What is the company’s focus?
Providing solutions to conceal Flat screen TV’s and Working to bring A/V Professionals and the design community.

Media Décor’s products are so unique that are a fusion and metamorphosis between the Technology & Interior Design…what we call “Luxury tech-terior” the perfect product that can bring the opportunity for those knowledgeable professionals to work together, just like architectural speakers, window treatments, lighting controls, etc.

What are your thoughts about concealing technology?
Hiding technology is a rapidly growing trend. Architects and designers know this, AV installers should become involved in the process making it part of their expertise, offering a variety of solutions to their clients. The installer, who can offer the full package, combining technology and decor, will be at an advantage. Manufacturers of concealment products can be a great resource as they have had experience with all aspects of design and technology.

When is the A/V pro brought into the design process?
We started learning that most luxury consumers would consult with an A/V installation professional late in the design process, after the interior designer and architect designed the space integrating color, lighting and other factors that combine to make the space personal.

What is the company doing to bring the A/V Pro and Designer together?
Understanding the need to bring each professional together at the start of the design process, Media Décor began to reach out to the design community with educational materials that introduced the technology options with a designer friendly approach. These include a detailed specification binder available on the company’s website along with tutorials and advice. Interior Designers and architects are also encouraged to contact Media Décor about their projects and the company will create detailed AutoCAD drawings with instructions at no cost.

What are the options available?
At Media Décor we are seeing an increased trend in concealing flat panel displays with art or mirrors. The ability to hang a flat panel on the wall and free up floor space by not using bulky armoires or other furniture is appealing to both the home owner and the interior designer. A high percentage of flat panels are being placed above the fireplace, a traditional spot for art or mirrors. Motorized Art Frames, Art Lifts and “2 Way” Mirrors allow the end user to hide their TV and enhance the décor of the room by making the big, black glass and metal rectangle disappear when they are not watching it.

In your opinion, what is the best option when installing a Media Décor unit?
Although the best option aesthetically is to recess the flat panel, surface mounting is also an option. With the increase in Ultra-Thin TV’s and mounts surface mounting is no longer a bulky problem. Media Décor offers great solutions for all installations.

This trend is not confined to residential applications; hotels, restaurants and offices are also looking for solutions to conceal flat panels and fixed screens while retaining the ambiance of a suite, dining room, conference room or lobby.

What would you recommend for concealment based on client budgets? Low, Medium & High End (please include some ballpark dollar figures to each range if you can)
We offer a great deal of options for all budgets and applications. For Example with our moving art options:

ECCO Series: An economic alternative, the ECCO series is a standardized version of the motorized art starting at $1,495.00 for a 42″ TV. Medium range we have the Illusion Series using a fixed hembar to move the artwork up and down (similar to a traditional shade) starting at $4,610.00 for a 42″ TV. High End Solution The Elite™ Series: This is our totally custom series. Over 2,500 artworks to choose from; Classical, Contemporary and Limited Editions. Clients can also use their own artwork, starting at $7,250.00 for a 42″ TV.

What do you recommend for concealing in-wall speakers that are placed adjacent to the flat-screen?
As an alternative to in-wall speakers a speaker bar can be concealed within the motorized art unit. All Media Décor products are custom made to the TV dimensions and Sound Bars (speakers) can be easily accommodated at an additional cost. The On-Board Sound™ Feature incorporates built in high efficiency Dealer Supplied speaker systems in the motorized art units. Speakers are hidden when the TV is not being watched and the artwork is in the down position. This system may be driven from the TV or an external source.

What are you working on for the future?
Media Décor is 100% committed to bringing the best solutions for concealing flat TVs; our team of expert and inspired technicians, interior designers and structural craftsmen collaborate to create and deliver the world’s most compelling, beautiful and customized entertainment environments. At CEDIA we will have a few surprises, stay tuned!

More info available at Media Decor LLC