1. What trends are you seeing in the home golf simulator market?
Integration and customization are the major trends in the home golf market. Customers want their simulator integrated into a home automation system that controls all aspects of their home and their entertainment. Golf simulators are not just being installed in golf rooms, they are being installed in game rooms and home theater rooms. Simulators are providing entertainment for the entire family.

2. What factors should a customer interested in a home golf simulator consider when purchasing?
Customers should consider first and foremost the company from which they are purchasing. Is the company continually offering new and innovative products, software and accessories. Secondly, we believe accuracy and realism are fundamental to both the entertainment and game improvement aspects of simulator usage. Can the customer hit all types of shots and have accurate data reported? Are the environments rendered in full 3D so that the environment looks and plays like the true course? Are accurate physics applied to replicate ball flight, collisions and bounce and roll? Other considerations include whether the simulator can be customized to meet the customer’s specific needs and whether software upgrades and robust customer support will be available.

3. What equipment does your customer need to get the most out of the simulator?
Customers do not need any additional equipment in order to effectively use the aboutGolf simulator for enjoyment or game improvement. However, some customers do choose to upgrade or substitute various hardware components, such as projectors, when integrating into a home theater.

4. How customized and integrated can the golf simulator be into the home?
aboutGolf has a highly skilled team of design engineers who work with our customers to be sure everything from the technology to the décor meets the customers requirements. Customization ranges from designing and supplying various color turf, fabrics and awnings; to configuring technology for very large or very small spaces ;to designing customized floor layouts that may require digging down or building up; to integrating with a variety of home integration, gaming, theater and home automation systems. aboutGolf’s design team has extensive experience on home, retail, indoor golf center and other commercial projects. And the design team is not limited by strict technology requirements. 3Trak allows for a great amount of flexibility for simulator design – an advantage not all technologies can claim.

5. What is typically included with a golf simulator and how does it work?
A golf simulator typically includes tracking technology of some kind (machine vision, infrared, radar, etc). The tracking, along with the game software make up the foundation of the golf simulator. The other major elements include an enclosure, a projector, a screen, a touchscreen and computer. In the case of aboutGolf, 3Trak, its proprietary tracking technology ‘sees’ the ball and the club and through the application of proprietary physics algorithms, is accurately able to determine and replicate ball flight as it would be outdoors. Golf simulators use real golf clubs and real golf balls and, in the case of aboutGolf, the course and range environments are full 3D environments — the ball can be hit anywhere within the environment and accurately collide with trees, buildings and more.

6. Why are accuracy and realism important to a homeowner who is just looking for a little entertainment?
Accuracy and realism are essential to producing an effective and sustainable golf experience in a simulator. aboutGolf sees the purchase of a golf simulator as a significant investment by the customer. The purpose of that investment may, indeed, include “a little entertainment”, but over time the key thing is the ability to truly learn and improve while being entertained. The sustainability of play in a simulator will fade if it is only based upon gimmicks or technology that does not provide accuracy, realism and consistency. It is the mission of aboutGolf to provide products that delight and exceed the expectations of our customers whether or not they initially understand the aspects of sustainability with their investment. We know from experience that they certainly will appreciate it in time.

7. What do you have in development for the home simulator marketplace (new products, features, etc)?
aboutGolf is currently developing several products aimed at home simulator owners, including a 3D module and a turnkey universal control option for home automation. We are committed to continue to invest and lead in technology innovation.

Chuck Faust:

Faust—who comes to aboutGolf from the Silicon Valley has spent more than 25 years in various Operations, Finance, and General Management roles in the high technology industry. Most recently he served as General Manager of Global Shared Services Strategy and Executive Vice President for North American Shared Services for Fujitsu Limited, a $52 billion global IT products, services and technology company. While at Fujitsu, Faust’s leadership and abilities were recognized through a nearly 20-year career of promotions and exposure to a broad range of technology businesses. Faust hails originally from the state of Michigan where he attended Adrian College and received his BA in Mathematics and Business Administration and then continued his education at Texas Tech University, where he graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MBA in Finance.

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