Personal Computers are beginning to proliferate family homes as they began to proliferate their way into the workplace 20 years ago. If we want to speculate as to the future of I.T @ Home we have to consider the use of computers within the workplace. At work almost all computers are connected to provide the means to share data and communicate in various formats. Until recently this kind of functionality only applied to the home user as they reached out onto the Internet, however within the home environment it has become common to find more than one P.C, and therefore the need for networking infrastructure has grown.
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Since we have generated a need for Home Network Infrastructures many people have invested in wireless solutions as they prevent the need for ad-hoc cabling, which is untidy. Wireless solutions are relatively inexpensive, and many people find them good value for money. The problem with wireless solutions is that although you can surf seamlessly through them from a laptop at home, you will encounter considerable delay when you want to transfer files of any reasonable size. Ideally what you want is a hardwire solution without the wiring and cables turning your home into a set from Star Trek. – Enter Know I.T Now.

K.I.T.N is a group of network engineers and I.T specialists dedicated to improving the use of I.T @ Home through the installation of a Standard Home Network Infrastructure (S.H.N.I) during initial house build. For the price of a mid range P.C system our engineers will provide you with:

* Hub/Server Location (Router Supplied)
* x2 Network Access Points (N.A.P) in 3 rooms of your choice.
* x4 Speaker faceplates converging to central home entertainment system.

With the S.H.N.I the homeowner has provided his friends and family the ability to get the most from current and future innovations. From multi-player LAN gaming sessions to simply sharing a connection to the Internet, your Home Network will open up a world of entertainment and information for everyone to share.

Cost savings are also an important consideration for anyone investing in a new home. The S.H.N.I will allow you to reduce spending on future hardware upgrades as obsolescence won’t be such a large factor. – ‘Outdated’ hardware can be relegated to a less prominent location of your home network and still remain useful. As digital devices become increasingly synonymous hardware duplication also becomes a consideration when investing in I.T, through the S.H.N.I you can share what you have more effectively and thus reduce the need for future spending.

As someone who utilizes I.T on a daily basis I wouldn’t have a home built without one. Would you?

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