While wireless technologies have gained their fair share of attention from business and home-based users, powerline networking technology has been quietly making inroads into the networks of many buildings. The ability to transform an existing electrical network into one that provides data and Internet connectivity has become an extremely viable solution and has proven itself across many applications, including data, voice and entertainment networking solutions.

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Thanks to a number of converging factors, powerline networking via HomePlug Powerline Alliance certified products have developed a leading presence in Europe. In fact, the adoption rate for powerline-driven networks in Europe has outpaced the North American market to date. Take Western Europe for example. Western European countries have had better access to broadband Internet connections than the Eastern European countries. The result: Western European countries, as a result of higher broadband penetration rates, have adopted powerline networking technology faster than other countries. However, Eastern European countries are also beginning to show signs of increased growth as broadband connections increase. This increasing trend is also prevalent in the North American Market and is fueled by awareness, education and the realization of the unique benefits of powerline networking technology.

An example of the growth is Corinex, a member of the HomePlug Powerline Alliance, shipped tens of thousands of units in 2003 throughout Europe and estimates sales to quadruple in 2004. North American Sales are also expected in increase substantially, Corinex projects sales to increase six-fold in 2004.

Beyond access to technology and broadband Internet connections, the general adoption of powerline networking technology also may have also resulted from the physical limitations of installing wireless and wired (Cat5) technologies. In many European buildings, the rewiring of historic or old buildings with network cable is simply not feasible, with costs being prohibitive. In addition, due to the extensive use of stone and concrete as core building materials, wireless connections have also proven to have limitations. Powerline technology bypasses all of these obstacles.

With powerline’s distinct advantages of range, security, scalability, reliability and comparable cost, powerline networking has gained access to a number of important verticals markets, including government agencies, hospitals, schools and hotels. Corinex’s product line includes a CableLAN Adapter and a Powerline to Wireless Access Point adapter, enabling a variety of options and flexibility when configuring networks and reducing the occurrence of dead spots inherent with many existing wireless products. This may explain the rapid penetration into these specific verticals. Some examples include:

* The Hotel Royal – an historic 300-room hotel in Chomutov, Czech Republic
* Escola Basica Secondary School – 117 classrooms in 8 buildings serving 2500 students in Portugal
* Hotel Marbella Club – a luxurious beachfront resort with 121 rooms and elegant suites, on the southern coast of Spain

Corinex recently unveiled its newest 802.11b and g Wireless Access Point at CeBIT 2004, which integrates Wireless, Ethernet and Powerline technologies into a single device.

Powerline equipment is also being found at a growing number of European and North American retail outlets. The adoption rates are expected continue to grow throughout all markets particularly, in the coming months as new products are released and new powerline networking standards are developed by the HomePlug Powerline Alliance.

Corinex Communications Corporation has been at the forefront of powerline networking technologies since 1989. Corinex provides a full range of connectivity products designed to utilize existing infrastructure providing Internet accessibility for last mile and last foot applications bridging the gap between wired (cat5 and powerline) and wireless technologies.

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