What makes the new SANUS furniture and mounts different from others in the industry? 

Our new furniture lines and Premium TV Wall Mounts are designed for the consumer who wants to blend aesthetics with both technology and functionality. We took a careful look at design as well as ease of installation.

The Cadenza and Trillium Furniture Collections have the capacity needed to work seamlessly with top-of-the-line electronics and sound bars but also look beautiful in your home. The style of these furniture lines meets today’s consumer demand for electronics. To combat component overheating, both collections feature built-in ventilation on every shelf. They also have easily, removable back panels, cable management along the back of the furniture, and hidden compartments for pesky excess cables, power strips and small components. Cadenza Collection comes fully-assembled and meets the desires of professional installers and audiophiles alike. We’ve combined professional integrator expertise with our in-house design team to allow for the simplicity of rack mounting inside high-quality furniture that looks custom-built.

The Premium Mount Series unites form and function with high-quality materials, superior finish and an intuitive, simple installation template. The installation process is made even easier with an included magnetic stud-finder, key-holed wall plate and quick release tabs for tool-less set up. An easy-to-follow instruction manual, as well as audible safety locks that are heard and felt during installation, giving consumers the reassurance of a safe and secure connection, without having to search for the correct hardware.  Gone are the days of worrying if your TV is safely attached to your mount.  SANUS incorporated consumer feedback throughout the product development and design process with a strong focus on ease of installation and aesthetic design. Rather than look like a piece of hardware, we designed the mount to look like a sleek extension of the TV.

How should a consumer go about deciding which SANUS mount (or any mount) to purchase?  

Our Premium Mounts are designed to meet four key attributes: safety/reliability, aesthetics, ease of installation, and product performance. These attributes should be considered when purchasing any mount. With eleven Premium Mount models ranging in size and position, there is a perfect SANUS mount choice for every DIY installer. We minimized the hardware included in each box in order to minimize end-user confusion. In addition, the SANUS hardware included is organized and separated by installation steps for a more simplified process.

How you want the mount to operate is also an important factor when considering what one to buy. The SANUS Premium Mount series offers full-motion, tilting, and fixed-position TV mounts, all of which serve a different purpose. Mounts are categorized by the dimensions and weights of the TVs they are designed to hold.   

We have a MountFinder™ and HeightFinder™ tool on the website that allows you to scan a database of more than 20,000 televisions and mounting solutions to find the best mount for your TV and the exact height for installation. SANUS has eliminated the guesswork involved with choosing a mount. Consumers are now able to compare features to make sure the product meets their exact needs.

Why is SANUS furniture popular with AV enthusiasts? What special features do they have?   

Our furniture is designed by professional AV integrators, as well as SANUS’ own in-house furniture designers, and they both have an understanding of high-performance AV systems and aesthetics. The Cadenza and Trillium Collections have the capacity needed to work seamlessly with top-of-the-line electronics and sound bars, while keeping gear neat and running cool. The Cadenza Collection includes unique, wood rack mount shelves and hidden rack rails, built-in cable management channels, and hidden compartments. To combat component overheating, both collections feature built-in ventilation on each internal shelf and each removable back panel. All pieces in the Cadenza Collection have the ability to add cooling fans; giving electronics the environment they need for optimal performance and can hide a complete rack mounted system.

What was the inspiration behind the Cadenza and Trillium furniture lines? 

Our award-winning  (both lines are award winning) Cadenza Collection is uniquely constructed to meet component demands and consumers’ desire for the aesthetic. Its inspiration comes from simple and functional elegance of Scandinavian design. Combining clean lines and a rich palette of natural materials with high performance features, Cadenza is a fit for designers, homeowners and integrators alike. The internal AV racking system coupled with such a beautiful design is what sets this collection apart from the rest.

Trillium was inspired by warm coastal designs and industry trends in electronics. The line complements any room from beach house to sleek metropolitan home and would make a stylish and purposeful addition to any living room, bedroom, or media room. The Trillium collection was designed specifically around soundbars for the modern AV arrangement in homes today. Features include ample storage space, integrated cable management, built-in ventilation and the ability to easily hide soundbars without affecting sound quality. It also hides components without interrupting IR signals.

How does SANUS combine design and aesthetics with AV functionality? 

The Trillium Furniture collection was created to organize AV components, but our own in-house furniture designers had a hand in making sure it maintained a fresh and trendy design.  The Trillium53 inch and 63 inch cabinets feature metal grill doors to provide a safe barrier from pets and children while complementing the components they protect. The grills are open enough to provide ample cooling, allowing IR signals to pass through along with hiding sound bars and speakers without affecting sound quality.

The Cadenza line can hide a complete rack mounted system and allows for hidden storage to easily conceal repeaters, control processors, streaming media players, routers, and other small components. Cadenza is the perfect option for the audiophile, while also satisfying the desire for a sleek aesthetic and custom-built look.

What safety features do SANUS’ mounts provide?   

Safety is a top priority for all our products. Our mounts feature a fail-safe design with redundant engineering, which ensures the mount will stay safe if there was ever a failure. During the mounting process, keyhole slots to hang the wall-plate free up the installer’s hands for safer drilling, and a SANUS custom made, magnetic stud finder, bubble level, and sheetrock punch is included in each box. Custom hardened lag bolts, visible locks on the transfer plate, and an audible “click” feedback are some of the other safety features included with each mount.  

The safest way to make sure your TV is secure is by mounting it to the wall.  Always look for a mount that has been tested to UL standards.  The most current of which is called UL 2442, which will go into effect on April 7, 2014. Beyond UL listing, you should always look at quality of lag bolts and secondary locking mechanisms, and the easier the installation of the mount, the easier it is to get it right. You can also turn to a local custom installer, and for about $500 you get the TV mounted and all the cables hidden inside the wall, along with peace of mind.

While the best way to secure your TV is to mount it on the wall, you can also add safety to your home with a "drill free" solution. A Furniture Mount System, or FMS, can greatly reduce danger in your home by attaching your TV to the back of your furniture. This will not only stabilize your flat-panel TV, but it will also give any seat in the room a better view.

At the very least, buy an anti-tip strap for around $20 and place the TV on a low and stable piece of furniture, below the knee. Simply secure one end of the safety strap to your TV and the other to the wall and you can easily minimize serious injuries to pets and loved ones. An easy to install strap is the minimum way to increase safety within your home. And of course we sell all these options.

Are you seeing any significant trends emerging with respect to choices between wall mounting and furniture mounting of video displays?

Industry analysts are predicting that sales of big screen TVs is growing and by 2018, ten percent of US homes will have 4K Ultra HD televisions, according to ABI Research. Focusing on bigger screens is a back-to-basics approach that easily resonates with consumers, and the Ultra HD TVs are taking TV sizes to a new high. SANUS has taken this trend into account when developing the Professional Series of mounts and through engineering research and design innovation have revolutionized the extra-large TV Wall mounts, for televisions up to 90 inches wide.

As TVs continue to get bigger, and wall-mounting easier, the trend seems to be heading towards wall-mounting. However, with the combinations of AV furniture and mounts that we offer, a consumer could have their TV wall-mounted, but utilize a Cadenza or Trillium piece of furniture to store AV gear beneath. We also offer on-wall component shelves, which allows for placing an AV device up to 15 lbs. directly under a wall-mounted TV. Whatever trends emerge in 2014, SANUS offers plenty of options for AV furniture and wall mounts.   

What is your most popular line of wall mounts and in what sizes? Are you seeing trends here?

As the #1 best-selling mount brand in the US, we are guaranteed to have a mount that will suit all of a customer’s, dealer’s, or installer’s needs. We just highlighted our Installer-Favorite line of mounts at CES 2014. This is a line of mounts, hand-picked by installers who told us these were their favorites and we should never take them off the market. Our Premium Line of mounts, which was released in October 2013, is consistently rated high on retailer sites by consumers. With eleven models with easy to configure sizes and styles it is easy for consumers to choose the right mount for their arrangement.  It is often touted as “easy to install” and “well worth the price” in customer reviews, and the VLF525 Premium Mount was named a CE Pro Best Products at CEDIA 2013, a Technology Integrator EXC!TE Award winner and an Adex Award winner.

The SANUS team of researchers studied trends, materials, and demand to develop the best products on the market. Every SANUS mount has had months of product development with UL testing. Often, consumers are intimidated by the difficulty of installing a mount, which is why SANUS’ new Premium line is easier to install than any other mount on the market. Consumers also want a TV wall mount that looks nice even as you look behind the flat-panel it is holding. Based on consumer focus groups, SANUS created mounts that look modern, sleek, and simple to combat consumers’ mentality that all mounts look “complicated and ugly.” The Premium line is aesthetically pleasing and features wallplates that hide hardware, so no ugly screws or metal brackets are visible. Instead of an industrial-looking piece of hardware, it has high quality finishes.



About Lauren Theobald, Marketing Communications Manager for SANUS
Lauren heads up the communications department at SANUS, home of the #1 selling brand of TV Mounts in the U.S. She is a multi-faceted marketer with traditional and non-traditional multi-channel marketing experience in the Consumer Electronics industry. Her passion is to communicate the brand and the product in a savvy, creative way through strategic digital marketing initiatives. Lauren is passionate about design and home décor, and aligning products to fit within that space to make it function better, safely, and more beautifully.