapping onto a pyramidal structure with deep facets and dramatic angles.