What are the different types of screen fabric you offer and what are their advantages / disadvantages?
We chose the name Screen Research because we are always researching ways to improve the home projection experience. We offer 8 different types of ISF certified fabrics in 3 different price ranges.

Acoustically Transparent Materials:
ClearPix2™: This ISF and THX certified material is offered in a 1.0 gain white and a .8 gray with only a 2db attenuation (20-20khz) and no moiré. It is best used in a dedicated theater setting allowing speakers to be placed behind the screen just like the Director intended for near perfect cinematic experience.
ClearPix3™: The ClearPix3™ is ISF certified 1.0 gain white screen, but unlike the ClearPix2™ it does not have the THX certification (4db attenuation). While not quite up to the reference level of our ClearPix2™, ClearPix3™ is a great alternative material to meet any video enthusiast’s demands.

Hi-Gain and Ultra-Contrast Materials:
Screen Research offers 3 different Ultra-Contrast fabrics: 1.3 White, 1.3 Gray and 1.5 White. These ISF fabrics offer a perfect color balance and enhance black levels while also increasing the amount of light reflected to the viewing area. While all screens work best in a controlled environment, these Ultra-Contrast fabrics have a higher level of ambient light reflection, so they have a wider range of applications. They are ideal for lower light engine projectors like LED and DILA. Typically these projectors are recommended for use with an 8-10′ wide screen max, but with our higher gain screens we can achieve a larger image while maintaining proper uniformity.

SolidPix™: Is offered in a 1.0 white and a .7 gray fabric. A unity gain 1.0 white screen offers the most off-axis viewing and is the first choice we recommend in a controlled environment. The .7 gray fabric was designed for high light output projectors with lower contrast to enhance the appearance of blacks/contrast in the image.

What are the advantages of using a projection system over lcd or plasma screens?
Flat Panel is TV, while two piece projection is theater. The reason we go to the movies is to watch a larger than life image that allows us to fully immerse ourselves in the picture. According to THX specifications, you would need to sit 5-7′ away from a 50″ flat panel to feel the same sense of immersion that you do at the cinema. No one is going to do that, but with a larger projection screen at home you can. We offer a variety of motorized screens (ranging from 50″-160″) that allow you to retract the screen when not in use.

Can I place speakers behind the screen and still get theater quality sound?
With ClearPix2™ and ClearPIx3™ you can. Unlike traditional perforated vinyl screens, our acoustically transparent ClearPix™ material offers an inaudible 2 db attenuation (up to 6+ db with microperf) and no need to use an EQ for optimal performance. It’s the next best thing to being in the studio!

How much should I budget for a good quality motorized screen installation for a mid range home theater project?
All projects and budgets differ, therefore we offer a variety of motorized screens ranging from 80-160″ that will fit every budget.

What is different with the upgraded X-Mask™ model?
First of all, I think it is important to define what is the X-Mask™ range. This patented fixed screen with masking range provides the ultimate in home theater performance by offering flexibility and adaptation to varying aspect ratios. This creates the perfect black border around any projected image. The acoustically transparent masks preserve the audio fidelity when using our well-known patented Clearpix2™ screen material.
The past year Screen Research’s R&D team has worked to enhance our X-Mask™ performance with these significant improvements.

The Flush-housing has been redesigned and upgraded to a SlimFrame™ design. This makes the frame less visually impacting in any home theater room. Our screens overall housing height adds only 8″ to the viewable image and the width adds 12″, whereas comparable brands can add 12″ to the height and 18″ to the width.
Our screens have a reduced distance between masks, frame and projection surface. It helps eliminate any shadow on the screen when deployed and keeps a pristine projected image.
The making system has also been upgraded. It is now virtually silent and moves faster than any previous model.
The Somfy ILT precision motors offer 8 precise positions for masking, thus making this model capable of meeting any aspect ratio.
With these improvements, our X-Mask™ screen has raised the bar for all masking solutions.

What is a 2.0 ratio screen, what is the difference?
Screen Research proposes a 2.0 X-Mask™ with 4-way masking. This enables the user to have a constant viewable image surface and to benefit from the maximized area. In other words, constant image not constant height.
Think about the last time you viewed a lower resolution source (SD/DVD/IPod) on a constant height 2.35:1 screen. If the native size of the screen is too large, your image will be pushed beyond its maximum resolution. With our 2.0 format, you have a screen that is taller and wider than a 2.35:1 or 1.85:1 native screen. You will be able to mask down to any format so you can now enjoy every source at its maximum size without compromising the resolution.

Is it possible to use ClearPix2™ patented fabric with the X-Mask™?
Our X-Mask™ screens also employ transparent masking panels that allow all the speakers to be place behind the screen for maximum effect.

This THX and ISF certified screen is our patented woven material that lets the sound go through, it is moiré-free, and does not create any hot spot.
This material comes as a standard with our StopLight™ black backing to prevent light from reflecting back through the screen material to help maintain proper contrast.
The differences between buying a MicroPerf and our ClearPix2™?

ClearPix2™ has 20% more viewable surface (the holes are 5 times smaller than the Microperf)
No EQ needed at any size unlike the MicroPerf
Maximum of 2 db attenuation (with black backing) up to 6 db with the MicroPerf.

Is it possible to customize a X-Mask™ screen?
Our Reference X-Mask™ is highly customizable. We do offer a large range of custom finishes to match various types of projects.
We propose a leather finish in one of 36 available colors that can easily be matched with any environment.
We also allow the customer to go farther in the customization by adding the DecorMask™ to its screen. Basically, this is an image provided by the client that is then print out on a fabric and that will drop down to disguise the projection surface when not in use. The DecorMask allows a more decorative solution for those who do not have a dedicated home theater.

How can we buy this product?
Screen Research USA works with a network of rep firms located in different areas of the USA territory and Canada. By visiting our website www.screenresearch.com, you will be able to access to our on-line Configurator to design the screen of your choice as well as seeing the list of our representative firms.

You can also contact our team by phone (678) 567 1503 or by email at srsales@screenresearch.com.