We decided to do some exploration into the state of software for the industry and here are some of the companies and applications that we found in our own company directory. Some have been around for a long time and others are fairly new. In general we are talking about software that will control devices from multiple manufacturers and protocols although there are a few proprietary systems in here too.  In general you will need a hub or interface of some sort to interpret and/or send the signals from the software to your devices. 

We'll follow up over the  next while with details from as many of these companies as we can rope into talking with us about their offerings but in the meantime here is the list.

Updated 9/15/15 – Details added for HAL and CastleOS


Advanced Quonset Technology, Inc

Advanced Quonset Technology develops The Home Control Assistant, a popular Windows based Home Automation software package. We also author the UPB setup tool UPStart, and numerous other applications in support of both home and business automation.

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CastleOS works with more smart devices than any other smart home system. Choose any device with confidence it will work with CastleOS! CastleOS continually welcomes new devices and technologies to our system. 

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Charmed Quark Software

Charmed Quark Systems, Ltd is the vendor of CQC, a powerful, highly robust, Windows-based automation platform for the professional or DIYer. It supports hundreds of well-known devices and its exceptionally flexible, enterprise level architecture can scale from simple one room systems up to very challenging commercial or residential installations, with zero programming required.

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Cinemar, Inc.

A leading provider of affordable home automation and media management solutions since 2002.



CineTouch is award-winning control software for AMX that eliminates custom programming and touch panel design without sacrificing flexibility and appearance. Now including VOICE CONTROL, projects can be running in less than one day with CineTouch, and change and total personalization take only seconds right from touch panels, even by the user. A division of G.P. Systems, Inc., a Campbell, CA home technology developer and AMX partner for 20 years.



Clare Controls makes home automation simple.  We are an innovative home automation provider built on a commitment to make the product simple to use and maintain, and to give you the most control over your own automation experience.



ComfortClick specializes in building automation. Our main focus is the development of ComfortClick Manager building automation software. ComfortClick Manager enables building visualization, control and automation. It is designed to integrate and automate all major technical systems (KNX EIB, Modbus, DSC, Global Cache, IRTrans, XBMC, SMA Solar Technologies, IP video cameras etc.) in any smart building and their control via any device with iOS, Android or Windows platform.

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Control Concepts Inc.

Control Concepts, Inc. offers reliable audio/visual control system programming, beautifully designed interfaces and comprehensive support.



Guifx specializes in touchscreen interfaces for home automation. The first company of its kind, Guifx is a pioneer in perfecting workflow through user-centric design, refining every concept with a candy coating that's second to none.


Home Automated Living LLC

Home Automated Living, INC produces full-featured home automation software that gives you the ability to control all the systems of your home, including lights, devices/appliances, climate, home theatre, security, telephone and the Internet by VOICE

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Home Genie

Designed on a multi-standard basis, HomeGenie can interface to various devices as X10, Insteon, Z-Wave, Philips Hue, UPnP, RFXCom, KNX, communicate with external web services and integrate all of this into a common automation enviroment. So even if based on different standards, inside HG, all "modules" can be controlled and automated to work all togheter.
With a modern web-based user interace, HomeGenie can be enjoyed from any  pc, smartphone or tablet.


Homeseer Technologies LLC

HomeSeer home automation software gives you remote access to your home using any web browser.



HouseLinc is the ultimate INSTEON management software. From simple setup through complex scene creation and advanced automation, HouseLinc has you—and your entire home—covered. 


inControl Home Automation

InControl HA is able to control z-wave devices, Clipsal devices (through c-gate), Foscam IP cameras, Belkin Wemo switches and many more. Plus our open API allows you to write your own custom controllers to integrate other devices into your system.



The mission of Indigo Domotics is to provide the most advanced do-it-yourself (DIY) smart home platform available. We believe that sophisticated smart home automation shouldn't be restricted to the expensive professionally installed market. Instead, we work very hard to balance ease-of-use with advanced capabilities. Our goal for Indigo is to integrate the various automation protocols and the Internet of Things (IoT) into a single synergistic platform.

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Omnipotence Software

Born of our 15 years of experience in automation software development, ECS is an all-purpose automation program suitable for virtually any tasks. Employing an object-oriented design, ECS is intuitive, powerful, robust, and expandable.

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openHAB is a software for integrating different home automation systems and technologies into one single solution that allows over-arching automation rules and that offers uniform user interfaces.


PowerHome Automation LLC

Creators of PowerHome Home Automation Control Software. With PowerHome and appropriate hardware, you have complete control over your home using X10, IR, and digital I/O. Control your home using a rich client, the web, or internet cell phone.


Promixis, LLC

Promixis home and commercial automation software Girder is perfect for the beginner in home automation, up to the most advanced applications in industrial and commercial automation. With a wide variety of uses, Promixis Girder has the ability to interact with devices and other software to provide the most control over your computer, house, lights, security system, home theater, and more.


Simply Automated, Incorporated

Home Lighting Control & Automation made Simple. UPStart is a Windows® based application designed to communicate with and configure UPB devices from Simply Automated and other UPB manufacturers.


THRONE 3D Control Systems

THRONE is a breakthrough interface for control of smart building or smart home. THRONE enables control of lighting, HVAC (climate), security and other systems of a building. THRONE is based on 3D-model of the controlled building, and that makes the user interface genuinely intuitive.

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Touchsquid Technology Inc.

Touchsquid Technology Inc. is a leading developer of activity based universal remote control and home automation apps that run on Android smart phones or tablets. With the biggest database library of IR remote codes, Touchsquid offers powerful, programmable and customizable control of your home theater devices at a low cost. Touchsquid GR Great Remote, you only need one. One button turns on and off all devices. Packed with features like Favorites, Programmable macros. Two versions Home and Pro for users at different levels. Available in 40 languages.