Here are the best ways to handle the situation and the order in which you should do them:

Blame the most expensive unit in the system (top quality gear should never break, like Ferraris, Harleys, or i-phones)

Make a judgment as to the cause of the failure (do not check your connections or read the manual, you have been hooking up stereos for years and you can tell what is the exact cause from across the room)

Write a scathing report of the product on one or several Audio Forums, let those irresponsible manufacturers who never test stuff before it leaves the factory know what scum they are. Be sure and call the unit a “Piece of S%*T” so readers can under stand your level of disappointment.

Contact your lawyer

Write letter to the president of the company threatening to sue him.

Send an email to the general mailbox of the company, be sure and tell them you have already posted this all over the net and contacted your lawyer (those folks only respond to force, if you were to call them and ask nicely and reasonably for a solution to your problem, they will know you are a wimp, pass you around the company to voice mails of people who are on vacation and eventually send you to an extension that no longer exists)

Call the Main office of the company at 3AM on a Saturday, or any time you are reasonably sure the office is not open, leave a scathing voice mail with lots of colorful adjectives, exclaim you can not believe you can’t get a human on the phone. (do not leave your name or contact number. )

Go to your dealer and demand a full refund, be sure and tell them you, nor anyone you know, will ever set foot in the store again.

If all this fails, check to see if the unit is plugged in.