Wayne-Dalton is a well known brand why the name change to HomeRun Holdings Corp.
Back in December 2009 Wayne-Dalton Corp. completed the sale of the assets of our garage door division to Overhead Door Corporation. The sale also included the brand name “Wayne-Dalton”. In order to avoid confusion in the marketplace, we changed our corporate name from Wayne-Dalton Corp. to HomeRun Holdings Corp.

Given the sale of the door business, what is HomeRun doing today?
We kept several operating divisions after the sale. Garage Door Openers, Patents and Licensing, Home Controls, Window integrated panels (WISP), and R&D remained under the main corporation. Just recently, we acquired the assets of Techniku Inc. which now is part of HomeRun Holdings. We are very much active in all these areas.

What does the purchase of Techniku mean for HomeRun?
Techniku is a way for us to expand our Home Controls business. Initially, Home Controls for us was a means to enhance our garage door opener offering with features not found anywhere else. Our customers, in particular the Big Builder accounts, quickly gravitated towards the integrated solutions. For them this was an easy way to offer technology that made sense to their home buyers at an affordable price. As time went on, we realized that window coverings was a key piece of the overall “Home Control Lifestyle”. Female buyers in particular will rather automate the window covering than automate the lighting systems inside the home. Integrating our Home Control line with Techniku motorization will allow us to offer affordable motorization options compatible with our portfolio of Home Control products.

Will the brand Techniku continue? What about SALT™?
Techniku is well know in the window covering industry. Fabricators have used Techniku branded product for years. This brand has equity already built-in. We see the Techniku brand as an OEM and CEDIA CEPro, channel brand. SALT™ on the other hand is new. The SALT brand will be used for future product and channel placement. Our emphasis on the short term will be for the Techniku brand.

Are you going to continue to expand in the Home Automation field?
I think is safe to say that the Techniku acquisition is a clear indication of our expansion in the field. Home Controls as a category is constantly changing. Wireless Technologies such as Z-Wave and Zigbee changed the landscape in less than 5 years. The downturn in the economy has also dramatically changed the landscape in the way integrators offer and sell product. Motorized Window Coverings previously viewed as a niche in the window covering industry have become an integral part of home automation. Consumers who invest in technology for their home will definitely add these products.

Where do you see the most opportunity in the Home Automation sector over the next 5 years?
We follow the residential building industry very closely. According to the NAHB (National Association of Home Builders), homes are getting smaller. Luxury living space like the home theatre are taking a back seat. “Personal living space” is at a premium. These trends are what ultimately drive Home Automation. Rather than having a dedicated media room, consumers will transform a family room between “living” and “entertainment”. Lift systems, window motorization, specialized furnishings, remote controls (IR blasters), audiovideo distribution, and automated lighting will benefit in these areas. Energy conservation will continue to be a part of the way we live. For these areas, automated lighting systems, smart phone remote access, major appliance controllers, thermostats, solid state landscape lighting, and pool and spa controls will see an increase. The last category to watch is security. We see increases over the next five years on “concierge” type of services. IP cameras, remotely operated water valves and sensors, electrical shutoff, automated door locks, and intrusion sensors will feed home data back to the service providers. These providers will expand services to home owners such as shutting the water supply to a house in the event of a leak and call a plumber to fix it as part of their service.

Yan Rodriguez has dedicated his career developing new technologies and products for the consumer electronics and access industries.

During a seven year tenure at Wayne-Dalton R&D, Yan developed technologies which raised the level of safety in garage door openers. Yan also served as Global Product Management Manager for Thomson Multimedia (RCA), where he led the North American product direction for Thomson’s Displays and Components division. During his Tenure with Thomson, Yan introduced the first Wide Screen HDTV products for the North American Market.

Yan re-joined Wayne-Dalton Corp. as Residential Products Manager in 2002 and was named Director, Home Networking and Access Systems in 2003. As part of a strategic realignment, Yan established the Home Networking SBU to address market needs for home controls and access systems. After a corporate restructuring in 2009 he was named Vice President, Business Development for HomeRun Holdings Corp. where he continues to develop new technologies and products for the consumer electronics industry.

Yan has a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the University of North Florida and an MBA from the University of West Florida.