Improving Tomorrow Inc., a Long Beach, California based Home & Lifestyle Automation Company is changing the bottom line of Home Automation and giving “the Jones” the chance to become “the Jetsons.” Their latest Central Home Automation Director (CHAD) is priced at $130 and will announce visitors, and turn lights and music on and off to created pre-set moods such as romantic, party, and movie time. CHAD is also a robust personal information manager that can keep a log of telephone calls, schedules, events, maintain shopping lists and remind users of special events like birthdays and anniversaries. One of the reasons CHAD is so affordable is because, rather than requiring a separate computer, CHAD is a browser based system entirely controlled through the computer you already own. This also means CHAD can be controlled remotely from any computer with an internet connection. In addition, CHAD is a security system that can monitor a home and send alerts via email or cell phone when suspicious activity occurs.

Before meeting the owners of Improving Tomorrow, I thought home automation was a nifty idea but:

1. too expensive;
2. only for homeowners, not renters in apartments;
3. not compatible with older homes and aging electrical wires.

The owners proved me wrong on all counts. Their demo house built in the 1920s, still has the original wiring. Most homes can be completed for under $1,000, and it’s apartment friendly when using “outlet controlled modules” that plug into existing sockets.

With it’s “Jetsons-era functionality, this software is great for people that want to control their home or apartment with minimum amount of fuss. For more information and a price list, go online to