Whether you are a custom installer or end-user, iAM© raises the bar in Audio Servers for home theater and automation systems.

iAM© enables you to enjoy your media for a whole-house experience, without the need of expensive media servers, iPods© and associated docks, or lugging your PC around with you. Imagine too, the ability to browse your media, create a playlist on-the-fly, and easily refine your listening preferences at a touch of a button as the mood changes! iAM© brings these and a vast array of other features, greatly surpassing other high-end systems such as iMerge©, Marantz©, Escient©, and others, at a fraction of the price.

In addition to great functions found in other Audio Servers, iAM© adds:

– iAM© Exclusive: Directly use your iTunes© libraries and playlists without requiring special imports, separately maintaining them, or transferring them to your iPod©. Since iAM© does not require an iPod©, you can finally put it in your car!

– Instantly build playlists tuned to your interests as you are enjoying your music.

– Add or remove selections ‘on-the-fly’ using iAM© Exclusive ‘evolving’ playlists.

– Use the iAM© Exclusive ‘find like’ feature to play tracks similar to the current selection and even include personalized recommendations*.

– iAM© Exclusive true multi-genre support. Many of your tracks fit into more than one genre but you had to choose only ONE. No more! Now, these tracks can appear in as many genres as you choose. Finally, genres can be used as they were intended!

– Use iAM© Exclusive intelligent track selection function to re-select long playlists without repeatedly hearing the same selections over-and-over.

– Optionally Browse and Play your works by release date – play an Artist’s works in the order they were released! Even play a decade of music by date!

– Use powerful iAM© Exclusive ‘Sets’ and ‘Filters’ to manage selections, personalize your media, and assist with better music recommendations*.

– If you have a Crestron 2-series system no new hardware investment is needed: you can use the same PC that manages iTunes©. But, should you decide to dedicate your PC for media, you can share it with Apple iTV© or other media-servers such as SageTV© to provide a complete Audio and Video server.

– Enhance iTunes© playlists by enabling selections within them. For example, 60’s music can be refined by genre, artist, album, and even filtered …

– Access Internet radio directly from the media browser. And access Radio tracks as you would any other, or segregate them according to your preferences.

– Compilations are auto-detected, and playlists automatically select original works over compilations according to your preferences. Another iAM© exclusive.

– Browse your library by Set, Playlist, Genre, Artist, Album, or track.

– Virtually unlimited playlists and playlist sizes.

– Use Apple AirPort Express©, Direct Analog or Digital connection, or Dedicated Audio Distribution Systems to distribute your audio throughout your home.

– And many more, yet all functions are easy to use, and intuitive!

iAM© is ready to use, out-of-the-box. Both wired and wireless connections are supported, so equipment does not have to be in the same location. The Control system can be shared with any of your home automation needs as well.


Set-up is easy. Just load the programs and go, or let us provide a complete pre-configured package. Of course, many systems will desire additional Home Automation functionality in the control system, such as lighting, HVAC, security, and others. So, we make integrating iAM© in your system simple!

Consider the following:

1) Almost all iAM© features are customizable via simple menu selections. For the custom integrator, this has the advantage of one solution for multiple needs and lower related support costs Without Programming. For the end-user, it means simplicity of operation for novices and a multitude of powerful capabilities for the experienced, as the main features may be controlled from the touch panels.

2) The included iAM-Panel© includes professionally produced product modules for several Crestron© touchpanels. Other panels can be easily derived from these by simple scaling or can be customized to meet users requirements.

3) Other controllers, such as the Crestron APAD© or even standard remotes may be integrated, allowing even greater flexibility.

4) The included iAM-Client© Is pre-programmed and ready to go. It supports customizations as well, and can be easily integrated with audio distribution modules according to your needs.

5) The included iAM-Server© provides iTunes© controller functionality and enables the use of iTunes© playlists directly. In addition, iAM-Server© directly supports freely available tools, for automatically converting artwork, Apache© web-server, for providing the artwork to the panel, music recommendation service plug-ins*, and even plug-ins that enable you to sample or optionally purchase suggested albums or tracks. Detailed configuration instructions are supplied for all of these to simplify set-up.

6) The iAM-Server© runs on a standard Windows 2000/XP/Vista PC platform. It can run concurrently with other media servers such as ‘SageTV’ or Windows MCE. This provides a low-cost media center solution for audio, video, and even gaming applications!

7) Audio distribution uses any audio configuration supported by iTunes© and your PC, including: SPDI/F optical outputs, 24-bit high data-rate audio, high-end external audio distribution units, the Apple ‘AirPort’, or simply embedded PC audio. The choice is yours according to your needs.

Whether you are a custom installer or end-user, iAM© raises the bar in Audio Servers for home theater and automation systems.

* Unsupported add-in for personalized recommendations subject to availability.
* Artwork display requires a touch panel with dynamic image support.
* Ability to Share your PC and use wireless audio depends on your system performance.

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