Why are more people wanting to watch movies outside these days?

People love movies and they love the outdoors. Drive-in movie theaters used to be the entertainment venue of choice, and now outdoor movies –whether in a park, film festival, or backyard- are making a comeback. Outdoor cinemas work especially well for the home: lots of people have home theaters; this just takes that concept to the next level.

How simple is the set up for an Open Air Cinema screen?

It’s incredibly easy –if you’ve operated a DVD player or television, you can operate the Cinebox system. The DVD player and projector are hooked up into a compact, one-stop console, and the screen inflates in a matter of seconds.

Are these systems weatherproof or do I need to have an indoor storage area?

The systems are weatherproof to an extent: the electronic components should be sheltered from the rain, and the screen may wave a bit in strong winds. Basically, the system will hold up in ugly weather as long as your audience will. As for storage, the screen deflates and is folded up into a compact bag; the Cinebox console is kept in its own box, and all the components can easily fit into small storage spaces or garages.

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What is a basic list of components required for a basic setup to show outdoor movies?

The basic components are the projection surface or screen, a projector, a DVD player (or video game console), and speakers. Each of these components can be purchased separately through Open Air Cinema, or a complete Cinebox system can be purchased with everything included.

Backyards are ideal, but can these be used elsewhere?

Absolutely. The Home system is light and portable. At under 15 pounds, you can take it pretty much anywhere: to the beach, a barbeque, a park. Even the larger systems designed for film festivals, city events, or large-scale resorts are easily transported anywhere. Our systems have screened films from the most rural villages of Africa to the tops of New York skyscrapers to secluded beaches of Hawaii.

How important is quality in an outdoor movie experience?

Traditionally, what people look for in outdoor cinema is the community experience and the awe-inspiring vision of their favorite films against the backdrop of a beautiful night sky. As you may recall, the drive-ins a few decades back were characterized by scratchy audio and a blurry screen, yet people came back night after night. Fortunately, technology has caught up to the outdoor cinema experience. Open Air Cinema has developed high-quality, cutting-edge projection, surfaces, and audio systems for a crystal clear outdoor movie that rivals the quality of major multi-plex movie theaters.

Do you recommend a professional installation or is this a DIY experience?

For those running large-scale events catering to thousands of guests, Open Air Cinema provides high-powered audio and visual equipment and an enormous screen. For that, some experienced technicians may be necessary, which OAC is only too happy to provide. However, the smaller systems and home screens are simple for an individual to set up in just a few minutes. These systems have been specially crafted with the everyday person in mind, making it simple and quick for any backyard home theater use.

Who is buying and enjoying Open Air Cinema?

Some of our clientele include the Disney Orlando resorts, the Tribeca Film Festival, and FilmAid. However, thousands of homeowners around the world have added a Cinebox system and inflatable screen to their home theater. Open Air Cinema’s outdoor cinema systems are unrivaled in affordability, ease of use, and high quality for backyard theaters.

Open Air Cinema started out with two simple loves: movies and the outdoors. OAC wanted to create an experience that draws on the beauty of nature and community of the outdoors, but also provides a high-quality cinema experience. They began doing outdoor cinema event production around the United States, and quickly became one of the largest event producers of this type in the country. OAC then branched out into manufacturing the inflatable screens and systems themselves, developing technology to improve the quality and simplicity of the outdoor movie systems. They developed screens of all sizes and product lines designed for 3 distinct levels: the homeowner, for backyard home theaters; cities, businesses, military bases and other large-audience events; and large-scale event producers such as film festivals and resorts. Open Air Cinema’s inflatable screens and Cinebox systems are now unparalleled in cutting-edge technology, ease of use and affordability. You can find Open Air Cinema’s outdoor cinema systems over the world, from non-profit organizations in sub-Saharan Africa to military bases in Japan, to thousands of individual homes and backyards.