We are strong believers in the crowd funding process and encourage readers to participate either by entering a project for funding or supporting others in their endeavors. Here are a few that we found to be of interest.

DAD, the Digital Art Device

What is the Digital Art Device?

DAD, the Digital Art Device, is a full holistic system dedicated to the delivery and display of digital and video art. We propose two standalone hardware products: a DAD dedicated screenand the DAD drive. Purchasing one of either will afford access to exceptional video and digital artworks, available to buy or rent via a subscription service.

The DAD fully integrated art-screen is a beautifully conceived flat screen, ready to install in your home, with an easy-to-use app, accessible across all wireless devices. The DAD drive offers the same high quality service, but to those who already have a non-dedicated screen in their homes. The DAD drive links up to your existing screen or projector, giving you access to our curated content.

DAD brings a unique fine art approach with its video and digital art platform. It is our intention to present museum quality artwork, that is both aesthetically engaging and of unique cultural value. Our first-hand experience working in the contemporary art world has taught us that technology has a role to play in informing artistic practices, but above all, it is quality and unique concepts that win through. It is for this reason we plan to work with the most respected and innovative contemporary curators and artists. DAD is your ticket to the private view you can’t fly to, or the gallery you’d like to visit but haven’t found the time to. It’s about coming home from that groundbreaking show at MoMA and still having MoMA in your living room.

The DAD Drive offers members, who already have an HD TV or projector, access to the complete DAD system. Simply connect your DAD drive to the HDMI port on your flat screen or video projector. Full HD artworks are stocked on the 500 gigabyte drive, and are diffused without streaming in their original optimal quality. The DAD drive includes wi-fi, bluetooth, multi-format media player, and a 2.4 Ghz processor, and is available in a matte black or aluminum finish.

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Ola fingerprint smart lock.


Other smart locks take longer than regular locks, even more than 30 seconds to take out your phone, connect to Bluetooth, and unlock your door. But is that really ‘progress’? 

Technology should make life easier, not more complicated. That’s why Ola has a fingerprint sensor integrated into the door handle. Register your fingerprint directly on the handle, and then forget about your keys and phone.

Ola is completely self-contained. All it needs is you.

The First

Ola is the first smart lock on the market to incorporate Bluetooth 4.0 connectivity and capacitive fingerprint technology, making Ola not only keyless but phoneless.

 The Fastest

The days of searching for keys or fumbling through smart phone apps are officially over. Ola has incorporated one of the best fingerprint sensors on the market (the FPC1020AM from Sweden) which means that you can unlock Ola in under a second.

The Longest

We test-opened Ola over 31,042 times with one set of 4 AA-batteries, which is the equivalent of two years of normal use. We also included a button that activates the back up AAA-battery. The backup uses Panasonic Evolta batteries that hold the Guinness world record for longest shelf life, and gives Ola a total battery life of about 7 years. In case of an emergency, you can power Ola with a micro USB.

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LoveLinkU – Enjoy the Life Style of Future

LoveLinkU is revolutionary technology that will change the way you interact with your home, and the loved ones living in it, forever. It is the ultimate voice-controlled robot that recognizes your unique voice print and does as you command. Whether you’re stuck in traffic and need to start preheating the oven for dinner, or you just want to change the thermostat, LoveLinkU does it all. LoveLinkU is available EXCLUSIVELY to Kickstarter Backers first, so don’t miss out on experiencing the future!


  • Voice Controlled Home Appliance(s)
    Turn on your TVs and adjust the room temperature just by talking to your LoveLinkU robot.
  • Remote Control via Your smartphone
    If you’re away from home, no worries, just talk to our smartphone app which can communicate directly with your robot back home.
  • Pre-configured Module
    Combine a series of commands into a pre-configured module. With one word, the robot will do it all.
  • Media Player
    Play videos and music from local storage.
  • Push-Content Receiver
    Receive audio books and new songs from online resources automatically. 
  • Family Health Condition
    Collect family health data and share with other members at real time.
  • Wireless Charger
    Charge your cell phones without the hassle of cords.
  • Secret Word
    Activate your robot with a secret word.

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